Dicy L. Combs (1880-1902)

1st wife of Millard Lee Brock

Mother of Charles Golden Brock

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Dicy L. Combs, first wife of Millard Lee Brock, was born abt 1880 in Clay Co., KY, or more likely in Leslie Co., formed off Clay in 1878. She died abt Sep 1902 at Catlettsburg, Boyd Co., KY, probably at a diphtheria camp at same time as her infant daughter Nellie, soon after daughter Bertha; buried at Catlettsburg, KY, one of about 150 graves across the road from Catlettsburg Grave Yard, on the hill behind the house at 8412 Catlettsburg Rd, Catlettsburg, KY, 41129. No one takes care of the graves or is able to go up in the area because of snakes and out-of-control weeds, said Linda Baker who searched for Dicy's grave in Apr 2007 while visiting from Oregon.

She was the daughter of Jackson "Jack" Combs (1858-bef Feb 1916) and his wife Nancy Shepherd (1852- ?).

Jack Combs was born abt 1858, prob. in Perry Co., KY, for on the Census taken 5 July 1860 in District 2, Perry Co., p. 750, he was two years old:

 hh 365-363: Ephraim Combs 35 farmer $400-$100 b. KY (can't read or write), Eliza 28 spinner KY, William 5 KY, Jackson 2 KY, and Jane Johnson 18 spinner KY

Note: Several nearby households had spinners, and Flax was grown in that area for linen.

  • Leslie Co. was created in 1878 from parts of Clay, Perry and Harlan Cos.
  • Clay Co. was organized in 1806 from parts of Madison, Floyd, and Knox Cos.
  • Perry Co. was created in 1820 out of Clay and Knox.
  • Harlan Co. was created in 1819 out of Knox.
  • Knox was created 1799 out of Lincoln Co., one of three original Kentucky counties in 1780 in Kentucky when it was no longer Kentucky Co., VA as designated in Dec 1776.
  • He and his parents may never have moved.

    Jack Combs' wife (Dicy's mother), Nancy Shephard was the daughter of Shadrack "Shade" Shepherd (1785-1844) and his wife Malinda Roark (ca 1810-aft 1887). Malinda Roark was the daughter of John Roark, Sr., and Elizabeth Brock. Shadrack "Shade" Shepherd was son of James, son of Nimrod Shepherd.

    Jack Combs' parents, Ephraim Combs and Eliza Combs, were 1st cousins, grandchildren of Henry H. Combs I and his wife Rachel Clements.

     Ephraim was the son of Jeremiah "Curly Jerry" Combs (b. 1788, Shenandoah Co., VA, d. 28 Feb 1838, Perry Co., KY) and Nancy Grigsby (b. 1753, VA, d. 1850, KY).

    Curly Jerry Combs was the son of Nicholas "Danger Nick" Combs (21 Feb 1737 Frederick Co. VA now Caroline Co.-28 Feb 1838 Perry Co., KY, lived to be 101) and Nancy Grigsby (ca 1753 VA-Jan 1850 Perry Co. KY age 97 after a mo.-long illness).

    Nicholas "Danger Nick" Combs was son of Mason Combs, Sr. (b. 1714 Putnam's End Creek, Caroline Co., VA, d. 1784, Surry Co., NC) and Sarah Ann Harding (b. 1718 King George Co. VA or Aqua Creek, Stafford Co., VA, d. 1785, Aqua Creek, Stafford Co.).

    Mason Combs Sr. was son of "Old John" Combs (b. aft 1663, Old Rappahannock Co., VA, d. 11 Dec 1716, Richmond Co., VA) and his 2nd wife Hannah Tutt(?) (b. 1770, Peuman's End Creek, Caroline Co., VA, d. 1717).

    "Old John" was a tobacco planter.

    Eliza was daughter of Henry H. Combs II b. 1797 TN and wife Nancy Ann Brown b. 1797, NC.

    Henry H. Combs II was son of Henry H. Combs (b. 1765-68 Frederick Co., VA), and Rachel Clements (b. 1770), md. 26 Sep 1788, Montgomery Co., VA

    Henry H. Combs was the son of John Combs, Sr. (b. 1733 Stafford Co., VA [another source says 1735-38, another says Westmoreland-King George Co.]-d. 1819 Floyd Co., KY buried Perry Co.), and Nancy Harding (b. ca 1735).

    John Combs Sr. was son of "Old John" Combs (b. aft 1663, Old Rappahannock Co., VA, d. 11 Dec 1716, Richmond Co., VA) and his 2nd wife Hannah Tutt(?) (b. 1770, Peuman's End Creek, Caroline Co., VA, d. 1717).

    Nancy Harding was daughter of Henry Harding II (ca 1710-1779) and Wilmoth George; HH II was son of Henry Harding I (ca 1685, d. bef 1756. We don't know their relation to Sarah Ann Harding but both families were from Stafford Co., VA

    Thus, Dicy Combs descended from "Old John" Combs in three ways.

    "Old John" Combs' parents were Archdale Combs (b. 16 Nov 1641, Old Rappahannock Co., VA soon after his parents immigrated from England, d. 11 Dec 1691 Richmond Co., VA) and Elizabeth Butler? b. ca 1632 Lancaster Co., VA, d. 1693, York, VA)

    Archdale Combs was son of John Combe II (b. 1602 Yorkshire, England, d. Apr 1652 Middlesex Co., VA), and wife Elizabeth Lovett (b. 1614 Buckinghamshire, England, dau. of Sir John Lovett, d. aft 1656, Oxfordshire, England). They md. 8 Jul 1631, Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, England.

