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JOSEPH LONGLEY, SR. & wife MARY CAMPBELL married before May 1731 when they were listed among Heirs of John Campbell, Decd., late of Manhatawny, Philadelphia Co., PA, on an Indenture from the Heirs to sell Campbell's land in Monmouth Co., NJ. Joseph and Mary were living in Hunterdon Co., NJ and signed the Indenture there. John Campbell and wife Bessie Caldwell, both from Scotland.

Joseph was probably the same Joseph Langley/Longley mentioned 17 Apr 1747 in Middlesex Co., NJ, in the Inventory of Benjamin Doughty of Princetown, Middlesex Co., incl. bill or bond of Joseph LONGLY and had "A Bill of Sale from Joseph LONGLEY to William Muirhead acknowledged by the said Joseph LONGLEY and ordered to be recorded" on 9 Feb 1767 at Loudoun Co., VA.

Colonial records in NJ are scarce, but in Hunterdon Co., NJ, Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas, Joseph Langley, Jr. was defendant in an April 1759 lawsuit to collect a debt. Thomas Langley, Joseph Jr., and James Langley were mentioned in court minutes from 1758-1763. In 1763, both Joseph Sr. and Joseph Jr. were sued by the Executor of an estate in Hunterdon Co.:

 10 Oct 1763 , Bk 9, p. 281, The Execr of Mr. Danl. Coxe Decd vs. Joseph Langley Senr. & Joseph Langley Junr., Cap. Debt £25.12.6, Non Sunt Inventi

That is the final mention of Longley or Langleys in the Minutes books. Next, Joseph Langley appeared in 1764 Loudoun Co., VA court minutes.

Based on circumstantial evidence, Joseph Sr. was the son of Thomas Langley and wife Mary Chew of Gloucester Co., NJ. Thomas was probably the son of John Langley who had a land patent in Gloucester Co. in 1689 (the deed book is lost), as shown in the 1699 of John's widow Susannah Langley of Woodford, seat of Gloucester Co. Thomas died before 1734 and his widow Mary was made administrator of his estate. She removed to Cohansey, married John Martin, and had another child, Patience Lodge Martin, according to a book on the Chew family.

Gloucester Co. Deed Books A, C, D, and E are extant. Book B, in which this deed states John Langley's patent was recorded, is lost. Staff of the NJ Archives say deeds were often not recorded because they were legally binding without it, perhaps until the property changed hands again, or again. This Co. of Gloucester, Province of West Jersey deed (difficult to read, even with computer enhancement) was recorded June ye 19th, 17(00? 80?).

 Beginning of 4-page Deed

 End of 4-page Deed:



Susanah Langley of Woodbury Creek, Gloucester Co. of Province of West Jersey, relict of John Langley, Deceased, who in 1689 was granted land by William Salisbury, Governor (recorded in Records of West Jersey Book B folio 32).

John died by 30 Dec 1699, according to Susanah's deed to John Tatum for 100 acres of land on Woodbury Creek -- one moeity or half part of ye 200 acres being next fifty acres lying between the land of William Warner and Jno. Jost.

"Susannah, widow of John LANGLEY of Goodbury Creek, Glou. Co., to John Tatem of ditto for 50 acres on Woodbury Creek, bounded NW by Wm. Warner, SE John Test, 1/2 of the 100 acre lot sold by Wm. Salsbury to Jonathan Winewright 7 Sep 1789 and 50 acres thereof bought of him by sd. John LANGLEY 14 Sep 1689."

My efforts to decipher this 4-page deed (very dark ink bled through to back) haven't revealed much else, not even the sales price.
~ New Jersey Deeds 1664-1794, p. 288 (Deed Book 3, p. 263)

There were Langley/Longleys in Gloucester Co. and neighboring Salem Co., NJ, for many years. A Langley Bible record at Gloucester Co. Historical Society Library gives us some descendants for a next generation.

It appears that Thomas Langley and Mary Chew had sons William, Thomas, and Joseph. William left a will in Salem Co. in 1770. Thomas appears to have gone to Morris Co., NJ. Joseph, in Monmouth Co. beginning 1725, probably met his wife Mary Campbell there when her parents lived there. He was mentioned in a 1737 inventory of estate in Gloucester Co., where his parents would have lived.

It is likely that Joseph Longley (I, or Sr.) were parents of Thomas, James, and of course Joseph, Jr. in Hunterdon Co.; and that Thomas returned to Gloucester Co. when the others went to Loudoun Co., VA. Another suspected son of Joseph and Mary was John Langley, who married Sarah Allen, spinster, 1761 in Salem Co., NJ, or the John Langley who appeared in Frederick Co., VA (adjoining Loudoun Co.) buying property in 1766. I have no idea what became of James (from Hunterdon Co.) Langley, unless he was the James who was in early records of Montgomery Co., VA.

