Aaron Williams, Sr. & Charity Nation Family


Aaron Williams, Sr., was in TN from 1806 to 1815 as census records show some of his children were born there. The Quaker records of Monthly Meetings where Aaron's birth would've been recorded as his parents Amos Williams and Phebe Allen moved from Chester Co., PA, down the Shenandoah Valley of VA to NC are no longer extant.

Father: Amos Williams b: 1734 in Sadsbury, Chester Co., PA
Mother: Phebe Allen b: ABT 1740? in PA

Marriage 1 Charity Nation b: ABT 1788 in Jefferson Co., TN
Married: 21 FEB 1803 in Jefferson Co., TN
Note: Allen Williams and Joseph Longacre, bondsmen 4 5 (SEE BOND on WILLIAMS Family)


He and older brother Thomas was enumerated, and their father Amos, Joseph, and another Thomas Williams; also Joseph Vickery
Residence: ABT 1833 Conway Co., AR ~ came to AR in or about 1833, lived in Conway Co. until Perry Co. organized 1840 - in central part of the state, the Petit Jean Mountain area.
Event: Milit-Beg 1812? served in 1st Regt. (Wynne's) West Tennessee Militia, War of 1812
Immigration: BEF JAN 1834 Conway Co., AR assuming Aaron and wife, daughter Celia and her husband Elijah Borrer went to Conway Co. same time, for her son William C. Borrer was born there Jan 1834
Census: 1830 Greene Co., IL as Aron Williams with 2 males 15-20, a male 50-60, a female 5-10, and a female 40-50 -- so most of the children had married and left home. He was two houses away from Daniel Robbins 30-40 and Elijah Boring 20-30.

Also in the county were:
p. 7, Elizabeth Robbins 15-20 with a male 15-20 and one 20-30, and a female un 5 and 3 females 5-10.
p. 14, Elizabeth William 40-50 and three children
p. 17, James Williams listed with a male under 5, a male 5-10, a male 30-40, a female un 5, and a female 20-30
p. 26, Thomas Nations with 2 m. un 5, 1 m. 20-30, 1 f. un 5, 1 f. 15-20.
p. 40, Chancy Williams, 60-70, with 4 children
p. 41, Margaret Williams 15-20 with 5 children, and Lewis Williams 30-40 with 30-40 with 5 others in family, followed
closely on
p. 42 by Aaron's son Curtis Williams 20-30 & wife and 1 child, Owen Lacky 20-30 with wife & 2 children, Jacob Borer 40-50 &
wife & 5 children, and Daniel Borin 30-40.
On p. 43 were John C. Williams 30-40 and John Robbins 20-30. 1
Note: was on tax list, owned land
Census: 1818 Washington Co., IL as Aron Williams with a male over 21 and 7 other folks. Also
listed was Thomas Williams with 1 male 21 and up, plus 7 other inhabitants. 2
Census: 1820 Washington Co., IL had 2 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 18-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26, and one female over 45 (his mother-in-law?).
Also in the county was Joseph Robbins -- possible connection to William Robins whose children married Aaron's
children? 3

Census: 1840 Conway Co., AR was listed with one male 20-30, one male 70-80, one female 5-10, 3 females 10-15, 1 female 60-70. Most of his family were in the southern portion of Conway which became Perry County when it was created in 1840. The new county line ran through Petit Jean Township, where our Greens and most of the Williams lived, and by 1841 they were taxpayers in Perry County

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Jefferson County, Tennessee, Marriage Bonds

On 25 Jul 1825 Greene Co., IL. several of Aaron's children married in Greene Co., IL. Three marriages were performed by Joseph Piggot, J.P., on the same day, 10 July 1828:

Mr. Elijah Borrer and Mrs. Celia (Williams) Draper
Mr. Curtis Williams and Miss Rachel Robins (Aaron signed consent (X) for Curtis)
Mr. Thomas Richardson and Miss Priscilla Borer


The Conway Co., AR Court House has burned twice and no records of Aaron's presence there have been found except tax lists and census records.

Aaron's surviving children and grandchildren went on to Texas in the 1840s, to Bastrop, Caldwell, and Gonzales Counties. Aaron II and his wife Elizabeth "Jane" Green later settled in Williamson Co., TX, near her Green family, and died there.

Assembled by Mary Adella "Dell" Barnes (1915-1997)

Information gathered from courthouse records, census records, family Bible, newspaper obituaries and family recollections. The names of descendants of A. C. and Mary Rozilla Bailey Williams were furnished by A. C. and Virginia Williams.

Williams is a baptismal surname, "the son of William". Williams is a very ancient Welsh family. There is a Coat of Arms that has been used for generations by many American branches of the Williams family. The shield is black, the lion is silver, his tongue and claws are red.