    John Combe II was son of John Combe (b. 1557 London, England or 1562-65 in Devon, d. Sep 1610 Devon, England) and wife Margaret Archdale (b. 6 Nov 1569, Budge Row, London, d. 1616. They md. 11 Dec 1587, St. Antholins Church, London.

    John Combe was son of Richard Combe (b. 1537 "Combe Manor," Devon, England-d. 7 Apr 1619 England) and wife Elizabeth Coonbes.

    Margaret Archdale was dau. of Thomas Archdale (b. ca 1545) and Mary Clifton of London, England.


    The following Will was recorded in Leslie Co., KY for Dicy Combs' father:

     Leslie Co., KY Will Book 1, p. 69:


    I JACK COMBS being in my right mind and having raised CLARK EVERSOLE and wishing to at some future time make him a Deed to the following boundary of land. Beginning on a Stubby Oak tree at left of gate Straight line up the cross fence to a point level with the big Cliff at upper side field: thence to right a Straight line to Conditional line in JOHN ASHER Survey now owned by F. M. SACKETT; thence down said line to a point level with the beginning; thence left to Beginning point at said Oak.

    I also want him to have wood from the land Sufficient for Fuel and also timber necessary for fencing and building. I also want him to have one Bed Stead one Feather bed, and quilts for same. I also want him to have a right of way to river also one Cow. I write this being in my right mind. And if any thing should happen to me I want this to be recognized as my last will and testament. I have heard this read and hereby have my name Signed by mark and witnessed.

    his mark

    Witness: W. E. RAY, ISAAC ROPER
    The foregoing Instrument was at the date thereof signed, sealed, etc. . . .
    State of Kentucky
    County of Leslie
    I J. M. HOWARD Clerk of the County Court for the County and State aforesaid Certify that the foregoing Last Will and Testament of JACK COMBS Deceased was probated by the Leslie County Coujrt on the 26th day of February 1916 and Ordered to record. Whereupon the same and this certificate have this day been duly recorded in my office in Will Book No. 1 page 69.
    Given under my hand this 26th day of February 1916
    J. M. Howard
    Clerk Leslie Co. Court

    See Copy of Will

    Because of the repetition of names popular in the Combs family, distinguishing among individuals of the same name requires careful study of birth, death, census, and other records. At first, I thought this Revolutionary Pension application was for Dicy Combs' grandfather, Nicholas "Danger Nick" Combs (b. 1736/7, d. 1838).

    More careful study revealed that it was his nephew's, Nicholas Combs (b. 1760-64 Surry Co., NC, d. 1858-59 Perry Co., KY).

    Both men lived in Perry Co., KY, and both had sons named Jeremiah. "Danger Nick"'s son was Jeremiah "Curly Jerry" Combs (1788-1853), while his cousin Nicholas's sons included Jeremiah C. "Chunky Jerry" Combs (1782-1853) and Nicholas "Bird Eye" Combs, Jr. (1794-1885).

    Microfilm Series M-804, Roll ?

    State of Kentucky
    Perry County

    Be it remembered that on the 14th day of November 1845 before the undersigned David K. Butler a Justice of the Peace for the county afsd. came NICHOLAS COMBS a resident citizen of the County afsd. aged eighty five or six years of age, who being first duly sworn as required by law upon his oath made and subscribed to the following Declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress approved the 15th of May 1828 entitled "An Act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the Army of the Revolution," and the several Acts of Congress passed granting pensions to persons who served in the land and Naval service of the United States for and during the Revolutionary War.

    That he is enlisted in the County of Surry North Carolina in the Company commanded by Capt. Wm. S. Lewis in the line of the State of North Carolina or on Continental establishment in the Regiment commanded by Col. Martin Armstrong. He does not recollect the date of his enlistment but it was a little upwards of ten months or eleven months before the close of the War.

    Before his time he was discharged while in service under his enlistment. He heard of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at York in Va. and shortly after he was discharged in North Carolina (the County he has forgotten) during the War by his Capt. Wm. Sirville Lewis afsd and Col. Armstrong afsd. The discharge he had untill about 11 or 12 years past and is now lost or mislaid so that he can not get it.

    He states that the reason why he has not applied sooner is that he had from the first Pension Act in 1818 or 19 until lately determined not to ask the bounty of the government, but he is now grown old and helpless, unable to attend to his business, that he feels it a duty he owes to himself and aged wife to avail himself of the bounty of the Government.

    He states that he has not recd. any pension or annuity for his services as a Revolutionary soldier from any state or the U. States. His memory has greatly failed him and he can not name the various officers whom he saw in Camp, but he recollects part of the time he was in service he was marched in different parts of N. Carolina and South. He knows of no person in this state by whom he can prove his service in Camp, but referring to the affidavits hereto annexed to prove his service.

    He refers to his neighbors as to his character (to wit): Genl. Elijah Combs, Gen. C. Austin Goosey, Jesse Combs Clerk of the Perry Circuit Court, and to the Hon. C. John P. Martin member of Congress from this District. He is so old and infirm that he is unable to attend Court without great pain.


    Sworn & subscribed ) his
    to before me this ) Nicholas X Combs
    day & year before ) mark
    written )
    D. K. Butler J.P.

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