William Longley stated on his Revolutionary Pension application No. SR.64.35V that he was born 1761 in New Jersey, came to Loudoun Co., VA, with his parents as a child, and was living with his father when enlist the Patriot army Oct 1780. The only man in Loudoun Co., Virginia, who could have been his father was Joseph Longley, on tax lists there before and after the Revolution. Joseph's other son Joseph Longley, Jr., came of age (on list of tithables) about the same year William did. The name was spelled both Langley and Longley until the "a" was finally dropped by most of the family.

Joseph Longley of Loudoun Co., father of our William, was actually Joseph, Jr., son of Joseph, Sr., from Hunterdon Co., NJ. They moved from NJ in the fall of 1763, and appeared in a Loudoun Co., VA, court record Apr 1764. By occupation, they were cordwainers, meaning the highly respected craft of shoemaking. The Cordwainers Guild of London had helped finance the Virginia Company's efforts to plant a colony at Jamestown, Virginia.

Joseph Longley, Sr., & wife Mary Campbell signed an Indenture in 1732 among the heirs of her father, John Campbell, exiled from Edinburgh, Scotland in Jul 1685, where he was imprisoned in Canongate Prison for following his Laird (the Duke of Argyll, head of Clan Campbell) in a Covenanters' army against the King's Army. The Duke was executed and many of his followers were exiled to America. John Campbell's ship arrived in Dec 1685 at Perth Amboy, NJ, he had to serve as a bondsman, and in 1687 he registered his ear mark (for livestock) in Monmouth Co., NJ.

John and his wife Charity ____ moved by 1716 to Manhatawny, Philadelphia Co., PA, when he purchased land. There he died by 1731. By the time of the Indenture among the heirs, Charity had remarried, to George Davidson.

We do not know when Joseph, Sr., & wife Mary died, but he was not on Loudoun Co. tax lists like Joseph Jr., was but may have been exempted by age (on which the laws changed, sometimes above 45, others above 60).

We do not know the name of Joseph Longley, Jr's wife, but he assumed "Sr." when his own son, Joseph III became known as Jr. in Loudoun Co. Both remained in Loudoun Co. through the 1810 census. Presumably when his father died, Joseph III then settled in Rockingham Co., VA, where his descendants still reside.

Joseph Jr's son William (my ancestor) began moving by 1791 from Loudoun Co. in stages down the Shenandoah Valley with stopovers in Rockbridge, Montgomery, & Washington Cos., VA, arriving in Sevier Co., VA, in 1800.

Shortly after William left Loudoun Co., other Longleys (children of Benjamin of Baltimore, MD) began arriving in Loudoun. On William's progression down the Shenandoah Valley, others of Benjamin's family lived in the VA counties where William stopped.

Another Hunterdon Co., NJ, family also moved to Loudoun Co. -- Bodine -- one of whose daughters, Mary Ann "Polly" Bodine, married William Longley.

Thanks to the late Joanne McFadden, we know that the other Longleys who came to Loudoun Co., VA, overlapping some with ours, were children of her ancestor, Benjamin Longley, Sr., of Baltimore Co., Maryland. Longley is not a common name, and it is far more likely than not that the two families were related. Benjamin who stayed in Maryland and Joseph who came to Loudoun Co. were of the same generation, and almost surely cousins if not brothers. Members of both families moved down the Shenandoah Valley and lived at Rockingham, Montgomery, and Washington Cos., VA before some moved on to Tennessee and others to Ohio.

What could their kinship be? Consider the following:

1. Robert Langley patented "Langley's Habitation" 1659 in Baltimore Co., MD.

2. A Thomas Langley, 35 y.o. indentured servant, gave depositions 1664 and 1667 in Maryland and mentioned, "when I arrived in Virginia . . .," implying he arrived from England as an indentured servant and subsequently removed to Maryland.

3. Robert Langley of Baltimore who patented "Langley's Habitation" died in 1683 "without heir," but in 1687 his "only son and heir" John Langley came and sold the land, and was not mentioned further in Baltimore records.

4. John Langley bought land in 1687, Gloucester Co., NJ, which his widow Susannah sold at his death in 1699.

5. Thomas Langley was apparently the son of John & Susannah Langley of Gloucester Co., NJ; he lived in and sold land in Gloucester Co. in 1716, ; his wife was Mary Chew, daughter of Richard Chew, son of John Chew mentioned above from Lower Norfolk Co., VA (dissolved in 1691 when two counties including Norfolk were created from it).

6. Joseph Langley, Sr., & wife Mary Campbell were in Hunterdon Co., NJ, in 1732 when they signed an indenture by the heirs of her father, John Campbell, a Scottish Covenanter exiled to NJand; Earlier Joseph was mentioned in Gloucester, Salem, and Monmouth (where John Campbell lived) Cos.

