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Letter written 1882 by Dr. James Daugherty Magill, descendant of Daugherty-Magill-Patterson of Augusta Co., VA

W. Wayne Rogers' excellent book, GREENER PASTURES, published in 1992, included this illustration, showing the location of our Magill family in Tullycarn, Co. Down, Ireland. He found the map at Illinois State University, Bloomington, IL. When Doris Johnston visited Co. Down in Oct 2004, the village seemed to be swallowed up by the suburbs south of Belfast, bordered on the East by the Irish Sea.

Not far away was Listcullycurran, on this map

 Texas Historical Marker at the rock-walled little Magill Cemetery on U.S. 281, south part of Burnet, Burnet Co., TX (west side of road beside the Burnet Airport).

 There Samuel Patterson Magill and wife Nancy (Shackelford) and several of their family are buried, including a boy "killed by Indians."

 The petition to organize Burnet County dated 17 Dec 1851, was signed by 79 men, of which some 45-48 were from the Mormon colony. The new county was made up of parts of Travis, Bell (which came from Williamson in 1850), and Gillespie Co. Some older family names remaining in Burnet today are Mormon. The first Burnet Co. taxlist, in 1852, showed the county having 5835 acres, 3 negroes, 110 horses, 1606 cattle, and 29 polls. Three of the signers were Samuel, William, and James P. Magill. Samuel Patterson Magill and his wife Nancy Shackelford were the parents of William H. and James P. Magill, who came to Burnet from Lincoln Co., KY.

William H. Magill's son John S. Magill, b. 10 Oct 1840 Mico (Bastrop), TX, d. 12 Nov 1863 when The story is that "Magill was Killed by Indians about five miles west of Burnet. He and his brother Sam, his cousin Marshal Thomas (son of John Preston and Amanda Thomas), and two older boys, the oldest about 15, were looking for stock. A party of Indians discovered them and as they gave chase, the boys ran towards the house of Thomas Shepard (sometimes spelled Shepherd). Two of the Indians pursuing John soon overtook him and shot him. The boy fell from his horse just as he reached the road. The other boys made their escape to Shephard's house. John, when found that night, was still alive, but died soon after his friends reached him."


First let me acknowledge the data and copies of publications shared with me by cousins Cathy Hendon and Linda Longley, data posted on Rootsweb's WorldConnect, and in particular, Jill Jones' Gedcom on William Magill and his descendants, based in part on Weldon Wayne Rogers' book: Greener Pastures, From the Tidewater to Texas and Beyond, 1996, Marietta, GA.

The progenitor of this family was Robert Magill III, born at Oxenfurd, Callaway Co., Scotland (whose father Sir Robert Magill II, made Viscount of Oxenfurd in 1651, was son of Robert Magill I). Robert III was a staunch Presbyterian and, moved with his family from Scotland to Ireland in 1715, probably as a result of the religious persecution of that period. He and his wife (name unknown) and sons Charles and William Magill, William's family; and probably John) emigrated to Tullycarn, near Dromore, Co. Down, Ulster, now N. Ireland (south of Belfast) in 1715. There Robert died in 1749.

In 1726-27 Robert's sons William and Charles moved to Bucks Co., PA. I don't know what became of Charles, but John died aft. 1758 in Augusta Co., VA.

Robert III's son William Magill I, immigrant ancestor of our Magill family of Lincoln Co., KY, was born 1670 in Oxenford, Scotland, went to Co. Down, Ireland, with his family, probably landing in Philadelphia, PA, in 1727. William and Mary had another son John probably in PA. William moved southwest into huge Augusta Co., VA. After Mary's death, he md. 2nd Elizabeth Bell in 1745, and 3rd a widow, Margaret Gass, who was mentioned in and renounced her inheritance in his will in deference to his children. William's will written 10 Oct 1749 was recorded 29 Nov 1749 in Augusta Co., VA. It can be viewed on the Augusta Co., VA web site.

Some of the Magill children were baptized at Tinkling Spring Church in Augusta Co., VA, by the Rev. John Craig.

William Magill I's three sons were James, William, and John.

