Winfield Alford & wife Eliza Derrington
Austin Colonists, 1832

Honored as Veteran of the Texas Revolutionary War
& Citizen of the Republic of Texas

by Daughters of the Republic of Texas, 12 Apr 2003
Thompsonville Cemetery, Gonzales Co., TX

Prior to Texas independence, Winfield Alford served under Col. William B. Travis in San Antonio, fought in the Battles of Old Mill and Concepcion, applied for a Pension in 1870, when a law establishing Pensions for Republic of Texas Veterans was enacted. He stated on his Pension application:

 Winfield (X) Alford, Gonzales Co., 14 Dec 1870, approved 1874. Age 71 in 1874. In fall 1835 at his residence near "San Phillippe" he joined a company commanded by Randal Jones. When disbanded he joined Travis's company at San Antonio and prior to San Jacinto he was under Capt. McNutt. After San Jacinto he was part of garrison at Victoria under Capt. H. N. Cleveland. Received bounty warrant.
T. J. Allcorn, Washington Co., served with Alford under W. B. Travis and was in battle of Old Mill and at Concepcion. James F. Miller, Wm. B. Sayers, and T. S. Lee affirmed service. Dr. Thomas Polk, Gonzales Co., served with the applicant under Jones and Travis. John Burleson, Travis Co., served with the applicant under Jones. A. F. Allbright, Newton Co., affirmed identity Jan 1872.
Alford was born in Franklin Co., NC, and came to Texas in 1832.


 Callie Urban & Mary Elliott Henderson Alford ~ granddaughter and wife of James Posey Alford, descendant of Winfield's brother Hatch


 Eliza Derrington Alford's tombstone (Left) has been broken and put back wrong; the engraving on the bottom is facing the rear, and it doesn't line up correctly with Winfield Alford's tombstone (Right) ~ hers needs repair or replacement. Nearby are graves of Green children of James Green & wife Sarah Kitchell, John Marion Green & wife Mary Jane Alford


 Dodd Eastham, speaker, great-great-great-grandson of Winfield & Eliza through their oldest daughter Eboline Alford Piland

 Gwen Yarbrough Claxton & Verla Mae Green Owen, great-granddaughters of Winfield & Eliza through his youngest daughter Eliza Amanda Alford who md. William Green


 Amanda Alford Urban, her mother Mary Elliott Henderson Alford (wife of Posey Alford descendant of Hatch) behind her, Marguerite Yarbrough behind Ginny Urban, Callie Urban, Nancy Yarbrough (with red dress) behind Elaine Claxton Kelly, Nancy & John Day, James Posey Alford in rear, Gwen Yarbrough Claxton, Gwen's daughter Sandra Claxton Pearcy, Verla Mae "Verlie" Green Owen, Elizabeth Brown behind Verlie with back turned, Allison Brown (daughter of Kim) held by Zack Whitesides (grandson of Cricket Yarbrough Waid), behind Kim Bullock Brown & daughter Elizabeth Brown, Patsy "Cricket" Yarbrough Waid, DRT member Tommie Stulting of Gonzales Chapter, DRT member Doris Ross Johnston (descendant of Hatch Alford) of Burnet Chapter, Earnestine Owen, Dodd Eastham, Verlie's son Darrell Owen

A few moved heads may make it easier to see everyone:


 Descendants of Hatch Alford & DRT members attending: Doris Ross Johnston, Amanda Alford Urban, Ginny Urban, James Posey Alford, Mary Elliott Henderson Alford, DRT member, Callie Urban, James Henderson Alford and friend, DRT member Tommie Stulting

Reception followed, in the Thompsonville Community Center, refreshments by James Posey & Mary Elliott Henderson Alford served bu Community Center ladies


Virginia & Bill (Wm. Otis Sr.) Hallmark of Gonzales; he wrote and published the book, BORRER: Descendants of Elijah Borrer and Celia Williams Borrer and their related Families, in 1979