7. Thomas Langley died 1735 in Cape May Co., NJ; his wife Mary Chew was his executrix. They were, by circumstantial evidence, the parents of Joseph Langley, Sr. mentioned in Gloucester, Monmouth, Salem, and Hunterdon Cos., NJ.

8. Joseph Langley, Sr., and Joseph Langley, Jr., were mentioned together in court records 1763 in Hunterdon Co., NJ; which within months said they moved to Philadelphia, and a few mos. later had removed to Virginia (Joseph Sr's wife Mary Campbell's family lived in Philadelphia Co. and her father died there). In April 1764 Joseph Langley was mentioned in Loudoun Co., VA, records.

9. William Longley, b. 1761 in NJ, served in the Revolution from Loudoun Co., VA.

10. Y-chromosome (paternal lineage) DNA results prove male descendants of Joseph Langley/Longley, Sr., of Hunterdon Co., NJ, and male descendants of Benjamin Longley of Baltimore, MD, had a common ancestor.

11. Was their patrilineal ancestor Thomas Langley whose deposition in MD 1667 mentioned arriving in VA? Was Robert who died in MD 1683 his son, and the father of John Langley who d. in Gloucester Co., NJ bef 1699, and his apparent son Thomas Langley who died in Gloucester Co., NJ 1735?

Most travel in the 17th century was by water -- there were few horses, and few roads; plantations were isolated from each other except by waterway. From Norfolk Co., VA, the Chesapeake Bay was an open pathway to New Jersey and Maryland.


Joseph Longley was the only Longley tax payer or appearing in Loudoun Co. records (tax lists, jury duty and road maintenance required of all adult male citizens) at that time was Joseph Longley. He was from Hunterdon Co., NJ.

Hunterdon Co. is bordered on the West by the Delaware River, across from Pennsylvania, with Maryland about 100 miles southwest. During the Colonial period when our family lived there, the New Jersey capitol, Trenton, was in Hunterdon Co., which bordered Gloucester Co. to its south, which bordered Salem Co. to its south -- the three counties where our Longleys left records. The seat of today's Hunterdon Co., Flemington, is about 20 miles north of Trenton. At least part of our Langleys lived in the Twp. of Kingwood:

 Current Location of Hunterdon Co. on New Jersey Map

 Townships of Hunterdon Co., NJ


  Kingwood Presbyterian Church (now Unitarian) built 1754

Also in Hunterdon Co., NJ, and in Loudoun Co., VA was the BODINE family. The Bodines (le Boudin or de Boudain) were French Huguenots who immigrated from Cambray, France to New York before 3 Nov 1677 to escape religious persecution. Before 1686 they were in Staten Island, NY. There the father, Jean Bodine, died in 1694. Staten Island is a short distance from Cranbrook, Middlesex Co., NJ, where they moved after 1736.

Both the Longley and Bodine families left Hunterdon Co., NJ and went in 1760s to Loudoun Co., VA, on the upper reaches of the Potomac River in the Northern Neck. (Northern Neck Map)

William Longley, some other Longleys, and some of the Bodines left Loudoun Co. in the 1780s, after William returned from the Revolutionary war, and moved in stages down the Shenandoah Valley (today's I-81) southwest toward Sevier Co., TN. They stopped in Shenandoah, Montgomery, and Washington Cos., VA, arriving in Sevier Co., he said, in 1800. Unfortunately, the Sevier Co. Court House has burned twice and no records exist for the period of their residence there.

William Longley married Mary Ann Bodine, whose father is believed to be James, born in Middlesex Co., NJ, married and lived for a while in Burlington Co., NJ, and moved to Loudoun Co. VA. On their migration south, William was guardian and surety on the marriage of Etha Bodine to James Burk. Etha was Mary Ann's sister, as sworn on her affidavit in Mary's Revolutionary widow's pension file.

There were more Bodines in Hunterdon Co., NJ records than Langley/Longleys. Cornelius Bodine was administrator of John Bodine's estate as seen in Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas, but no actual estate records have been found. Cornelius Bodine left a will in Loudoun Co., VA. We don't have all the answers yet!

Some Longley researchers have believed that William Longley was the son of a William Longley who was the son of a James Longley and Sarah Nicholson "who married in Loudoun Co. VA". However, James and Sarah married in Norfolk Co., VA, not Loudon; had only two daughters, and there is no evidence they were ever in New Jersey. Descendants list the daughters as Anna who married James Rouviere, and Frances. Therefore, they have no Longley descendants:

"1. James Langley (William Langley1 of Norfolk Co., VA) died 1752, married Sarah Nicholson in May 1731. She died probably in mid 1700s.

