Patterson-Magill-Daugherty Families of Augusta Co., VA

1882 Letter from Descendant, Dr. James Daugherty Magill, to Dr. Robert T. Hooker about their family history.

James Daugherty Magill md. Lucy Pope 10 Sep 1839 "within one mile of Jacksonville, AL." They had five children and he was a 44 y.o. Physician in the census taken Oct 1850 in Atalla Co., MS, after which they had two more.

Lucy died Oct 1858 in AR and he md. 2nd Sophia A. Nabors, 8 Oct 1861, followed by one child. They were enumerated in Lee, Garland Co., AR, in 1880 as ages 73 and 49.

James described their family, "The common trait of the Magill family; they were all industrious, saving, some of them stingy, some liberal, generally law-abiding, moral, mostly church members. Father was not in the Church, but their foreman to start the music."


Family History Letter from Hiram Magill-Margaret Daugherty son Dr. James D. Daugherty to Dr. Robert T. Hocker dated Aug 1882 ~


You asked me to get you the origin of our Magill family. I will give you some idea of their origin. From what I could learn, they were from Scotland to Ireland as far back as I can recollect Uncle John Magill's account as him and me made a visit to Indiana from Kentucky about 1834. As well as I can recollect the history of the old ones, there were three brothers of them. I think they were born in America ~ John, William, and James. Those three brothers left Virginia, John to Kentucky, William to South Carolina and James to Tennessee. So our grandfather was John.

"As well I can remember the names of my uncles, they were David, Samuel, William, James, John, and Hugh [his father] and one daughter, Betty, who married a man named Jeremiah Frame. He and Uncle David moved to Missouri. I can just recollect seeing them, I suppose I was five years old. Uncle Sam was killed in VA. A crowd looking at a stable horse crowded around the horse and it kicked and killed him. The others all married and raised familes.

"My father (Hugh) was the youngest son. He was born in Pennsylvania, lived in Virginia, moved to Kentucky ~ all the family moved ~ grandfather, my father, single. Father married Margaret Daugherty near the head spring of the Salt River, five miles from what is now Danville, Kentucky. They were married the first of January, 1795.

"My grandfather, James Daugherty, was born in the city of Dublin, Ireland. There he learned the trade of wheelright. He came to Kentucky in an early day, established a wheel factory whereby he accumulated property, raised a large family. I will give you the names of them and who they married.

Rebecca, an Irishman named Archie Gray
Cinthia ~ Amesby Spencer
Nancy ~ Thomas Gash
Sally ~ Jno. Walkup
Polly ~ Sam Latimore

"My mother's name was 'Peggy' Margaret Daugherty. Father (Hugh) was the youngest, all the others were old enough to be in the war. Uncle John Magill was in at 16 years old. Uncle James Magill was a Capt. He drew a pension. He had a farm and no one to work it when his boys married off and left him and the pension was a great help to him.

"My uncles were all large, all past 200 pounds. I think all lived to be old except Father. Grandfather outlived Father. He lived to 92 years. I remember him. He made father's house his home. I remember he walked with crutches the last years of his life from rheumatism. He was a very tall, large man. The Magill family was of the old Presbyterian faith. He was an educated man.

"Uncle James was a Mason. Father was not a scholar, tho' was Sheriff and not ignorant at all. The cause of his death was he bought an awkward negro whom he was showing how to split rails, he became very warm, came to dinner, drank a great draught of water fresh from the deep well and it produced congestion of the stomach. He lived some 48 hours.

"The most of the Magills emigrated west from Kentucky. Uncle James' oldest son, Samuel Patterson Magill, was some 20 years older than me. He and his wife did not get along well. He left, went to Mexico, joined Houston's army, went through it all, drew his bounty money, went back, got his wife and two boys after twenty years, settled in Burnett Co, and was Co Clk. until he died. The family is yet there doing well.

"Mother's father, James Daugherty, was, as I think, on the extreme about religion. He had family prayer three times a day and worked like he prayed and was still on the extreme about work. He made money, ran a large shop, but made nothing about his farm. He had secured some five or six hundred acres of the finest kind of land. His children grew up in idleness. Uncle Sam was dissipated, played the fiddle, attended parties, spending his time and money. He and an Irishman named Morrow made a contract that when one of them died the other was to go to his grave and the deceased one should tell him how he liked his place of rest.
"Morrow died and was put in a graveyard, was ____ by rock, near Danville. One evening, Uncle called about dusk, on his way home from Danville; there stood Morrow. Uncle said, "How do you like your new home?" "You had better try some other," said Morrow. Uncle stood to seeing Morrow, to the day of his death. He quit drinking. It was of great value to him and his family.

