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William Longley md. Mary Ann Bodine

Joel Longley md. Nancy Bodine

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AMERICAN colonists called French Huguenots were Protestants who assembled beneath King Huguenot's Gate in Rochelle, France, because Catholics believed it haunted and were superstitious about persecuting them there -- although after the Edict of Nantes their rights were so severely curtailed that many left the country for religious freedom, to Holland or England and America. The "Acadians" of Nova Scotia and Louisiana were French Huguenots.

The name Bodine was originally Le Baudain, then Bodin.

Esther Bridon (b. ca 1655 in France, dau. of Francois Bridon and his wife Jeanne Suzanne), married two men named Jean Bodin/Bodine, both from Bethune, France, but their relationship to each other is unknown. Our Longley family descends from the first:

Esther's 2nd husband Jean Bodin/Bodine had 8 children by his 1st wife, Marie Crocheron (French Huguenot b. Jan 1652, The Netherlands, d. Staten Island, NY): Isaac, Peter, Jacob, Abraham, Vincent, Sarah, Catalina, and Frederick.

By 1737, Jean (2nd husb), Esther, and some of their family settled in Hunterdon Co., NJ where Jean was mentioned in the Court of Common Pleas minutes, and daughter Esther was mentioned beginning 1783. Also in Hunterdon was Cornelius Bodine, a distant relative, and his large family.

Esther and Jean (1st husb)'s son Francois Bodin, b. bet 1691-1699 at Staten Island, NY, married Maria Dey, daughter of James Dey and Mary Mulliner, circa 1717/18 at Staten Island, Richmond Co., NY. He immigrated after 1736 from Staten Island to Cranbury, Middlesex Co., NJ, with his sons, Vincent and Francis. He died circa 1736 at Cranbury, Middlesex Co., NJ.

Francois and Maria's son Francis Bodine (b. ca 1719 Staten Island, d. aft 1776 at Burlington Co., NJ and was buried at Little Egg Harbor Twp., Burlington Co.) married Abigail ____.

Francis and Abigail had children Joel, John, Francis, James, and Aphy Bodine b. 1742-50 in Cranbury, Middlesex Co., NJ. [NOTE that James's daughter Mary Ann Bodine Longley named children after Abigail and Joel.] Abigail died abt 1755 in NJ. Her husband Francis died aft 1776 in Burlington Co., NJ and was buried at Little Egg Harbor, NJ.

Francis's 2nd wife was Rachel Wilson on 29 Jan 1755 in Middlesex Co., NJ. They had no children but reared his children by 1st wife Abigail.

Francis and Abigail's son Francis Bodine b. 1744, d. 27 Sep 1822 in Lumberton, Northampton Twp., NJ, married Mary Rose in 1768 in Mt. Holly, Burlington Co., NJ.

It is unknown who Francis and Abigail's daughter Aphy b. 1750 married or what became of her.

Their son John Bodine was b. 1743 in NJ, was baptized 1746 in Christ Church, Shrewsbury, Middlesex Co., NJ, and d. 26 Mar 1826 in Burlington Co., NJ. When our ancestor James Bodine, his brother, moved away and John stayed in Wading River, NJ, and was for 40 years a farmer, large landowner, and innkeeper. In 1773 John married Mary Roundtree, his 1st wife. I know of no children from that union. Mary died in 1785.

John was a Patriot in the American Revolution, enlisting as Pvt. in 1st Regt. of Burlington Co., NJ militia, rose to the rank of Capt. in the Continental Army, and served throughout the war.

John married Ann Taylor, his 2nd wife, on 16 Sep 1790, when he was 47 and she was 27. Ann was b. in Hillsborough Dist., NC. Their marriage produced at least two children:

1. Mary Bodine (birthdate unknown), b. Wading River, NJ, d. 21 Aug 1859. She married James Bussom, Jr., on 11 Jan 1810, Burlington Co., NJ. They had children Elizabeth 1812, Mary 1814, Joseph F. Sr. 1818, and Leah Ann Bussom 1821. She may have married 2nd John Moncrief, Mary's husband according to Doris Semon on Genforum, although she said earlier in Aug 1998 that Mary md. James Bussom. So were Mary and James both md. twice?

