Margaret Donnell Patterson Adams
of Linvel's Creek, Augusta Co., VA,
& her 1st husband, William Patterson,

Parents of Robert "R" Patterson of Tryon Co., NC, & York Co., SC, whose Descendants Settled in Rutherford Co., NC, & McMinn Co., Tennessee

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ROBERT "R" PATTERSON, son of WILLIAM PATTERSON (who died ca 1710-15 probably in Ireland), and MARGARET DONNELL. Margaret had remarried to John Addams by 2 May 1727 when as MARGARET ADDAMS she witnessed a deed in Sussex Co., Delaware, found by descendants Harald Reksten and Wes Patterson (Sussex Co., Delaware, Land Records 1722-1731, Book F6, p. 233):

 Deed from Philip Dirnie, marriner, of Sussex to William Burton of Somerset Co., MD, sale for £10, fifty acres on North side of Broad Kill bounded by Bryan Rowles, 2 May 1727. Witn: MARGRET ADDAMS, Phil Russel

Several families named Patterson came to America in the same time period and settled in Pennsylania for a few years before moving southward to the portion of Orange Co., VA, which became Augusta Co., VA. It has been determined that some were related to each other, but for others it's a relationship has not been ruled in or out.

Possibly a brother of WILLIAM PATTERSON was JAMES PATTERSON, estimated to be born abt 1690?, who died in Chester Co., PA, and whose descendants moved to Augusta Co., VA, and from there to Tryon Co., NC. There was a James Patterson who lived near the family of Robert "R" Patterson in NC counties.

SEE discussion of JAMES and ANN PATTERSON on PATTERSON in VA page:

James Patterson
Kathie Schwend data has James's father as possibly Samuel?
Death: 1741 in Chester Co., PA
Will: ABT 1741 Chester Co., PA
Named his wife Ann, and children Margaret, Mary, Ann, Samuel,
Rebecca, and James.

Marriage 1 Ann ____ Patterson b: ABT 1700?
Married: probably ABT 1715? in Chester Co., PA

Margaret Patterson b: ABT 1720? in Chester Co., PA
Mary Patterson b: ABT 1722 in Chester Co., PA
Ann Patterson b: ABT 1725? in Chester Co., PA
Rebecca Patterson b: ABT 1730? in Chester Co., PA
James Patterson Jr. b: ABT 1732 in Chester Co., PA
Samuel Patterson Sr. b: ABT 1735? in Chester Co., PA
Robina Patterson b: ABT 1741? her guardian appointed 1749 in Augusta Co., VA

Her son ROBERT "R" PATTERSON bought land as a single man in Sussex Co., DE, on 7 Sep 1732 which bordered a THOMAS BLACK. He and his wife Sarah (probably BLACK) sold this land in 1738 and moved with his mother Margaret and family to Orange Co., VA, the portion that fell in Augusta Co., whose records begin in 1745.

Sarah was probably the daughter of Thomas Black. He left a will in Sussex Co., DE, in 1744, naming three daughters ** insert

Deed from Matthew Ozbon Jr. of Sussex Co., DE, to ROBERT PATTERSON yeoman, of same for £50, 106 acres on the South side of Pemberton's Branch, one of the branches that runs into the Broadkill Creek below the county road. Tract was taken up and surveyed for Matthew Ozbon by commissioners warrant granted to Robert Lodge, carpenter of Sussex by proprietors in Philadelphia on 8 Dec 1718. Robert Lodge sold to Matthew Ozbon dated 2nd day 10th month of 1719. Land was surveyed by Matthew Ozbon and found to contain 212 acres of which half is sold to ROBERT PATTERSON. Bounded by Pemberton's Branch, by a small branch below the county road. Wit: Phil. Russel, Robt. Shankland. Acknowledged: 7 Feb 1733 (32?).

On the same date, ROBERT PATTERSON's land was adjoining that of a future Augusta Co., VA, neighbor who bought the other half of the tract: 7 Nov 1732 Matthew Ozbon Jr. of Sussex Co., DE, to THOMAS BLACK yeoman, of same for £15, 106 acres on the South side of Pemberton’s Branch, one of the branches that runs into the Broadkill Creek below the county road. Tract was taken up and surveyed for Matthew Ozbon by commissioners warrant granted to Robert Lodge, carpenter of Sussex by proprietors in Philadelphia on 8 Dec 1718. Robert Lodge sold to Matthew Ozbon dated 2nd day 10th month of 1719. Land was surveyed by Matthew Ozbon and found to contain 212 acres of which half is sold to THOMAS BLACK. Bounded by ROBERT PATTERSON. Witnesses: Phil. Russel, Robt. Shankland. Acknowledged: 7 Feb 1733 (32?).

Margaret (Donnell Patterson) probably remarried by 1715-18 because she and John Addams had a daughter (first name unknown) born 1718 who married Andrew Donelson (aka Dollinson). They were the parents of Margaret “Dollinson,” named on Margaret Addams’ 1744 will. Next, John and Margaret Addams had a daughter named Jane Addams, born ca. 1720. She later married Daniel Love and had two daughters between 1744 and 1750. Lastly, John and Margaret Addams had a son, Samuel Addams, ca. 1722.

