Vickery Family


Charity Nation (ca 1788-1842), wife of Aaron Williams, Sr., was one of twelve children of Jerretta Vickery and Joseph Nation, Sr., married 25 Dec 1770 in Rowan Co., NC by Samuel Loother, a Lutheran minister.

Joseph and Jerretta's children were born in NC and in Jefferson Co., TN. Joseph served as a Pvt. volunteer soldier in the Revolutionary War under Capt. Gray, in the fall of 1779 and early 1780, and under Capt. Gillespie in Col. Dugan's regiment in 1780-81. He received an honorable discharge for both periods of service. In Feb 1803 their daughter Charity married in Jefferson Co., TN. Joseph Nation died Apr 1803 in Claiborne Co., TN, leaving a will which provided that his two stills for the making of liquor should be run for two years, for the benefit of the estate.

His widow Jerretta (Vickery Nation) moved with her children to Preble Co., OH. There at age 86 she applied in 1840 for a Revolutionary Widow's pension, stating she married at age 16. She was approved and drew a pension until her death 30 July 1849 at age 95 in a cholera epidemic.

Jerretta Vickery and her husband Joseph Nation, Sr., were 1st cousins -- her parents were Marmaduke Vickery (1715-1787) and Elizabeth Nation.

Marmaduke Vickery was born in Dorchester Co., MD, received a land grant 1759 from Lord Granville in Granville Co., NC. Although about 64 years old, he too served as a volunteer Pvt. in the Revolution, 1779-80, under Capt. Gray and Capt. Gillespie in Col. Dugan's Regt. He died 26 Dec 1787 in Randolph Co., NC, was buried in Timber Ridge Ceme., and left a will bequeathing his property to his wife, their youngest son Samson, mentioning a Deed of Gift to a grandson Marmaduke Jr.:

 Last Will of Marmaduke Vickory Senr of Randolph Co, NC ~ I give unto my well beloved wife ELIZABETH VICKORY the full possession of my dwelling house with all my household furnishings, goods & furniture during her natural life and at her decease to be disposed of in manner and form following:
I give to my beloved son SAMSON VICKORY all my lands and tenements except that part conveyed to my grandson Marmaduke Vickory Junr by deed of Gift bearing date Dec 25, 1787.
I give to my son SAMSON VICKREY all my personal estate of every kind,
quality and specie to be possessed by him at my decease and at the decease of my wife ELIZABETH VICKORY to him possession of my dwelling house with all the household furniture...
I do appoint said SAMPSON VICKORY to be my Executor..
Marmaduke (his mark MV) Vickory
Wit: Christopher Vickory, Marmaduke Vickory

 Randolph Co., NC, Wills & Estates, Book 1, pp. 66-67

Marmaduke was the son of Hezekiah Vickery and wife Merci Holland. Hezekiah born 1683 and died 1736 in Orange Co., VA, was the son of John Vickery, Jr., and wife Anne ____.

John Jr's birthdate is guessed at abt 1670, probably in England, because his father John Vickery, Sr., was born abt 1650 in England and sailed 10 Sep 1681 from Exeter, Devon, England, as an indentured servant. He probably arrived in Chesapeake Bay, at Philadelphia or New Castle, DE, for on 21 Feb 1682 he obtained a warrant for 400 acres at Kent Co., PA (now Delaware), which was surveyed 13 Feb 1683/4 and recorded 10 Jul 1684. His wife was Mary ____. It seems likely she and their son accompanied John Sr., on the voyage; indentured servitude was the only way many people could pay their passage.

In 1695 John Vickery, Sr., patented 200 acres in Dorchester Co., MD (the portion which became Caroline Co. in 1773, which he named "Bristol." Thus, Bristol, England, is believed to be his birthplace. John died there in Dorchester Co. in 1698.