2. Samuel Tucker Bodine, b. 29 Jul 1810, Burlington Co., NJ ~ He was a first cousin of William Longley's wife Mary Ann Bodine (1766-1844). We didn't know about him until acquisition of his Bible (below) by our cousin Barbara Longley Bivins, which lists his two marriages, his parents-in-law, and his children. The latest date recorded is 1862:




BODINE BIBLE, copyright 1850, Courtesy of Barbara Longley Bivins




John Bodine, in New Jersey 1743

John Bodine, March 26th 1826 in Burlington Co., N.J.

John Bodine and Ann Taylor 16th Sept 1790 in Burlington Co., N.J.

Ann Taylor in North Carolina 1763

Ann Bodine, March 26th 1831 Salem Co., N.J.


Jeremiah Smith Nixon Cumberland Co., N.J. Sept 20th 1794

Jeremiah S. Nixon and Mary S. Thompson April 30th 1816 in Cumberland Co., N.J.

Mary Shaw Thompson Cumberland Co., N.J. Dec 22nd 1794

Mary Shaw Nixon Decr. 24th 1861


Samuel Tucker Bodine Burlington Co. July 29th 1810


 Isabel Sheppard Nixon Cumberland Co., April 27th 1817

Isabel S. Bodine, March 26th 1841 in Phila. Pa.

 Samuel T. Bodine and Isabel S. Nixon, Decr. 19th 1833 in Kent Co., Delaware

Louisa Wylie Millikin, Phila. Pa. Nov. 16th 1820


Samuel T. Bodine and Louisa W. Millikin, Nov. 25th 1851, Philadelphia

 William Millikin, North of Ireland


 William Millikin and Martha Orr in Phila.

Martha Orr, North of Ireland


Francis Lee Bodine, son of Samuel T. and Isabel S. Bodine, Decr. 14th 1834 in Kent Co., Delaware


Francis L. Bodine and Mary Belle Millikin, Oct. 14th 1858, Phila. Pa.

Emily Jane, daughter of Samuel T. and Isabel S. Bodine, Oct. 5th 1836, Phila., Pa.


Thomas Wallace and Emily J. Bodine, Oct. 16th 1862 at Germantown, Phila.

Jeremiah Nixon, son of Samuel T. and Isabel S. Bodine, Decr. 6th 1838, Phila., Pa.


 Samuel Thompson, son of Samuel T. and Isabel S. Bodine, March 5th 1841, Phila. Pa.

Samuel Thompson Bodine, July 4th 1841 in Bridgeton, N.J.


Louisa daughter of Samuel T. and Louisa W. Bodine, Decr. 25th 1852 in Phila. Pa.

Louisa Bodine, Aug. 7th 1854 at Cape May, N.J.


Samuel Taylor, son of Samuel T. and Louisa W. Bodine, Aug. 23rd 1854, Phila. Pa.


 Martha Millikin, daughter of Samuel T. and Louisa W. Bodine, Aug. 13th 1856, Phila. Pa.


We descend from Francis and Abigail Bodine's next son, James Bodine (baptized in Christ Church, Shrewsbury, Middlesex Co., NJ in 1747) and his wife Mary ____. Apparently the Bodine and Longley families knew each other in New Jersey, but at any rate James and family and the Longleys were in Loudoun Co., VA and Sevier Co., TN together. James resided in Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co. from 1771-91 where Joseph Longley (Jr. in NJ, Sr. in VA) lived.

James and Mary had eight children, and in Oct 1791 James's son Henry was bound out by the Loudoun Co. overseers of the poor as a tanner's apprentice. Henry was 8 in the court order but 11 according to the birthdate his descendants have.