John Addams died between about 1722-1727. When Margaret wrote her will 03 SEP 1744 in Orange Co., VA, she was a widow. On 18 May 1748, Margaret Adams was bonded as administrator of the estate of her son, Samuel Adams deceased, Augusta Co., VA, Will Book 1, p. 83. (Augusta Co. was created 1738 out of Orange Co., with the stipulation that it not organize until its population grew enough to justify it, so Augusta Co. records began in 1745.)

Margaret's birth can be estimated as abt 1690-1695. William and Margaret had two known children:

1. Elizabeth Patterson b. ca 1708-10 married Jeremiah Harrison (his 1st wife). They had a daughter Esther Harrison.

2. Robert "R" Patterson born ca 1710-11 since he owned land and was married by 1727 to Sarah ______.

A widow when she wrote her will, Margaret died in 1770 when it was recorded 15 Mar. Her sons Robert Patterson and Samuel Adams were adults when she wrote it, as they were named Executors.

 Recorded in Augusta Co., VA, Will Book 4, p. 114; and in Tryon Co., NC; transcribed from original by Wes Patterson

Margaret Adams' will, of Orange Co., VA ~ Page 301.--3d September, 1744.

In the name of God Amen
The last will and testament of Margaret Addams of ye Colony of Virginia & in the County of Orange being very sick & weak of body but in perfect mind & memory Do first of all Bequeath my soul to almighty God & give it & my body to ye Earth from wence it came to be buried in such Decent manner ass my Executors shall think proper and ass for my worldly goods I bequeath in ye following manner.

Item I bequeath my great mair called long legs to my Son Robert Patterson but her increase to his children to be Equally devided among them.

Item I bequeath my Cotton Gound Quilted petty Coat with one apron and one handkerchief to Mary Patterson Daughter of my Son Robert Patterson.

Item I bequeath to my Daughter Jane Love my bed I now ly on with the bolster & one pair of sheets.

Item I bequeath to my Grand Daughter Margaret Dollinson my Side Saddle and fan.

Item I bequeath to my Grand Daughter Esther Harrison one Cow & Calf.

Item I bequeath all ye Remaining part of my wearing apparel to be Equally Devided between My Daughter Elizabeth & my Daughter Jane.

Item I bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth my box Iron & heaters with one puter Dish & one young horse.

Item I bequeath one young heifer to my Son in Law Daniel Love.

Item I bequeath my Riding mair a young horse & one Cow & Calf with my now Dwelling plantation with all ye tracts of Land thereto belonging with all my household goods Except the perticulers before bequeathed to my Son Samuel Addams to him & his heirs for Ever.

Item I bequeath all my Debts Due to me to be Equally Devided between my Son Robert Patterson & my Son Samuel Addams.

Appointing my Son Robert Patterson & my Son Samuel Addams my Whole & Sole Executors and Administrators Utter Revoking and Disannulling all other wills formerly by me made Acknowledging this to be my last will and testament unto which I have Sett my hand this third Day of September & In ye year of Our Lord God 1744.

Margaret (her mark "X") Addams

In the presence of
Sam'l Hull
Jacob Gum
Thomas (his mark "T") Lunday

Twelve days after Margaret wrote her Will in 1744, the following record was written on the back of the Will (this is quoted from the original Will, not the transcribed version in the Will Book):

September ye 15: 1744 ~ We, the children of Margaret Adams, have reserved of the exeter [WP note: executor] the full of all legsy [legacy] I say rend according to her desiare and will.

Daniel Love
Jan (her mark "x") Love
Elessa(her mark "X")bath Harrasson

These are to certify that all persons whom, &c., that I, ROBERT PATTERSON of North Carolina, TRYON Co., son of WILLIAM PATTERSON, decd., do disclaim any right or title that is or may be alledged belonging to me of a certain tract of land lying & being in AUGUSTA Co. upon a small branch on the South side of Linvell's Creek, which said land was taken up by MARGARET ADAMS, the widow of JOHN ADAMS, decd. ~ ROBERT R. PATTERSON. 1st Feb 1770. Teste: FRANCIS ADAMS, J.P., TRYON Co., NC. Certifies that FRANCIS ADAMS is a magistrate. EZEKIEL POLK, C.C.

Robert (R his mark) Patterson
Proved 15 Mar 1770, by SAMUEL HULL & JACOB GUNN. SAMUEL ADAMS qualifies executor, with JOSEPH DICTUM, JOHN MADISON, Jr.

 Thanks to Wes Patterson, we have the matching signatures (marks) made by Robert Patterson on this document in 1770 and on his Will in Craven Co., SC, 1 Jul1775



Thanks to the research of Wes Patterson, we know that Margaret and her son Robert's land in Augusta Co. was in the Linville Creek area, just west of Harrisonburg, today the seat of Rockingham Co., VA.

