Our Immigrant Ancestors


Our Immigrant Ancestors primarily isettled first in the Colony of Virginia, but also in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North and South Carolina

Seventeenth Century

1619 Col. Jabez Whitaker, to Jamestown, VA, where his brother Alexander Whitaker arrived 1611 and is called "the Apostle of Virginia"; converted Pocohantas and performed her marriage

1622 Col. John Chew, Sr., wife Sarah Gale Bond, and their sons John, Nathaniel, & Jonathan from Whalley Par., Lancs., England, to Jamestown, VA; moved 1634 to Anne Arundel Co., MD, where son Samuel was born; then back to Charles River Co., VA

1625 William Warren, born 1586 in Cheshire, England, 5th child of Sir Edward Warren, Knight; immigrated to Jamestown, VA, in 1633-35 represented York Co. in the House of Burgesses, of which he was Speaker

1626 Lady Mary Bourchier, wife of Jabez Whitaker and daughter of a member of The Virginia Company, joined her husband in Jamestown, VA; descendant of eight Magna Carta barons

1635 Richard BROCK transported from England to VA, age 33, might be grandfather of George Brock, Sr.

1638 Eskil Larsson and son Bertel Eskilson on the third ship from Sweden to the Colony of New Sweden, now Wilmington, DE; Bertel's son Andorcas Bertelson's descendants are Bartlesons

1639 Abraham Kitchell and wife Margaret Sheaffe, Puritan refugees on the first vessel, The Arabella, anchored in Quinnipiac Harbor, now New Haven, CT; signed the Plantation Covenant ~ progenitor of most Kitchells in the U.S.

1640 Dr. (Rev.) Abraham Pierson and Abigail Wheelwright from Yorkshire to Southampton, Long Island, Suffolk Co., NY; settled in Essex Co., NJ

1640 John Combe II and wife Elizabeth Lovett from London to Old Rappahannock Co., VA

1641 William Potter'and wife Frances Child's daughter Hope born in New Haven Colony, now CT; he was hanged 1662 based on complaints from his wife and son of acts of bestiality

1646 Obadiah Bruen, wife Ann Fox, and son John Bruen in MA

1648 Francis Edward Howard born England was in Isle of Wight Co., VA; son of Sir Henry Frederick Howard, Earl of Arundel, and Lady Elizabeth Stewart of March/Lennox

1650 George Ross, exiled after Battle of Dunbar, Scotland, to Boston, MA, worked in servitude to pay his passage; when freed in 1658 moved to New Haven Colony, now CT, where the Governor performed his marriage to Constance Little in 1658

1650 Peter Duncan and wife Bessie Caldwell, from Scotland to Westmoreland Co., VA

1650 Col. John Mottrom/Mottrun, granted 963 acre VA patent; a founder of Northumberland Co., VA; its first rep to House of Burgesses. His daughter Anne md. Capt. Richard Wright there in 1657

1654 William Wright and his brother, Capt. Richard Wright, from Yorkshire to Northumberland Co., VA

1655 Ellis WILLIAMS , a Quaker born 1621 in Wales, to New Castle, DE, died 1691 in Chester Co., PA; his son James Williams ia member of the Assembly and Justice of the Peace, and members of the Province of Pennsylvania Governor's Council

1658 Capt. Richard Snowden, Sr., Quaker born in Wales 1639, in Baltimore, MD; by 1665 in Anne Arundel Co., MD; granted huge tracts of land and an Iron Mine; by tradition his and 2nd wife Elizabeth Grosse's daughter Mary Snowden md. Richard Kirkland, Sr., but no proof found

1659 Robert Langley/Longley, patented "Langley's Habitation" in Baltimore, MD, died 1683 leaving one son John as heir; John bought land in Gloucestershire Co., NJ, 1689

1660 William Pope in VA; md. Marie Bozeman; his brother (unproven) Nathaniel Pope 's daughter Anne md. Col. John Washington, great-grandparents of George Washington

1663 Daniel Robins (Robinson) from Perth, Scotland, md. Hope Potter at New Haven, CT

1665 James Allen born in Cecil Co., MD, where he left a will 1733

1666 William Alford, in New Kent Co., VA

1671 George Harrison, Sr., in Westmoreland Co., VA; left will 1713 in Westmoreland, devising all his land to his sons who could only sell to each other

1677 Jean Bodine, Sr., wife Maria Creison, and three sons Daniel, Francois, Jean Jr., French Huguenots from France to Staten Island, NY, bef 3 Nov 1677

1681 John Vickery sailed from Devon, England, as an indentured servant; granted 400 ac in 1683, Kent Co., PA (now DE)

1681 William Mead from Buckinghamshire, England, signed a petition in Cecil Co., MD

1684 Francis Taylor I patented land in St. Mary's Co., MD, married Grace Deavor and resided in Anne Arundel Co., MD

1685 John Campbell, exiled from imprisonment in Edinburgh, Scotland, to East Jersey after following his laird ithe Duke of Argyll in the uprising for Prince Charlie (Argyll was executed)

1686 Ralph Rochelle (2nd), French Huguenot, transported to Merchant Brandon Par., VA, from England; he and wife Elizabeth Wheeler settled in Surry Co., VA; relationship if any to earlier Ralph Rochelle in Surry Co. unknown

1688 William Ellett and wife Mary Burt from Somersetshire, England, settled in Bucks Co., PA, where he served on juries

1691 Thomas Wingfield born Tickencote, Rutlandshire, England, 1664, baptized in London, daughter born in New Kent Co., VA

1692 Richard Kirkland, Sr., in Anne Arundel Co., MD; moved to Fairfax Co., VA

1695 Henry Baker I from Surry, England, died Isle of Wight Co., VA; he and wife Mary Blake's son Henry II built a house 1695 which still stands on his 2200 acre VA patent "Buckland" near the VA and NC line; persuaded William Byrd to resurvey the line placing him in NC.

1700 George Brock, Sr., in New Kent Co., VA, may have been grandson of Richard Brock from England in 1635 at age 33, and son of Richard was there in 1660s

Eighteenth Century

Bodkin, Brubeck, Daugherty, Downey, Pfeiffer, Knortzer, Magill, Mings, Wilks etc.


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