Children of James Langley and Sarah Nicholson:
2 i. Anna Langley was living in 1752. She married George Rouviere bef 1752. He died by 7 Apr 1759 in Norfolk, Va.
3 ii. Frances Langley was living in 1752."

Other researchers have suggested that our William Longley descended from the Massachusetts pilgrim by that name ca 1640 whose family was massacred by Indians in Groton, CT, except for one son, John, who was captured and lived with the tribe for some years, had a large family after release, and some of whose sons went south and "took up with Jersey women," but did not include a Joseph. Ancestral Tapestry, a quarterly published only four times in 1972-73 on the Longleys, included the statement, "A thorough search of the records of the New England branch of the family shows that there is only one Longley who could possibly have been his father. This would be William Longley, son of Nathaniel and Lydia (Foster), born Chelmsford Mass. April 25, 1731. This William is not found in any later Massachusetts records. He would have been thirty years of age in 1761, the year of Mr. Longley's birth."

Again, there is no evidence of that William being in Loudoun County, VA, when our William was a boy. If all others of the Pilgrim William Longley's children can be ruled out, then it appears the whole family has been ruled out. But there are many other possibilities not of that family.

Suffice it to say, there were several Longleys in NJ, numerous early transportees to VA as named on Patents, who were more likely to be our Joseph and William's forebear: There was a John Longley in Gloucester Co., NJ, by 1689 when he purchased property, as mentioned in the 1699 deed of sale from his widow Susannah.

In 27 Aug 1710, James LANGLEY (Quaker), son of William, was rec'd on certificate in NJ from Southampton Monthly Meeting, England; the certificate dated 14 Apr 1710 (HCQG 2:576). By 25 Oct 1717, there was a Thomas LANGLEY witnessed deed of Henry Chew "late of Cape May Co., in Gloucester Co., NJ. This Thomas died by 17 Feb 1734, when his widow Mary had his Salem Co., NJ estate inventoried. (Cape May, Gloucester, and Salem are neighboring counties, none very large). A Joseph Langley/Longley was in the same area by 1724.

In 1731 Joseph Longley who married Mary Campbell (daughter of John Campbell and Charity _____) was in Hunterdon Co., NJ, when Campbell's estate was settled in PA. By the 1750s Hunterdon Co. had a Joseph Longley, Sr., Joseph, Jr., James and Thomas Longley, up to 1763. In 1764 Joseph Longley was in Loudoun Co., VA. Presumably the parents died and the sons went south, for once again there was a Thomas in Gloucester Co.

Meanwhile, a second William Longley (designated Sr.) arrived in Loudoun Co., VA, about 1787 and both Williams were on the Jun 1788 tax list. Other Langleys whose relationship to ours is not known were in neighboring Frederick Co., VA beginning with John in 1766. The oldest Langley in Frederick Co. on the 1810 census (1790 and 1800 are missing) was a Benjamin 45+.

Some of the later Longleys to arrive in Loudoun Co., VA were sons of Benjamin Longley, believed to have been born by 1742 was in Baltimore, MD. Several of his children came to Loudoun in early 1800s before going to OH, while his son James was in Washington Co., VA before 1800. One of Benjamin's sons was the William Longley (1784-1831), who enlisted in War of 1812 in Maryland and received a pension.

Meanwhile, Joseph Longley Jr. and Sr. remained in Loudoun Co. after William and the Bodines moved on south. One was William's father and the other was his brother. There were two Josephs in Loudoun Co. in the 1810 census, as well as some other unidentified Longleys who were sons of Benjamin of Balimore. We cannot be sure whether the Langleys of neighboring Frederick Co. were related.

Before 1820, Joseph Longley (brother of William) had moved to Rockingham Co., VA, along William's migratory route. He was Joseph III, but by then their father Joseph Jr., had died, so Joseph III became Joseph. He too subsequently had a son Joseph.

Thomas Langley of Gloucester Co., NJ, md. Mary Chew (born 1690, Flushing, NY, daughter of Richard and Frances Chew who went from Flushing, NY to NJ).

After Thomas's death 17 Feb 1734, his widow Mary Chew Langley md. John Martin and had a child, Patience Lodge Martin in 1737, who died in 1762.

Thomas Langley's widow Mary was administrator of his estate, living in Salem Co., NJ. From there she moved to Cohansey in Cape May Co. while administering the estate. She and her brother Thomas Chew inherited in 1736 shares in the residual estate of their sister Charity Chew Brown (widow of John Brown) of Philadelphia.

Apparently Thomas Langley and wife Mary Chew had sons (1) William, (2) Joseph, and (3) Thomas, possibly (4) James, as well as daughters.