We can only trace our ancestor to Aaron Williams, Sr. who born about l770-80. His wife's name is unknown. He was in Tennessee from l806 to l815 as census records show some children born there. (It is possible that he was born in Worcestershire County, Maryland, and had a brother, Job Williams. Job Williams was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. His pension application shows that he was born in Worcestershire County, Maryland. His wife was named Celia and he had a daughter, Celia.)

Aaron Williams, Sr., his wife and children were in Greene County, Illinois, in l830. They came to Arkansas about l833 and lived in the Perry County-Conway County area in the central part of the state, the Petit Jean Mountain area. Other family members included Curtis Williams, James Williams, Anne Williams Lackey,* Elijah and Celia Williams Borer, James Green and his wife, Sarah Gitchell Green.** Aaron Williams Jr., married Elizabeth J. Green in Arkansas. Aaron Williams, Sr. and his wife and several other members of the family including Owen Lackey, Elijah and Celia Borrer died in Arkansas. It is recorded in history that an epidemic of influenza raged in the nation. It was widespread and was termed "Tyler's Grip", imputed to the unpopular United States President John Tyler.

Aaron Williams, Jr. came to Bastrop, Texas, in l845 while Texas was still a Republic. Other family members came and settled in Caldwell County and Milam County, Texas.

According to a great grandson, Jett Connally, who lived in Lockhart, Texas, Aaron Williams, Jr. owned 415 acres of land about 2 miles from Lockhart. There used to be three graves in the pasture. Two of the graves had headstones, but all headstones are gone. One of the graves was a Daughter, Sarah, who died in childbirth.

Aaron Williams, Jr. was on the l850 and l860 census records of Caldwell County. He moved from Caldwell County, Texas, to Williamson County, Texas, in 1868 and purchased land in the John Berry League which is on the Weir Road about 2 miles from Georgetown. His obituary states that he was a kinsman of Col. G. W. Jones of Bastrop and of the Burleson family. He is buried in Berry's Creek Cemetery north of Georgetown. In his later years he and his wife moved into Georgetown and he bought a house about a block from the square on East 7th Street. The farm on Weir Road stayed in the family until the death of my grandmother, Frances Adella Bailey Williams in l947. After the death of Aaron Williams, Jr., his wife Elizabeth J. [Green] went to Luling, Texas, to live with her son James A. Williams. She died there and is buried at Hall Cemetery near Luling, Texas.

The family frequently named children for relatives so there is a possible relationship to the following families: John Wade, Albert Sidney Burleson who was Postmaster General of Texas, G. W. "Wash" Jones,*** a politician of Bastrop County, Texas, and also the names of Rice, Jeffrey and Crawford, Curtis, James, Arcadia. The name Albert Burleson was given to my brother at the request of his grandfather, Edmund Wade Williams, who said that Albert Burleson was a kinsman of his.

When Curtis Williams died, his brother, Aaron Williams, Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth, took two of his youngest children, Andrew J. and Martha, and raised them.

When Aaron Calvin Williams' wife Susan Harrell died leaving two daughters, Annie and Rosie, his father, Aaron Williams, Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth, took the girls and raised them...

  * Ann Lackey's maiden name is proven by estate records in Greene Co., IL, to be Robins, daughter of William Robins. Some of her siblings married Aaron Williams' children.

** Sarah Kitchell, sometimes pronounced like Gitchell.

*** G. W. "Wash" Jones, short for George Washington Jones, a Confederate officer, Texas Lieutenant Governor, and U.S. Representative.

Obituary of Aaron Williams, Jr.
(From The Williamson County Sun)

Georgetown, Texas, November 22, 1900.

Mr. Aaron Williams, who died at his home in this city Sunday a week ago, was a pioneer of Texas, having come to this state in 1845. He was a native of Tennessee and had lived successively in Illinois and Arkansas before coming to Texas.

In 1869, he moved from Caldwell County to this county, and for 16 years had lived in Georgetown, on whose streets, he was a familiar figure. Four children and several grandchildren survive him. He was a kinsman of Col. G. W. Jones of Bastrop and of the Burleson family.

The will of Aaron Willliams, Jr. leaves all property to his wife, Elizabeth, then to sons William C., James, Aaron and Ed. Also to grandchildren Henry Osteen, Annie Holbrook and Rosa Boyd.

CONTINUED: Descendants of Aaron Williams Sr. & Charity Nation

There was more than one Williams family in Conway Co., AR, and Williamson Co., TX. See Teddy Noye's Williams Genealogy, including Aaron, the Capt. John Williams clan, and others http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~tnoye/noye.html