William Magill I died in Augusta Co., VA in 1749, leaving a lengthy will written 10 Oct 1749 and recorded 29 Nov 1749. His wife, the widow Margaret Gass, must have had a comfortable inheritance from her first husband, for she renounced all claim to William's estate, in favor of his children. The estate settlement indicates he had the following children, including those named in his will, and only one grandchild:
1. Esther Magill ca 1720 m. in Ireland to Hugh Campbell
2. Ann Magill ca 1722 m. Robert Fowler
3. James Magill ca 1724 of Rockingham Co., VA
4. William Magill c 1725 m. Jean _____, lived in Greene Co. TN
5. John Magill of Lincoln Co. KY
6. Jane Magill m. 1st William Dickson, m. 2nd McKee (son Robert Dickson received a legacy in William's estate settlement
7. Sarah Magill m. William Berry
8. Elizabeth Eleanor Magill m. 1st James Berry, 2nd John Jones
on 15 Nov 1758 at Augusta Co., VA.

 In the Name of God amen I WILLIAM MAGILL of Augusta County, being sick in body but of perfect wit and Memory thanks be to God calling to mind the uncertain State of this transitory life and that all life must yield to Death when it doth please God to call do make ordain and declare this my Last Will and Testament in Manner and form following revoking and nullifying and by those presents all and every Testament and Testaments Will and Wills heretofore made by me and declare by Word or Writings and this taken only for my last will and Testament.

And first being sorry from the bottom of my heart for my sins past and humbly desiring forgiveness for them, I give and committ my Soul to God my Saviour and Redeemer in whom and by faith of Jesus Christ & believe to be Saved and to have full remission & pardon of all my sins and that my Soul with my body on a General Day of Resurrection Shall rise again with Joy and thru the Merious of Christs death and passion of Inherit the Kingdom of heaven prepared for his resurrection and desire and my body to be buried in such a place where it shall my ? hereafter ? And now following of my temporal Estate of Such goods Chattels or Debts as in it pleased God for above my ___ to bestow upon me I do order or give and dispose as followeth, That is to say.

First I wish that all my Debts and dues that I owe in right and ___ to any person or persons whatsoever shall well and truly be paid within convenient time after my decease by my Executors.

I order my wife MARGARET to have use of the half of the Cows and one bay two year old Mare and the half of the household furnishings & the Gray mare to her Son DAVID GASS and as for my land I order it to be Divided between my sons JAMES and WILLIAM, and division to run a straight Course from the river by the ___ and of James Meadow towards a little Spring between and CHARLES CAMPBELL and JAMES to have the land he now lives on and WILLIAM the land he now lives on I order my Son JOHN to have the young bay Yearling ___. And as for the rest of the Young Cattle I order them to be equally divided among my children. And likewise my hoggs I order to be divided equally between my wife and my children.

I order my brown coat for my son JOHN and the white coat to WILLIAM and the half of the house hold Goods to WILLIAM but one ___ to be excepted for my wife more than her equal Shares and the ___ of one ___ to my wife also above her equal Share.

I order my grandchild JAMES son to have one heifer of a year old.

I order my wife's Share of the Creatures and WILLIAM and ELIZABETH to be maintained on ___ plantation this Winter, and my funeral charges to be taken out of the whole estate. My Saddle and other Tools I order them with the plow Irons to WILLIAM and the bigg Bible I leave it to JAMES as Witness my hand this tenth day of October 1749. I order ROBERT CRAVEN and HUGH CAMPBELL to be my Exs.
Memorandum before signing WILLIAM is to have the black mare and Gray horse.


Charles Campbell

  At a court continued and held for Augusta County The Last Will and Testament of WILLIAM MAGILL decd was presented into court by ROBERT CRAVEN and HUGH CAMPBELL the Executors therein named and being proved by ANDREW ERWIN and CHARLES CAMPBELL the Witnesses thereto subscribed is ___ and on ___ of the law Ex who made oath thereto according to Law Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof for due form. And MARGARET tho which of those deced personally appeared in Court and declared that she would not receive or take any legacy or Legacies to her given her thereby or any part thereof and did renounce all bequests or advantages which she might Claim By the Said Will.

Know all men by these presents that ROBERT CRAVEN, HUGH CAMPBELL, ANDREW ERWIN and CHARLES CAMPBELL are held and firmly bound unto JOHN LEWIS the first Justice in the Commission of the Peace for Augusta County; for, and in behalf and to the sole Use and Behoof of the Justices of the said County, and their Successors, in the sum of five hundred pounds to be paid to the said JOHN LEWIS his Executors, Administrators, and Assigns: To the which Payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and every of us, our and every of our Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these Presents. Sealed with our Seals. Dated this 29th day of November Anno Dom 1749.

