Kitchell Family


Celia Williams was born 1809 in Tennessee and moved with her parents, Aaron Williams, Sr., and Charity Nation, to Illinois. The family was in several successive Illinois counties: Washington, St. Clair, Madison, and Green. Celia married young, first to a Mr. Kitchell and they had a daughter Sarah, born 1823. Mr. Kitchell soon died, and Celia married again, to a Mr. Draper. Both marriages were probably in Washington Co., IL because the family lived there for a time, no record has been found, and that county's marriage records have been burned.

When Celia married for the 3rd time to Elijah Borrer in Greene Co., IL on 10 July 1825, she was Mrs. Celia Draper on the license.

The Kitchells were a large and distinguished family of early settlers in Connecticut who moved for religious reasons to Essex Co., NJ, with the related Ball and Bruen families. (See Our Immigrant Ancestors.) In time, several Kitchell descendants went west to Cincinnati, OH, and Crawford Co., IL, where they were prominent, well educated citizens. The only Kitchell identified in the area where Aaron Williams' family lived was Phineas Kitchell.

Phineas Kitchell died intestate Nov 1832 in Madison Co., IL and his widow Sally Kitchell was made Admx. She listed only one minor child, Newton. If Phineas was not the father of Celia Williams' daughter Sarah Kitchell, it was a close relative of his, for he was the only Kitchell neighboring landowner.

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