(1) William died 1770 in Salem Co. leaving wife Mary, dau. Sarah, and a son John not named in his will who md. Sarah Allen 1761 in Salem Co. [There were Allens in Hunterdon Co., NJ as well.]

(2) It appears Joseph who md. Mary Campbell had a son Thomas who went back to Gloucester Co. when they left Hunterdon and had sons George, Thomas, Reuben, and Samuel. Thomas's son Thomas married Ruth Chisum in 1775, Gloucester Co. There were two Thomas Langleys in Gloucester Co. tax lists 1778-80, and one 1779-96 in Deptford Twp., Gloucester Co.

(3) Thomas died 1758 in Morris Co. leaving widow Margret.

Thomas Langley (son of #2) and wife Ruth Chisum apparently had William Langley, born 1782, who md. Rachel ___ and I have a copy of the family Bible record listing their son Reuben b. 1805 and his wife Sarah Jones and children, from files of the Gloucester Co. Historical Society in Woodbury.

This is largely hypothetical, based on scant information available. One of the three extant Langley deeds for the NJ Colonial period was for Joseph Langlee in 1729. All are VERY difficult to read.

The only known possible NJ parents of this Thomas who married Mary Chew were John Langley and wife Susanah:

 Susanah Langley of Woodbury, Gloucester Co. of Province of West Jersey, relict of John Langley, Deceased, who in 1689 was granted land by William Salisbury, Governor (recorded in Records of West Jersey Book B folio 32). John died by 30 Dec 1699, according to Susanah's deed to John Tatum for 100 acres of land on Woodbury Creek -- one moeity or half part of ye 200 acres being next fifty acres lying between the land of William Warner and Jno. Jost.

My efforts to decipher this 4-page deed (very dark ink, and the writing on back of paper bled through) haven't revealed much else, not even the price.

RICHARD CHEW and wife FRANCES WOODWARD's children were Richard, Henry, Hannah, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, and Charity.

RICHARD CHEW OF FLUSHING, Long Island, NY was assessed there in 1675-8, and 1699. On 1 May 1700, Richard Chew, "late of Flushing, NY" purchased land
in Gloucester, NJ (NJA Vol. XXI, pp. 677-8). A full account is in PROCEEDS (Vol. VI, 1908, pp. 20 et seq.).

The Gloucester Co., NJ Historical Society published a thick book, GENEALOGY OF THE CHEW FAMILY, by Robert Chew, 1982, and has copies for sale.

Some Longley Citations in New Jersey

Courtesy of Barbara Longley Bivins

The information on the Longleys in NJ came from New Jersey Genealogies #1, Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Volume II, and A Genealogical Dictionary of New Jersey (Broderbund has them on CD); and New Jersey Department of State Index of Wills, Inventories, etc. from 1663-1900?

30 Dec 1699 Deed -- Susannah, widow of John LANGLEY of Goodbury Creek, Glou. Co., to John Tatem of ditto for 50 acres on Woodbury Creek, bounded NW by Wm. Warner, SE John Test, 1/2 of the 100 acre lot sold by Wm. Salsbury to Jonathan Winewright 7 Sep 1789 and 50 acres thereof bought of him by sd. John LANGLEY 14 Sep 1689. Glou. Deeds 3:263 / NJA 21:673

27 Aug 1710 James LANGLEY, son of William, rec'd on certificate from Southampton M. M., England, dated 14 Apr 1710 HCQG 2:576

25 Oct 1717 Thomas LANGLEY witnessed deed of Henry Chew "late of Cape May Co., in Gloucester Co." Glou. Deeds A:105

26 Jul 1724 Thomas LANGLEY in acct. of Admx. of Chas. Robison of Cape May Co.
NJA 23:390

20 Nov 1725 Inv. of Lawrence baseHook of Monmouth Co. shows bond of animus Allen & Joseph LANGLEY due 2 Dec 1724 NJW:264M

18 Sep 1726 Md. Joseph LANGLEY & Sarah Cleverly of W. Jersey, Christ PE Church, Philadelphia. GSPM

16 Mar 1727/8 Thomas LANGLEY witnessed will Shawgan Hand of Cape May Co. NJA 23:208

June 1730 Acct of Christopher Church (of Phila. 1710) by Admx. Alice (Alse) Church, now wife of John Flower (Cape May Co.?) shows payments to Thomas LANGLEY et al. NJA 23:92

24 Mar 1731 Inv. of John Hugg of Gloucester Twp. incl. timber upon Joseph LANGLEY's land. NJA 30:252

1731 Joseph Longley married Mary Campbell in 1731, and was living in Hunterdon Co., West NJ, by 1732 (from Campbell Family Gedcom found by J. McFadden).

