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Descendants of Chief Red Bird (Aaron Brock)

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My late father-in-law, Charles Golden Brock was a 3-way descendant of Aaron "Chief Red Bird" Brock. Both of his parents, Millard Lee Brock (1873-1952) & 1st wife Dicy Combs (1881-1902), descended from Chief Red Bird; he was raised by his step-mother, Millard's 2nd wife, Lavina "Viney" Hicks (1885-1949)

My late mother-in-law, Carlie Jane Brown's Parents were: John Nelson Brown (1873-1938) & Pearl May Cole (of Russell Co., VA (1887-1965), both of VA

Children of Chief Red Bird:

1. Aaron "Red Bird" "Tsisquaya" BROCK (1748 VA-1811 Clay Co., KY)
2. Mahala Susannah BROCK (1749 Cumberland Co., VA- 1851 Harlan Co., KY), md. Edward "Ned" CALLAHAN
3. Jesse "Gayasihatsula" BROCK (8 DEC 1751 in Cumberland Co., KY, d. 1843 Harlan Co., KY), md. Rebecca HOWARD
4. John "Atsilagolanv" Fire Raven BROCK (1754 in Taleague, now Clay Co., KY-1844 Van Buren Co., MO)
5. Mary "Polly" "Ulunitaguledisgonihi" BROCK (28 OCT 1757 in Grayson Co., VA-1853 Harlan Co., KY), md. Ephraim W. Osborn, Jr.
6. James "Unalasgiunula" BROCK (25 AUG 1759 in Surry Co., NC-1751 Cumberland Co., KY), md. 1st unknown, 2nd Mildred Crane*

Cherokee names from Jim White

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 Aaron "Chief Red Bird" was (based on Y-chromosome DNA) a son or grandson of George Brock, Jr. (ca 1700-1753) & wife Jane ____, Aaron's sons Jesse & James' descendants are 67/67 match with descendants of Elder George Brock of Laurel Co., KY

Elder George Brock (1809-1879) was:

Brock immigrant ancestor: George Brock, Sr., in St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA, by 1701, possibly grandson of Richard Brock Sr., born 1604 England, transported 27 Apr 1635 at age 31, carpenter, to New England on ship Elizabeth Ann; or his son Richard in New Kent Co., VA, by 1680

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