On 15 Nov 1758, Augusta Co., his estate was closed. Settlement indicates he had the following children, including those named in his will:
1. Esther Magill ca 1720 m. in Ireland to Hugh Campbell
2. Ann Magill ca 1722 m. Robert Fowler
3. James Magill ca 1724 of Rockingham Co., VA
4. William Magill c 1725 m. Jean, of Greene Co., TN
5. John Magill of Lincoln Co., KY
6. Jane Magill m. 1st William Dickson, m. 2nd McKee (son Robert Dickson received a legacy in William's estate settlement
7. Sarah Magill m. William Berry
8. Elizabeth Eleanor Magill m. 1st James Berry, 2nd John Jones

Like the Daugherty family, the Magills repeatedly gave their sons the same names, for their father, grandfather, brothers, uncles, and cousins. It is difficult to distinguish one from another. Perhaps because of this, family writers/researchers have disagreed over whether "our" William Magill (1750-1813), the distiller, of Lincoln Co., KY, was:

1. William III, son of William II, son of William Magill I, or,

2. William, son of John Magill, son of William Magill I.

Nevertheless, "our" William and wife Jean _____, were parents of John Magill whose daughter Mary S. "Polly" married Robert Hiram Daugherty on 29 Jan 1843 in Lincoln Co. as his 2nd wife. And, William and Jean were parents of Susanna Magill who married William Daugherty on 9 Jan 1797 in Lincoln Co., who I believe to be the parents of Robert Hiram Daugherty. If so, Hiram and Polly were 1st cousins.

The lineage shown on MAGILL DESCENDANTS page follows (1) above, the William III > William II > William I scenario, but the (2) William > John scenario has been favored by respected authors, and I've left the lineage of John Magill the author/historian as son of John, Sr.

Several Daugherty-Magill marriages in early Lincoln Co., KY, are listed on Daugherty Family page.

John Magill, the author, married Nancy Edmonson or Edminson 6 Oct 1785 in Augusta Co., and emigrated to Lincoln Co., KY over the Wilderness Trail from Augusta Co. in 1782, "Other Magills, close kin to John Magill, began emigrating to Lincoln Co. about this time. Among them was William Magill, an uncle who died in Lincoln Co., KY. His will was probated in 1813." John Magill was author of "The Pioneer to the Kentucky Emigrant, one of the rarest pieces of Kentuckiana; so far as is known there are only three copies of this book in existence." He was a Revolutionary soldier who enlisted 23 September 1777 in Capt. George Moffett's Co., Col. John Dickinson's VA Regt., and Capt. James Tate's Co. under Maj. Triplett; marched to the mouth of the great Kanawha River against the Wyandotte Indians. (The Kanawa River flows north through Charleston, WV, into the Ohio River at Pilot Point, the scene of a great Revolutionary battle). He removed from Lincoln Co. to Bourbon Co. in 1789, and in 1795 to Franklin Co., KY. In his Revolutionary pension file is a statement, dated 1 Oct 1841, that he had lived in Franklin Co. for 45 years.

On 12 Sep 1838, William Magill's grandson John Magill of Franklin Co., KY, son of John Magill, Sr., of Lincoln Co., KY, wrote the following letter to his nephew Caleb which outlines the early history of the family in Virginia:

12 Sep 1838

Dear Nephew Caleb,
I received your letter some twelve months ago but, not having it at hand, I do not exactly recall the date the letter informed me of the death of your father. I presume it was the only one you sent me. I ought to apologize for not writing you sooner. I am frequently in distress of mind and from a blamable neglect of duty I often neglect to answer letters immediately when I receive them; and after a while forget them. I now let you know that through the goodness of God we are all in a tolerable state of health for which we ought to be thankful. I have not received any information from you and any of your brothers and sisters since I received your letter from Mr. John Elliot informed that you lived in this neighborhood.

I have nothing to write that can be very interesting to you as you are not acquainted with any persons here nor I with any in your neighborhood. As for my family, I had the misfortune to lose my best friend five years ago last November on the 14th of the month. I have one son living in Clinton County, Indiana named MATTHEW E. MAGILL, one other in the same county named CYRUS MAGILL. One in Park County named SAMUEL P. MAGILL. One living with me named JOHN ALLEN MAGILL who is practicing physic on the Thompsonian plan and is very successful. One daughter MARGARET S. MAGILL and one named TENNYANN.

My grandfather, WILLIAM MAGILL, migrated from Ireland in the year of 1727 with three sons named JAMES, WILLIAM and JOHN, who was my father, and five daughters, to wit: JANE who married William Dickson, he died and she married a McKee; SARAH married William Betty; BETTY married James Berry, later John Jones; ESTHER who married Hugh Campbell; ANN who married Robert Fowler.