4 Mar 1732/3 Inv. of John Severns of Trenton incl. debt due by a multitude, incl. Joseph LONGLEY. NJA 30:426

17 Feb 1734 Thomas LANGLEY of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admx. Mary LANGLEY (relict of). Bondsman -- Nathaniel Jenkins, both of said county. Wit: John Green, Danl. Mestayer. Inv. £88.9 includes cattle, sheep and swine. Appraisers -- John Remington, Nath'l Jenkins.

20 Dec 1735 Account of Mary LANGLEY "of Cohansey." Paid to . . . NJA 30:290

17 Jan 1736 Will of Charity Brown of Phila., widow of John Brown, leaves share of resid. estate to sister Mary LANGLEY, now living at Cohansey NJ; & bro. Thomas CHEW. NJA 30:66

20 Jan 1736/7 Inv. of William Ward of Woodbury Creek, Glou. Co. incl. amt. due from Joseph LANGLEY. NJA 30:515.

17 Apr 1747 Inventory of Benjamin Doughty of Princetown, Middlesex Co., incl. bill or bond of Joseph LONGLY. NJA 30:148

27 Mar 1748 James LANGLEY condemned for marrying out of unity (twice). HCQG 2:576 [See James in 1710 above.]

29 Oct 1751 David LANGLEE witnessed will of Catharine Inscrip of Big Timber Creek, Gloucester Twp. & Co., NJ. NJA 32:172

6 Sep 1758 Inventory of Thomas LANGLEE of Morris Co. -- incl real, forge & sawmill, £180; a garden 14 s., house on the hill £24. Personal: £160, incl. bond book debts £60.54; made by William Throckmorton & William Boyd. NJA 32:191

25 Sep 1758 Margret LANGLEE, widow of Thomas LANGLEE, resigns her right of adm. to Joseph Coe Jr., dated at Musknecong, Rosbery Twp. NJA 32:191

9 Oct 1759 Bond of Joseph Coe, yeoman, one of largest creditors of Thomas LANGLEE, as Admr.: Ezekial Cheaver, schoolmaster, fellow bondsman, of Morris Co. NJA 32:191

13 May 1761 Salem Co. Marriage Bond. John LANGLEE [clearly so spelled in body of bond, but signature looks a bit more like LONGLEE] and Sarah Allan, spinster, both of Allaways Creek, Salem: John Simo of ditto, carpenter, bondsman. NJMB L:153

14 May 1769 Ruth LANGLEE, Elijah Bowen Jr. & Daniel Bowen wit. will of David LONG of Cumberland Co. NJA 33:255

26 Apr 1770 Marriage license, Elizabeth LANGLEY & Felix Hammel, of Burlington Co. Bondsman, Thomas Elton of Burlington Co. NJMB 4:461

14 Nov 1770 Will of William LANGLEY of Salem Co. "My goods are to be sold and after debts are paid, the rest to be divided between my wife and daughter, provided that my wife MARY will take care of my daughter SARAH, for one year, in sickness or health, as she is destitute of a home. Executor: Edward Robert. Wit: John Gosling, Edward Roberts

23 Nov 1770 Inventory of William LANGLEY £106.15.10 made by Charles Ellet & James Parker. NJA 33:240

28 Jun 1772 George LANGLEY, St. John's Church, E. Trenton, to Mary Connor, both of E.T. GMNJ 5:37

22 Aug 1775 Marriage License Thomas LANGLEY, Glou. Co. & Ruth Chisam. NJA 22:236

1 May 1776 Reuben LANGLEY married to Unice Darwin by Rev. Wm. Worth of Pittsgrove (Daretown) Baptist Church, Salem Co. GMNJ 2:101

15 Jun 1782 Marriage license. Charity LANGLEY & Ephraim Albertson. NJA 22:246

Feb 1779 & Jul 1786 Thomas LONGLY was a tax payer in Deptford Twp., Gloucester Co.

1793 John LONGLY was a tax payer in Kingwood, Essex Co.

COMMENTS: Sarah Allen, who married John Langlee 1791 in Salem Co., NJ, was the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Allen. Elsewhere in the same family there is mention of a Joseph Langley near Princeton, NJ and Ananais Allen of having a bond due to Lawrence Van Hook, dec'd of Monmouth County, NJ, in 1725. Note the name Benjamin in the Allen Family. It may or may not be significant, but what is even more interesting is that they mention Ananais and his family disappear from NJ after 1743.

The Campbell family acquired large tracts of land in that part of New Jersey.

Handy Helper for Genealogists says Mercer Co., NJ was created 1838 from parts of Somerset, Middlesex, Hunterton, and Burlington. The town of Princeton is in Mercer Co.; maybe Princeton was at one time in Middlesex? Somerset came from Middlesex in 1688, Hunterton came from Burlington in 1714. We also have a reference to Trenton and Philadelphia both within easy reach of Princeton. Notice the marriage of John Langlee to Sarah Allen of Allways Creek, Salem Co.

