PATTERSON in Abbeville Co., SC ~ across the Savannah River from Elbert Co., GA



 1895 Map of Elbert Co., GA - Abbeville Co., SC

Today Lake Russell on the Savannah River separates Abbeville Co., SC, from Elbert Co., GA, on its west. Note Calhoun Falls in Abbeville Co. ~ John Patterson's wife Margaret Baskin's family came to SC with the Calhoun and Pickens families from Augusta Co., VA

SEE 1779 Census of 96th District, SC (one of 7 original SC Judicial Districts):

B252 BASKINS William 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed
E650 ERWIN Robert 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed
P362 PATTERSON Joseph 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed
P362 PATTERSON Josiah 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed
P362 PATTERSON Peter 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed
P362 PATTERSON Samuel 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed

Apparently the first Pattersons in Abbeville Co. were Joseph, Josiah, Peter, and Samuel found in the 1779 census of Old 96th Judicial District. Peter and Josiah had shown up in Lincoln Co., NC and York Co., SC records. I believe this Samuel was the son of James Patterson and wife Deborah Givens of Augusta Co., VA, and a brother of Robert Patterson who settled in SC, those son Robert Patterson, Jr. died in Sevier Co., TN in 1839, leaving a will.

The 1790 SC Heads of Families census listed in Abbeville Dist.:

Column Headings: Males 16+, males -16, females, slaves
Hugh Baskin ~ p. 60 ~ 3-5-3, 3 slaves
Prudence Baskin ~ p. 57 ~ 1-3-2, 2 slaves
Wm. Baskin Jr. ~ p. 57 ~ 1-0-1
Capt. Wm. Baskin ~ p. 60 ~
Alexr Patterson ~ p. 58 ~ 1-2-1
George Patterson ~ p. 57 ~ 1-0-3, 1 slave
James Patterson ~ p. 58 ~ 1-0-3, 4 slaves
John Patterson ~ p. 57 ~ 1-0-1
Josiah Patterson ~ p. 60 ~ 2-3-3, 2 slaves
Robert Patterson ~ p. 57 ~ 2-0-4
Saml Patterson Jr. ~ p. 58 ~ 1-0-3
Samuel Patterson (s.c.) ~ p. 58 ~ 1-2-2
Samuel Patterson Jr. ~ p. 58 ~ 1-1-1
Wm. Patterson 3-5-3, 9 slaves

The 1800 SC Heads of Families census listed in Abbeville Dist.:

Baskin, James S. ~ p. 9 ~ 20010-20100-01
Baskin, John ~ p. 9 ~ 00100-00010-00
Baskin, John ~ p. 33 ~ 32010-10010-00
Baskin, Sarah ~ p. 34 ~ 10100-01001-03
Baskin, Prudence ~p. 9 ~ 00410-00010-03
Baskin, William ~ p. 9 ~ 00100-30010-00
Paterson, George ~ p. 4 ~ 00010-10100-00
Patterson, George ~ p. 9 ~ 20100-00111-32
Patterson, George ~ p. 12 ~ 20001-20101-03
Paterson, Samuel ~ p. 32 ~ 31010-10010-01
Patterson, William ~ p. 6 ~ 31000-11010-0,16

Elbert Co., GA, was established 1790, on land ceded by the Cherokee and Creek Indians in 1773, in part to repay loans made by white traders. The treaty, signed on July 1, 1773, referred to the land simply as "Ceded Lands." In 1777, in the midst of the American Revolution, the state of Georgia consolidated it as Wilkes County, named for an Englishman who had opposed the measures that led Britain into war with her Colonies.

The Elbert Co. seat is Elberton, population about 7,000, called "The Granite Capitol of the World." The county, in the rolling hill country section of Georgia, above the fall line, is bordered on the east by the Savannah River, and on the west by the Broad River.

The first permanent settlements appeared in the last two decades of the 18th century. Although early manufacturing census records are incomplete, by 1810 the county had a wagon works, two gunpowder mills and three bark mills in addition to the normal blacksmith shops, distilleries, and grist mills. In the eastern part of the county William Allen began a prosperous life growing cotton, tobacco, corn and wheat. In 1811 he added a grist mill on his property.


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