Mary died 1802 somewhere in VA ~ perhaps during their move down the Shenandoah Valley, after their youngest daughter Etha (b. ca 1781) set out with her sister Mary Ann Bodine Longley's family down the Shenandoah, married 1797 in Montgomery Co., VA (see bond below), where William Longley signed as her guardian and one of the sureties.

Soon after Mary's death, James Bodine married 2nd Sarah Russell 1802 in Sevier Co., TN, for their first child, Abigail Bodine, was b. 24 Sep 1803 on the French Broad River in Sevier Co., TN, followed by Winifred b. abt 1805.

In 1805 James and Sarah were living in Sevier Co. on a plantation which her father Daniel Russell devised to her in his will at his death. On 15 Jun 1810 in Sevier Co., he received title to a tract of 29 acres of land through an occupant land grant from the state of Tennessee based upon an act of the General Assembly of Nov 23, 1809.

There is no record of what became of James and Sara J. A fire swept through Sevierville, the county seat, destroying many buildings, including the court house and the county clerk's office and a large portion of the circuit court papers, and later the court house burned again.

We descend from Mary Ann Bodine (#1 above) and William Longley. She was the oldest child of James Bodine (Sr.) and 1st wife (Mary_____ ). James's youngest child was Etha or Euphemia "Effie" Berthella Bodine, was born circa 1781 at VA or NJ, was 73 years old in her 1854 affivavit supporting sister Mary Longley's Revolutionary Widow's Pension heirs' application. Etha's affidavit plus her marriage bond to wed John Burk on 30 Sep 1797 at Montgomery Co., VA, with William Longley was guardian and surety on their marriage has been accepted as proof by lineage societies of William's wife Mary's maiden name.


John Burk, a minister was born 11 Aug 1766, was 31 when he married 16-yr.-old Effie. Children of Etha "Effie" Bodine and John Burk were Hannah, Elizabeth, Jane, James, John, Jonas, and William Preston Burk. (There's that name again, William Preston, as in "Wild Bill" Longley, and his uncles Alexander Preston and William Tennessee Longley, sons of Joseph Longley and Priscilla Patterson! Perhaps Mary Ann and Etha's mother was a Preston, daughter of William Preston?)

Effie Bodine Burk went to Catoosa Co., GA, as did several of Mary Ann and William Longley's children. In 1851 she signed an affidavit regarding her sister's application for a Revolutionary widow's pension. She was in Hamilton Co., TN (across the state line from Catoosa Co., GA) in the 1850 census as age 68. Her husband John Burk had died 4 Feb 1848 and was buried in Johnson Ceme., Hamilton Co. We would like to contact and learn more about descendants of Effie Bodine and John Burk.

Their son James Burk born abt 1810, died 1873 at Catoosa Co., GA, married his 1st cousin once removed, Nancy Longley, daughter of Andrew Jonathan Longley and Sarah Oldham.

Nancy Bodine (born ca 1797 near Manassas, Fairfax co., VA, daughter of Francis, granddaughter of James, Sr.) married Joel Longley, son of William Longley and Mary Ann Bodine, on 26 Dec 1815? at Centreville, Prince William Co., VA; his 1st wife. Nancy died 13 Sep 1835 in TN following childbirth. (Their children under LONGLEY DESCENDANTS.)

Hannah Burk (daughter of Etha Bodine, granddaughter of James, Sr.) was born on 6 Oct 1798 at VA. She married Samuel Blair Jr. on 30 Jan 1817. Their son William Houston Blair (born circa 1818? TN), married Mariah Frances Haddock after 1871 as her 2nd husb; he was a cousin of her 1st husb, through the Bodine/Burks.

Cornelius Bodine (1723-1781 left will), mentioned in many Hunterdon Co., NJ and Loudoun Co., VA court records, can be viewed on the link to GEDCOMS, also. He was son of Jacob Bodine (I) and Elizabeth Sebring. Jacob was son of Marie Crocheron and Jean Bodine (2nd husb of Esther Bridon), so Cornelius and Mary Ann Bodine were half-1st cousins, twice removed).