Oddly, the introduction on NJ says that only in Hudson Co. does the co. clerk issue marriage licenses. In all other counties, such licenses are handled by the town or city clerks, township assessor, or local registrar of vital statistics.

The Chew family were also near the Longleys in Baltimore County, MD.

Salem Co., NJ Wills 1804-1830 = {Recorded in the Office of the Surrogate At Salem NJ}

Will of Rubin Langley dated 24 Sep 1803 Proved 03 Feb 1804 = Book A page 6

Hannah Langley witness to Will of Nathan Dunham Will dated 13 Jan 1807 Proved 02 Mar 1807 = Book A Page 176

Sarah Langley witness to Will of Garret Arons Will dated 26 Apr 1813 Proved 08 Jun 1813 = Book B page 77

Joel Langley witness to Will of William Thorn Will dated 17 Jun 1813 Proved 28 Jul 1813 = Book B page 91

Samuel Langley witness to Will of Elizabeth Loper Will dated 04 Apr 1826 Proved 01 May 1826 = Book C page 378

Salem CO NJ Wills 1831-1860

John Langley Will dated 09 Sep 1837 proved 22 Mar 1838 = Book D page 193

John Langely witness to Will of Henry Kandle Will dated 23 May 1838 Proved 15 Jun 1838 = Book D page 205

Isaac Langley witness to Will of Matthias Richman Will dated 15 Mar 1838 Proved 23 Oct 1839 = Book D page 248

Isaac Langley witness to Will (not dated) of Mark Seeds - Book E page 251

Garret Langley mentioned in Will of Uriah Ackley Will dated 22 Jul 1854 Proved 18 Aug 1854 - Book # page 329

On today's highways, it is 831 miles and a 13-hour trip from Staten Island, NY, where the Bodine (le Baudain) family of French Huguenots landed in America by 1690, to Polk Co., TN, via stops of several years in Middlesex, Burlington, and Hunterdon Cos., NJ where the Longley and Bodine families met, then both to Loudoun Co., VA, continuing down the Shenandoah Valley through Shenandoah, Rockbridge, and Washington Cos., VA, stopping several years in Sevier, McMinn, and Polk Cos., TN, where Longleys have lived ever since. From there, William Longley's family spread to Missouri, Georgia, and Texas. His sister-in-law Effie Burk and some of his children went to Georgia.


The 1790 and 1800 censuses of VA are lost. There is a HEADS OF FAMILIES: VIRGINIA 1790 book comprised of lists of names from 1782-86 Tax Lists. Loudoun Co., VA is not, for some reason included. There were Langley/Longleys listed in Mecklenberg, New Kent, Princess Anne, and Norfolk Cos.

There were Langley/Longley immigrants to VA beginning as early as 1637 to Charles City, James City, Norfolk, Lancaster, Accomack, Rappahannock, New Kent, Stafford, Lunenberg, & Dinwiddie Cos., as listed in Nell Marion Nugent's series: CAVALIERS & PIONEERS: ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA LAND PATENTS 1623-1752. These patent images can be viewed on-line from the Univ. of VA. The MAJORITY of these Langley immigrants (or sometimes transporters) were to Norfolk and New Kent Cos., and still there during the time ours were in Loudoun Co., VA.

From original and published sources, including Index to The Tithables of Loudoun County, VA and to Slaveholders & Slaves, 1758-1786, the Longley tax payers of Loudoun Co. were:

Name 1767 1772 1774-7 1779 1780 1781 1782 1783 1787
Longley, Joseph 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Longley, Joseph Jr. 1 1 1 1
Longley, William 1 1 1 1 1 1
Longley, William Sr. 1 ?

Since William was born 1761 (from his Revolutionary pension application) and started paying taxes in 1779, the taxable age (it changed several times) must have been 18.

The 1810 VA census has been printed in an index.
Column headings: MALES un 10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 26-45, 45+
FEMALES un 10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+; # free Blacks, # slaves.

