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Doris Ross Brock Johnston

Grand Prairie, Dallas Co., TX

Why we do genealogy research:

There always comes a time in our lives when suddenly it becomes important to know where we come from. All those who contributed to our genetical map are in a certain sense still living inside ourselves, wherever their physical existence took place. Many personal questions can be answered with a bit of undigging in your family's past, in the history, behaviours, customs that your father and mother took along and left to you, and that you maybe unconsciously are transmitting to your children, along with color of hair and eyes.

There's a special thrill when you find something that seemed lost forever, and maybe would, if you had not cared: genealogy is the research of our roots, both genetical and cultural. From the dusty, crumbling papers of documents people who belong to what you now are come out of the mist of time and look at you silently, affectionately, waiting for you to decipher their stories, rescue them from oblivion and pass their as yet forgotten names and stories on to the next generations.  


“I have gon, and rid, and rote and sought and searched with my own and friends Eyes, to make what discoveries I could therein…. And I stand ready with pencil in one hand and a sponge in the other, to add, alter, insert, expunge, enlarge, and delete, according to better information, And if these my pains shall be found worthy to pass a second impression, my faults I will confess with shame, and amend with Thankfulness, to such as will contribute clearer intelligence unto me.…"

Fuller, Worthies of England (1662).