Thanks to Ronny Bodine, who posted the following information about James Bodine on Bodine Genforum, Sep 2001:

Ronny Bodine

 Children of James Bodine (c1745-1810/30), of Loudoun County, Virginia and Sevier Co., TN, and his 1st wife Mary "Polly".

1. Mary Ann Bodine, b. ca 1766; d. 7 or 9 June 1844 in Polk Co., TN. Married 1 Sep 1784 in Loudoun Co., VA to William Longley (Revolutionary veteran). William was b. 1 Sep 1761 in New Jersey and d. 7 Nov 1841 in Polk Co. He enlisted in Captain Thomas Humphries' Company of light infantry in Oct 1779 and was in the battle of Burrell's Ferry, Williamsburg and the Siege of Yorktown; was one of the soldiers forming the hollow square where Lord Cornwallis's sword was surrendered by his aide to Gen. Washington's aide. He was discharged in Feb 1782 and lived in Loudoun Co. a short time after the war, then in Shenandoah, Rockbridge and Washington Cos., VA and in 1800 settled in Sevier Co., TN. On 3 June 1833 he applied for a pension in McMinn Co., TN, which was approved to be effective from 28 Sep 1833. He appears on the 1835 pension roll of McMinn Co., aged 73 years, drawing a pension at the rate of $50 per year. Polk Co. was formed in 1839 from Bradley and McMinn Cos. and the Longleys lived out their lives there. On 27 Sep 1854, in Catoosa Co., GA, on behalf of a claim for pension money by the heirs of Mary Longley, Mrs. Etha Burk stated she was a sister of Mrs. Mary Longley. Of their eight children, son Joel Longley (1791-1878) was 1st married to his presumed first cousin, Nancy Bodine, daughter of Francis Bodine.

2. Francis Bodine, b. abt 1768. His will of 12 Sep 1835 was proved in Sevier Co., TN on 8 June 1836. He resided in Fairfax Co., VA from 1796 to 1816, then relocated to Sevier Co., TN where his father had settled earlier. His 1st wife, Winnifred _____, who witnessed a deed in Loudoun Co. with her husband 11 Dec 1795, was the mother of nine children (John, James, Hannah, Nancy, Lydia, Francis, Bowling, Winney, Charlotte). Living in 1810, she died prior to 1830. He married 2ndly, 1830/1, Anna _____, born ca 1794, who survived her husband to marry again, 6 Jan 1845 in Sevier Co. to William Smith (died 1866) and was still living 26 Aug 1870. She was the mother of three children (Jane, Wesley, Oliver).

3. Hannah Bodine, probable daughter, b. 9 Apr 1771 in Loudoun Co., VA; died 23 Sep 1853 in Lincoln Co., MO. Married 3 Dec 1790 in Loudoun Co. to Israel Morris, b. 2 June 1764 in Loudoun Co., VA; d. 7 Mar 1851 in Lincoln Co., MO. Israel and Hannah Morris were buried there in Old Morris Ceme. in Briscoe. Following their marriage, the family moved to Monroe Co., VA (now WV) and in its 1830 census, in 1833 to Shelby Co., IN, and in 1837 to Lincoln Co., MO. Some of their children moved then to Adams Co., IL. Descendants of Hannah Bodine/Burdine were supplied by Tina Mitchell. Click link to GEDCOMS button below, then in search window type Morris, Israel.

4. James Bodine [Jr.], b. abt 1772 in Loudoun Co., VA, d. 1843/7 in Jefferson Co., IL. After leaving Fairfax Co., VA, James Bodine came to Tennessee where he was residing in 1804 when his son James was born there in Jackson Co. He subsequently located in McMinn Co., where he appears in court records 1824-26 and where, about 1826, he received an occupant land grant with Phillip Osborne, described as the N.E. Quarter of Section One, Fractional Twp., Range Two West. Phillip Osborne resigned his half to Elihu Randolph on 19 July 1826 and James Bodine resigned his half to Jan Vansant on 2 Sep 1826. By 1830 James Bodine had removed to Jefferson Co., IL, appearing there in the census of that year. The name of his 1st wife, who was living at the time of the 1830 census, is not known. She was the mother of perhaps five children (Jane, James, a son, Andrew, Abigail). He married his 2nd wife, Sarah Twitty, the widow of Mr. Mackey, on 19 Sep 1838 in Jefferson Co. James Bodine died intestate, but Sarah left a will dated 28 Jan 1842, leaving her estate to the children of her first marriage, to which consent was given by her husband, James Bodine. On 12 Jan 1847 the Jefferson Co. court directed an inventory be taken of the estate of Sarah Burdine, deceased, and on 16 Jan 1847 Elijah Piper was appointed administrator. Sarah was b. abt 1775, d. 25 Dec 1846.