My uncle JAMES had three sons: WILLIAM, ALEXANDER and JAMES. My uncle WILLIAM had seven sons, to wit: SAMUEL, WILLIAM, JAMES, ROBERT, JOHN, HUGH, and CHARLES, three last named by a second wife. My father had six sons, JAMES, SAMUEL, JOHN, DAVID, and HUGH.

I have been particular so that you may know if you meet with any persons of the name of Magill you can tell whether they are your relation. I have seen several from Ireland that are no kin of mine. They spell their name McGill. They are generally native Irish and Roman Catholic. I recollect to have seen my grandfather's certificate from Ireland dated 1725. It was spelled Magill and all his descendants spell their names the same way. Any who do not are not of our kindred.

Our forefathers were Scotch, lived in Scotland and were Protestants. The time of persecution in England and Scotland in the reign of King James of England, they with many others, emigrated to Ireland which gave them the name Scotch-Irish which name they are frequently called to this day. I never know of any of father's relations coming to American only one family which was John Magill. He settled in Winchester, Virginia about the year 1775. He was a lawyer and had two sons, Archibald Magill who was a major in the army at the time of the Revolution. The other, Charles Magill, was a lawyer and either he or one of his sons, is at this time, president or cashier in the Valley Bank of Virginia.

There has been more sickness and is at this time in our neighborhood than I ever know at one time and I believe it is general throughout the state of Kentucky. As for religion in this country, there is a great many professors to different denominations. There is Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Campbellites, Two Seeds alias Carkorites and Shakers. I have heard lately of two Mormons preaching about sixteen miles from here.

Crops of wheat are good this summer. Corn crop is sorry through this state. I wish you could write every good opportunity. Give my respects to all your brothers and sisters and all inquiring friends. The day before yesterday I received a letter from my sister, Elizabeth Frame, living in Ohio State, Preble County. She is 83 years old last March. The only sister I have living. All my brothers are dead and yet I am spared on the goodness of God. May we all be prepared through the goodness of God and the sanctifying influence of holy spirit for an endless and happy eternity is the prayer of your affectionate uncle who lacks only one month and eight days of being 79 years old.

John Magill

Caleb Magill & brothers
Sept. 18, 1838

Caleb Magill, the nephew addressed in this letter, was a son of David Magill and wife Sarah Frame, as shown in this MAGILL BIBLE, copyright 1805, copies sent to me Jan 2003 by Lola Hinman Kimmel, Lakota Chapter, DAR, Federal Way, WA. It is now in the hands of Maurice Woolsoncroft, a descendant:

David Magill Bible

"This is the family Bible of the Magill Family of Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ireland, and Scotland. This Bible is now held by Kenneth Steele Kimmel, direct descendant of the Magill line as follows:

"Kenneth Steel Kimmel, Walter Josiah Kimmel, Susan Margaret Magill Kimmel, David Farrar Magill, Caleb Magill, David Magill, John Magill, and gateway ancestor William Magill."

Courtesy of Kathie Schwend


See Transcription below images






Transcription by the owner of this Bible, below


David Magill was born the 4th of April 1762

Sarah Magill was born 17th of April 1767

John Magill there son was born the 18th of October 1789

Betsey there Daughter was born the 11th of June 1791

Caleb there son was born March the 4th 1795

_________ there son was ____ 17th 1797

Polly there daughter was born October the 13th 1799

David Patterson Magill was born February the ___ 1802

Sally Peery Magill was born December the 23 1805[?]


Emmaline Magill was born April 5th 1821

Susanna Head Magill was born February 6th 1823

Hugh Robeson Magill was born January 27 1826

Samuel Magill and Margaret Owens was married January the 4th 1837

Robert H. Saunders and Sarah E. Magill was married September the 26 1839

Oliver H. Thoroughman and Polly Ann Magill was married October 27th 1842

David F. Magill and Joanna Trower was married April the 3rd 1851


Milly Magill dead the 24 day of September in year 1823

Pheby Magill died February the 4th day 1826

Eliza Magill dead the 2 of December 1827

Sally Magill died February 14th 1835

Rev Henry Eppie and Hannah B. Magill was married Dec the 22nd 1861

Oliver P. H. Thoroughman and Sophronia E. Magill were married October 8th 1883


Jedidah Magill died October the 28 1871 aged 73 years, 6 months 11 days

Caleb Magill died July 10 1878 aged 73 years, 4 months 6 days

Polly Ann Thoroughman died March 2nd 1881 Aged 62 years 5 days



David Magill and Sarah Frame was maried the twentyeth Day of January Seventeen hundred and eighty nine