"All of my aunts married men who made good livings. The largest part of the town of Perryville was built on Uncle Latimore's farm. He raised seven boys. They all settled around Perryville, Mercer Co.

"The Walkup family moved to Missouri. The Spencers lived in Wayne Co., Missouri. I knew little about them.
"The old Kentucky Magill family was of remarkably good temper. Uncle John's family was the best natured of people I ever saw. Some of our family was somewhat ill tempered tho' your mother (Rebecca) Polly, John, Hugh, and Sally were mild tempered, would hardly get mad soon enough.

Family records copied from the old family Bible by Dr James Daugherty Magill
"Hugh Magill and 'Peggy' Margaret Daugherty were married 1 Jan 1795
Cynthia Magill born 25 Nov 1795
Mary Patterson Magill born 16 Oct 1797
Jno Cunningham Magill b 2 Aug 1803
James Daugherty Magill b 26 May 1806
Hugh Patterson Magill b 18 Feb 1808
Rebecca Magill b 11 April 1810
Sarah Magill b 16 July 1813

"I left out two who were not raised, Robert and another son not named.

"One of my grandmothers before marriage was a Cunningham and the other a Patterson. You see the letters 'C' and 'P' put in their names.

"John Magill married Nancy Edmondson 7 Oct 1787. I will say something of Uncle John and family. He married a woman named Edmondson ~ she was left-handed and every child of hers was also left-handed. She was good natured, every child was also, they never got mad or fretted at anything, never had a family jar. I heard Dr Jno Magill say he was never mad enough in his life, but one time, to strike a man; he never forgot anything.

"James D. Magill was born in Lincoln Co, KY. Lucy Pope was born in Jones Co., GA . Was married within one mile of Jacksonville, AL, 10 Sept 1839 by William Estill of Jacksonville, AL.

John b 13 Dec 1840, d 15 June 1841
Robert b 3 Nov 1843, d at three years
Thomas b 7 June 1846, d at two years
Margaret b 8 July 1850, d at three years
H. Clay b 27 Sept 1852, d 1865
Sarah b 4 Feb 1855, d at 16 years
Benjamin P b 25 June 1847, died at 18 years
Lucy T., the mother, died in Pulaski Co., AR 2 Oct 1858

Jas D Magill and Sophia A Nabors were married 8 Oct 1861 by Jonathan Esq.
Charles M B 15 (or 13) Jun 1863, d 15 Aug 1863

"My first wife, when we were married, weighed 95 pounds. I, 165 lbs. She was 19; I, 32 years old. She was, all her life, delicate. I never thought it was a hardship to wait on her. She was worthy of kind treatment. A better woman never lived. If she was in that all-depicted Hell, I wish to go there when done here.

"The common trait of the Magill family; they were all industrious, saving, some of them stingy, some liberal, generally law-abiding, moral, mostly church members. Father was not in the Church, but their foreman to start the music."

(Letter courtesy of Susan S. Hargrove, Jun 2002, who added, "My great grandmother, Sarah Margaret Webb Beauchamp, grand daughter of Hugh Magill, received a notebook on her birthday in 1932 from her cousin Dora Hocker Chenault. Dora's father had been tracing the family for many years and Dora continued. Enclosed in the notebook was family history and this letter from Aug 1882 that Dr Robert T Hocker (Dora's father) received from his uncle Dr. J. D. Magill. J D was the son of Hugh Magill, grandson of John Magill. His mother was Margaret Daugherty.

"Rebecca Magill, daughter of Hugh Magill and Margaret Daugherty, married Washington Hocker. Their daughter, Sarah Margaret Hocker, married Warren Elijah Webb. Their daughter, Sarah Margaret Webb, married William David Beauchamp whose daughters married Hellum and Day. An interesting story about Rebecca Magill is that at her funeral, 7 Sep 1852, her son Samuel Duncan Hocker died. The funeral stopped and the body of son Sam was put in her casket and they were buried together.)

I, Doris Ross Brock Johnston, descend from the above Daugherty and Magill families, both through my paternal grandfather William Alfred Ross, whose mother was Martha Frances Daugherty born Lincoln Co., KY, died Burnet, TX; and from the Pattersons through my paternal grandmother Mary Ann Green Ross whose great-grandmother was Priscilla Patterson, wife of Joseph Longley of Sevier Co., TN





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