5. Henry Bodine was b. 14 Oct 1780 in Loudoun Co., VA and d. there 1855/60. In Oct 1791, the Loudoun Co. court "Ordered that the overseers of the poor bind out Henry Bodine eight years old the first day of this instant to Robert McCalla to learn the trade of a Tanner according to law. In May 1814, at Winchester, Frederick Co., VA, Henry Bodine enlisted in Capt. Michael Coyle's Co., Col. Taylor's Regt. of Virginia Militia. He appeared in the censuses of Loudoun Co. from 1830 to 1850, but not thereafter. The 1850 census states his age to be 67 and born in Virginia. On 20 Jan 1851, in Frederick Co., VA, Henry Bodine, age 70 on the 14th of October last, a resident of Waterford, Loudoun Co., filed for a pension. He filed again on 26 May 1855 at Loudoun Co., then aged 76 years. His pension request was rejected. He was married to Jane _____, who died before 1850 and who was the mother of his daughter Alithea (1807-1870) and perhaps, Mary Jane (born 1814).

6. Etha "Effie" Berthella Bodine was b. ca 1782. She was married on 30 Sept 1797 in Montgomery Co., VA as "Effe Boaine" to John Burk. William Longley was guardian of the bride. John Burk was b. 11 Aug 1766, died 4 Feb 1848 and was buried in Johnson Cemetery, Hamilton Co., TN. In 1850, recorded as Effee Burk, age 68, born in Virginia, she is found living in Hamilton Co. As noted above, on 27 Sep 1854, now a resident of Catoosa Co., GA (which borders Hamilton Co., TN) Mrs. Etha Burk, age "about 73" made a statement on behalf of the heirs of Mary Longley that Mary was her sister (widow of William Longley pension file).

Children of James Bodine and his 2nd wife, Sarah Russell:

7. Abigail Bodine, was born 24 Sep 1803 "on the French Broad River in East Tennessee" according to the biography of her son, James B. Snow, published in Goodspeed's History of Tennessee, 1887, for the counties including Obion, and was probably named after her paternal grandmother. Although this biographical account fails to name her parents, by mentioning her place of birth it virtually assures the identity of her father as James Bodine. She died 17 June 1861 in Weakley Co., TN having lived successively in Bedford, Madison, Henderson and Weakley Cos. She was married 4 Feb 1819 in Bedford Co. to Levi R. Snow. Levi was b. 25 Feb 1792 in NC; d. 31 May 1869 in Kaufmann Co., TX, and buried there in Kaufman Cemetery.

Any additions and comments to better document these children are welcome.

In addition, I (Doris Johnston) have two more daughters' names from descendants of James Bodine and 1st wife Mary:

8. Margaret Bodine, b. 24 Dec 1778, Loudoun Co., VA; md. James T. Moran.

9. Lydia Bodine, b. 9 Aug 1780, d. 20 May 1855, Loudoun Co., VA; md. (Rev.) Jonas Moon, had a daughter Effie Moon.

And one more daughter of James Bodine and 2nd wife Sarah:

10. Winifred Bodine, b. ca 1805, TN; no further info.

Another string of messages regarding James's son Francis (#2 above), and his son James who went to Marshall Co., AL, is at:,, and


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Thanks to the Bodines who have posted their family data on the Internet, and in particular, Dave Bodine whose website is