Name County Page Males-Females Free Blacks Slaves
Langley, Alexander in Loudoun Co., p. 310 10000-20011 0 0
Langley, Benjamin in Frederick Co., p. 333 01101-41010 0 0
Longley, Benjamin in Washington Co., p. 236 00001-00001 2 0
Langley, Curtis in Frederick Co., p. 362 20001-00110 0 0
Langley, David in Shenandoah Co., p. 5 20131-10010 0 3
Longley, George in Loudoun Co., p. 257 22010-00010 0 0
Langley, John in Frederick Co., p. 333 20001-01010 0 0
Langley, Joseph in Frederick Co., p. 333 20001-01010 0 0
Longley, Joseph in Loudoun Co., p. 275 50001-50010 0 0
Longley, Joseph in Loudoun Co., p. 279 00001-00201 0 0
Longley, Peter in Washington Co., p. 236 10000-60010 0 0
Langlin, Samuel in Montgomert Co., p. 7 40010-10010 0 0
Langley, Walter in Loudoun Co., p. 277 00010-10010 0 0

Langley, Ann in Norfolk Co., p. 131 10002-01000 0 1
Langley, Betty Petersburg122 00000-00000 7 0
Langley, Elizabeth Prin Anne 462 00100-00001 0 0
Langley, Elizabeth Norfolk 907 00000-00010 0 3
Langley, Henry New Kent 106 00010-00010 9 9
Langley, James Norfolk 144 00110-12010 0 9
Langley, John New Kent 106 00010-20100 0 3
Langley, John Norfolk 142 20010-20010 0 0
Longley, John Norfolk 231 01101-11010 0 8
Langley, Martha Giles 390 11000-10011 0 0
Langley, Mary Norfolk 131 10100-12011 0 9
Langley, William Norfolk 131 10100-10110 0 3
Langley, William New Kent 106 00001-00100 0 9

I've separated into two groups, those living in areas ours were, and others in VA.

The oldest (45 & above) were Benjamin in Washington & Frederick Cos., Joseph in Frederick & Loudoun Cos. I think the ones in Frederick Co. need to be checked out, because of similarity of names to ours.

Joanne's ancestor was Benjamin Longley (similar age and possible brother of our Joseph Longley, Sr.). He had sons Benjamin (Jr.), John, Samuel, Peter, Caleb, George, James & William.

Benjamin (Jr.) married in Washington Co. and we don't know names of his children. His brother William had sons George and John. Joanne descends thru William's son George. I believe the other sons of Benj. Sr. had only girls, or names of offspring are unknown. Am I right, Joanne?

You will note that none of OUR family above had slaves, nor did they in TN records. Benjamin in Washington Co. had one free black in his household, and Joanne says that her family had black employees, never slaves. Our William's modest cabin in TN is not that of a prosperous slave-holding planter, but a farmer.

1820 VA Census Index:

Langley, Alexander Loudoun 121A
Langly, Benjamin Frederick 43A
Longley, Benjamin Washingt 218A
Langley, Bob New Kent 206A
Langley, Curtis Frederick 5
Longley, Edward Loudoun 143A
Langley, Henry Norfolk 128
Langley, Henry B. New Kent 206A
Langley, J. Northum 95A
Langley, Jacob Prince W. 225
Langley, Jane J. Mecklenb 158A
Langley, John Norfolk 128A
Langley, John W. New Kent 206A
Langley, Jonathan Norfolk 128
Langley, Joseph Scott 193A
Longley, Joseph Rockingh 147A
Langley, L. Northumb 99
Langley, Lucy Mecklenb 159A
Langley, Mary Ecy 120
Langley, Mary New Kent 206A
Langly, Mary Norfolk 128A
Langley, R. Northumb 99
Langley, Robert Norfolk 128
Longley, Robert Loudoun 124A
Langley, Walter Loudoun 152A
Langley, William Frederick 10A
Langly, William Frederick 10A
Langley, William Norfolk 128
Langly, William Norfolk 128

1850 Frederick Co., VA Census:

All in the town of Winchester, all b. VA:
p. 273, 14 Oct, hh 1045-1053
John F. Langley 22 merchant, $700 b. VA
Cornelia Langley 16

p. 291, about same date
William C. Langley 49 Conductor R.R. VA
Hannah 44
Joseph 19 I could hardly read his occupation and I swear it looked like Fuekter (Trucker, Teamster?)
William 17 Machinist
Susan 15
Charles 12
Philip 10
George 5
Agnes 2

p. 307, Nov. 5th, hh 1526-1536
Elizabeth Langley 53 $2100 VA
Ann J. 24
Mary E. 22
Martha E. 13

1850 Washington Co., VA Census. in 67th District on 1st Aug, p. 80, hh 190-190:
John Longley 45 laborer VA
Eliza 30 VA

p. 106, hh 597-597
Edward Longley 31 Professor $1200 MAINE
LeAnn 4 VA
Mary 31 CT
Virginia 2 VA
Mary 2/12 VA
Catherine Hammon 24 VA

p. 155, hh 1274-1274:
James Longley 40 VA
Marynell 40 VA
Betsy (blurred initial) 21 (all children b. VA)
Nancy 20
John 19
Sarah 18
Mary 17
Margaret 14
William 9
James (?) blurry 14
Sarah 13
Martha 10
Henry 4
Delilah 2
(big family, 12 kids, for a 40-y.o. couple)


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