Rebecca Howard (1756-1841) Family

Wife of Jesse Brock, Revolutionary Soldier (1751-1843)

Daughter of Samuel Howard and Frances Dryden

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 "Big Bill" Howard

 Photos courtesy of Shirley Howard

Sister of Samuel Howard, Jr., Revolutionary Soldier (1762 VA-5 Dec 1840 KY), who md. Chloe Osborn

Samuel Howard (Sr.) was b. bet 1725-37 in VA or England? where he md. Frances Dryden; they were in Cumberland Co., VA bef 17 Mar 1756 when Rebecca was born. Their son Samuel, Jr., was b. 17 Jul 1762 in Buckingham Co., VA

Samuel Howard (Sr.) was son of James Howard (b. 1660 in Kingsdale Co., VA, d. 6 Oct 1729) and wife Sarah Titus

James Howard was son of Francis Howard (b. ca 1630-40 in England)

Lola & George Howard (1919-1987), great-grandson of Jesse Brock

 Samuel Hoard (sometimes called Howard) Revolutionary Pension Claim S. 30491

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.....That he enlisted in the Army of the United States in the year 1778 as a private In the State of Virginia for one year that he rundevouyed at Woodsons ferry on James River in Buckinhgam County in March of the same year. and marched under Capt. Mayo Carrington together with another Company from the same place commanded by Capt. Cunningham and some time in April of the same year _____ Genl Washingtons Army then lying at Valley Forge on the Schuylkill River, at which place I was attached to Capt. James Batops Company, attached to the 7th Va Regment[1]. Commanded by Col. Fleming and Genl Woodfords brigade. The following companies belonged to jo? Regiment, one commanded by Capt. Brock, and one by Capt. Haflen. these was in the army

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at the same place the following regular officers. Co. Heath, Maj. Webb, Col. Morgan Genl Lafayette, Lee, Lord Sterling, and Scott J was innoculated for ___ small pox at valley forge, and was left behind when the main army left that place, and others left in the same situation, was afterwards conducted with myself, by Col. Nall within nine miles of Monmouth at the time of the battle at that place, from there we followed the main army a____ the North river at west point and found them at the white plains, we continued at the white plains until the fall of that year and marched to middle brook where we built huts, when I remained until March And was discharged. having served as before stated one year, that he was drafted into the service, the tickets was held by Capt. Chs. Patterson and __ drew one of the tickets and the declarant ___ five or seven dollars of pay before he started - when my tour expired I was at Middle brook in Capt. Batops company, myself with others was placed under charge of a Capt. who had no? a furlough (I have forgotten his name as he was a stranger). He marched us ____ the Potomac river and gave us our discharge on the bank, which discharge I lost many years since In C____ of this years service I was exempted one year from duty.

In January 1780 or 1781 he was drafted in Buckingham County Virginia from a three month tour as a private and marched under Capts. Jesse Sanders from Buckingham to the Dismal Swamp[2] near Portsmouth Va. at the time Genl Arnold was there with the British troops, and

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attached to Col. Dicks Regment. Maj. Long belonged to the same Regment. and N___ Regment commanded by Col. Sampson Matthews was at the same palce. He was in one skirmish with a pig___ guard near that place, and had a musket ball shot through his hat. He continued at the encampment until April and was discharged by Capt Sanders at this place having served three months and some days. And he lost his discharge. He states that Early in Sept of the same year he thinks 1781 Reentered for another three as a private months tour under Capt. Silas Watkins and marched from Buckinham County Va, and marched to york town and was attached to the - Regiment and commanded by Col. - There was so much confusion and so many changes in officers and Rements at York town that he has forgotten the number of the Regment and the name of the Col.

He continued at York town until the surrender of Cornwallis having served nearly three months and was discharged he did not receive any written discharge - His entire service in the three tours he served wanted? ten days of eighteen months - He has no documentary evidence of any living witness by whom he can prove it. He moved from Buckingham to Greebrier county Va in 1781 - and lived there seven years, he then moved to Big Holstein Hawkins County Ten. and remained there a year - He then removed to Powels valley Russell County Va and remained there six or seven years. He then removed to Harlan County, where

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He now resides here has remained there ever since - He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity, except the present, and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any of ____ in any state or territory. Subscribed and sworn to in open court - Samuel Hoard

In answer to the several questions directed by the War department to be propounded by the court, He answers to the first question He says he was born in Buckingham County Virginia and was born in the year 1762

To the 2nd Question, He says he has no record of his age but his information is derived from his parents -

To this third Question he says when he was called into service he was living in Buckingham County Virginia, He removed from there to Greenbrier County Va. from thence to Holstein Hawkins County Ten, from thence to Powells Valley Russell County Va. from thence to his present place of residence Harlan Cty Ky, where he has ever since resided.

Scott, was in the army where he served. Also Col Morgan, Col. Heatt, Maj Webb. at Yorktown he recollects Genl Lincoln Washington, LaFayette.

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To the 6th Question He says, He was discharged from his first tour by an officer whose name he does not recollect. After the expiration of his second tour he was discharged by Capt. Landers, he recd no discharge for his third tour. He has lost both of his discharges many years since -

To the 7th question he states, that he has known Col Elijah Green, James Ball, John Jones for twenty odd years and he expects they will testify to his veracity, and the general belief of his revolutionary services - and also Samuel Birdwell the nearest resident Clergy man - And he has also known Charles Noe for forty years or more.

And the said court do hereby declare therin opinion that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he states - Joseph Ease?

I John G. Crump clerk of the Harlan Circuit Court do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of the said Court in the matter of the application of Samuel Hoard for a pension

In Testimony where of - I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office this 16th day of July 1834-

John G Crump Clerk of Harlan Circuit Court


[1] 7th Virginia Regiment - Authorized on January 11, 1776 in the Virginia State Troops as the 7th Virginia Regiment. Organized between February 7- May 8, 1776 at Gloucester Court House to consist of 10 companies from Halifax, Albemarle, Botetourt, Gloucester, King William, Essex, Middlesex, Cumberland, King and Queen, Orange and Fincastle Counties. Actions: Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, wintered at Valley Forge, Battle of Monmouth, Siege of Charleston.


[2] Dismal Swamp-The Great Dismal Swamp is a marshy region on the Coastal Plain of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina between Norfolk, Virginia, and Elizabeth City, North Carolina, in the United States.


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