John S. Farrar and Betsey Magill was maried the 21 Day of October 1813

John Magill and Pheby Head was maried the 17th Day of August 1815

William Groom and Polly Magill ws maried the 16th Day of December 1816

John Magill & Sally Groom was maried January ___ 1828


Caleb Magill and Jedidah Brown was maried December 4th 1817

Samuel Magill and Billy Campbell was married the 24 day of December year 1822

David Patterson Magill and Sally Gragg was maried the 10 day of March 1825

Samuel Magill and Eliza Farrar was maried ___ day of August ____

Can't read next four lines

_______ __ ____ Sally or Sally P. Magill maried August the 25th 18__

John Magill and Sally _________ was maried the 3rd day of _____


Caleb Magill was born March the 4th 1795

Jedidah Brown was born April the 9th 1796

Sally Epperson Magill was born Ocober the 6 1818

Polly Ann Magill was born Feb the 25 1818

David Farrar Magill was born January the 15 1825

Martha Jane Magill was born May the ___ 1828

Sophronia Elizabeth Magill was born April 14 1831

Jedidah Emily Magill was born Sept 26 1833

Robert H. Saunders was born March the 3rd 1814

John Edward Minter was born November the 12th 1854

George W. Hayter and Martha Jane Magill was married March the 11th 1860


Sally Magill dead the first day of June 1832 Sixty five years and one month and thirteen days old

David Magill died the 10 day of December 1833 aged seventy one years eight months and 27 days

John Magill died April the 29 1837 aged 47 years six months and 11 days

Samuel Magill died March the 21th 1841, aged 43 years 9 months and 28 days

John S. Farrar died January 12th 1845 aged 54 years & 6 months

Polly Groom died January the 1st 1846 Aged 46 years 2 mos and 19 days

Francis White and Jedidah E. Magill was married March the 4th 1860

On 8 Jun 1839, John Magill of Hustonville, Lincoln Co., wrote a letter to his cousin John Magill of Franklin Co., telling him of Hugh Magill's action in taking title to his property there.

See a Letter written 1882 by Dr. James Daugherty Magill, descendant of Daugherty-Magill-Patterson of Augusta Co., VA

The BEST way to view my current Magill descendant data is to click on GEDCOMs button below, then type Magill in the search window, scroll down to Magill, William I, click, and on a page about him, do a Descendants or Register or Pedigree or Alfentanil report, which can be printed. I hear frequently from people who can add a little more information to what we have.

Samuel Patterson Magill (b. 16 Oct 1783 in NC, d. 6 Apr 1865, Burnet, TX) was the son of James Magill, Sr., b. 12 Apr 1753 in Augusta Co., VA, d. 9 Jun 1843, Lincoln Co., and wife Sarah Frame (b. ca 1755 VA, d. 8 Feb 1818).



 James Magill & Sarah Frame md. 1782

Samuel Patterson Magill's son William H. Magill fought in Texas's war for independence, was at the Battle of San Jacinto, having settled before the war in Mina (Bastrop) with his wife, and several children were born there. In 1849 he went to Burnet (now 70 miles from Bastrop) to provision Ft. Croghan, established for U.S. troops after Texas became a state. William H. Magill was soon joined in Burnet (then called Hamilton) by his brother James Magill and their parents Samuel P. and Nancy (Shackelford) Magill.

William H. Magill owned and sold to the Mormon Colony the falls of Hamilton Creek, south of Burnet, known as Mormon Mills. When the Colony departed after several years of disappointment due to flooding and poor grinding equipment, the site was purchased by Noah Smithwick. He and his nephew John Hubbard set up a store there. When Smithwick left for California rather than secede from the Union, his nephew was soon to follow him, but was murdered before he could do so and his body was thrown down Dead Man's Hole, and found after the War.

There is a picture of William Magill's son Marshall Patterson "Pat" Magill, sheriff of Burnet Co., TX 1902-1906, is shown on the Burnet Co. website. It was provided by his daughter Lora Magill Fulton -- the last living daughter of a Battle of San Jacinto soldier when she died in 2007 at age 90 -- a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, living in New Braufels.

James Patterson Magill was Burnet Co. Clerk for several years. Both these brothers raised large families. James P. died 1903 in Williamson Co., TX and was buried in Bagdad Ceme., Leander. In the early 1880s his son James P., Jr., took his family to sunny climes and became an orange and avocado rancher in Pico Rivera, CA.


Click for a full list of surnames and individuals currently in my data on Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project, then type lastname, firstname in search window, select from list, view &/or print individual, pedigree, register, and alfentanil reports. No living individuals shown.