Descendants of Red Bird Reunion, at Kentucky Pow Wow,

General Butler State Park, Carrolton, KY

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Enough Brock descendants attended to have a dedicated family dance.

2006 Pow Wow: Last weekend in April, General Butler State Park


2005 Pictures courtesy of Brock Descendant, Janine Lockwood, Brock descendant, Reunion Organizer, at the Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference Benefit Festival (13-14 August, 2005)


 left: Dr. Kenneth B. Tankersley


Children watching Children dancing





 Marty seated at front gate

 Tim White (a descendant of Chief Little Turtle and Chief LaFontaine of the Miami Nation) & Ken Tankersley (descendant of Chief Red Bird)


 Bruce Brading


The 2004 Benefit Pow Wow for the Kentucky Center for Native American Art and Culture, was a joint venture August 30 to September 5, 2004, with Circle of Wisdom Unity Conference, Kentucky Native American Council, the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission, It was impressive to see so many Brocks there!

Left to Right:
Steve Reevis (Blackfoot) (Dances with Wolves, Geronimo, Last of the Dogmen, and The Missing)
Joseph Fire Crow, Jr. (Cheyenne) (Grammy winner)
Diamond Brown (Eastern Band Cherokee)
Tommy Wildcat (Cherokee Nation) (Grammy Winner)
Valerie Thompson (6th great-granddaughter of Jesse Brock (Cherokee Heritage)
Marvin Red Eye (Onondaga)

Photo property of Valerie Thompson

 Following pages used by permission of Kenneth B. Tankersley, Ph.D., anthropologist, Natural History Unit, BBC, Northern Kentucky University

CHIEF RED BIRD ~ Excerpt from his book-in-progress, Kentucky Cherokee: People of the Cave

 Yahoo Falls by Kenneth B. Tankersley

 Kentucky's Native Past, by Kenneth B. Tankersley

 Kinship Notes, by Kenneth B. Tankersley

NOTES: Kentucky Treaties, by Kenneth B. Tankersley

 Cherokee Syllabary, by Dr. Tankersley

 Kinship & Brock Cherokee Nation Enrollment, by Dr. Tankersley




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