There was an Orange Co., VA, land grant to Margaret, for in 1770 her son Samuel was living in NC and sold the land he inherited from her:

 Page 315.--15th May, 1770. Samuel Adams, of North Carolina, to Joseph Dictum, power of attorney to convey 340 acres on Linvel's Creek, devised by Margaret Adams and from him descended to Samuel as eldest son and heir, having been patented in the name of Mary Adams. Title yet to be made to Samuel.

He was granted a 264-acre Patent on Linvels Creek in Augusta Co., VA on 27 Jun 1764, probably having applied for it earlier and waited some time for the patent, but describd as "joining the land of the said Patterson . . . land he now lives on."

Robert "R" Patterson was still in Augusta Co., on 10 Dec 1744, when in a lawsuit by William Wright vs. Thomas Linville. -- Writ 11th March, 1745, Thomas Linville told Robert Patterson that he had paid to William Wright a certain sum of money which was due to said Wright's father. Order by William Wright's, 10th December, 1744, to Robert Patterson to collect the account.

Robert settled bet 1746-1749 on Clark's Fork of Bullocks Creek in the part of Mecklenberg Co., NC, which subsequently became Tryon Co., NC; Lincoln Co., NC; Craven Co., SC; and ~ when the line between Northa and South Carolina was finally fixed ~ York Co., SC. So did other families from Linville Creek, Augusta Co., VA: Samuel Harrison, Isaiah Harrison Jr., Samuel and Lydia Stewart, the Cravens family, and many of the Black family.

On 9 Nov 1764 in Mecklenberg Co., NC, Robert's land bordered a NC grant to Archibald Houston for 500 acres in on the N. fork of Crowders Creek, joining ROBERT PATTERSON and the creek (No. 7340, Patent Book 17, p. 91, in Colony of North Carolina 1735-1764: Abstracts of Land Patents, Vol. One, by Margaret H. Hofman, Weldon, NC: The Roanoke News Co., 1982).

The border between North and South Carolina changed a few lines before it was finally fixed. In the Preface and Appendix of the volume of North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina: Anson and Mecklenberg Counties, we find:

 Pursuant to the survey of 1772, grants of Tryon Co., NC, lands fell into SC. ROBT PATTERSON, ROBT PATTERSON junior, PETER PATTERSON, JAMES PATTERSON, and JAMES PATTERSON were among petitioners to the King in order not to lose their lands. Tryon was formed 1768 from Mecklenburg Co. but did not take effect until Apr 1769; was bound on the north by Rowan Co., on the east by the Catawba River, on the west by the Indian boundary of 1767, and its southern border was left open but included the present South Carolina counties of Greenville, Laurens, Spartanburg, Cherokee, Union, York, and Chester, until the North and South Carolina border was extended on 4 Jun 1772. Both North and South Carolina had been granting lands in this area since 1752.

ROBERT PATTERSON, Jr., and PETER PATTERSON, who signed the above petition, were sons of ROBERT "R" PATTERSON, named in his will. The identity of JAMES PATTERSON who signed this petition is unknown, but his continued proximity to ROBERT "R" suggests he was a close relative ~ possibly a half-brother or nephew, if ROBERT's father WILLIAM had children by a hypothetical first wife? since we know MARGARET, the mother ROBERT "R" had no other Pattersons, only a son SAMUEL ADAMS.

ROBERT PATTERSON, Jr., and JAMES PATTERSON were later in Rutherford Co., NC, as was SAMUEL PATTERSON probably our ancestor who went to Sevier Co., TN.

ROBERT PATTERSON's will dated 1 Jul 1775 in Craven Co., SC, was copied and transcribed by Harald Reksten in the South Carolina Archives as follows, naming his wife SARAH and children ROBERT, PETER, WILLIAM, THOMAS, SARAH, ELISABETH, LYDIA; son-in-law JOSEPH BLACK; and THOMAS's son JOHN:

 In the name of God Amen the Twenty First day of July 1775 ~ I ROBERT PATTERSON of Craven County farmer being very sick and weake in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be unto God, therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do maeke and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shal receive the same again by the mighty power of God: and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

And first of all I constituet make and ordain my beloved wife SARAH and my beloved sons ROBERT and PETER to be my whole and sole Executors of this my last Will and testament all and singular my lands messuages and tenements whith all household goods dets and moveable affects by them to be executed according to law and for them said Executors to take care and see that all and every one of my beloved family shall have there full share as I shall appoint.

Imprimise I give and bequeath to SARAH my dearly beloved wife her full thirds of all my moveable affects and the homestead place till my son WILLIAM comes of age and half afterwards while she lives and her hors and saddle.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son THOMAS fifty pounds lawfull mony of South Carolina to be leveed out of my estate and all my cloathes except my fir hat and one gray three year old mare and colt to his son JOHN.

I likewise give and bequeath unto my daughter SARAH one cow and calf, and what is between JOSEPH [Black] and me.

I likewise give unto my son WILLIAM the homestead place after his mother's decease all only from where the line crosses the road that goes to PETER's old place and straight & cors to the old saw pit below the muddy branch and straight on to the outside line and from that said line down to PETER.

I likewise give and bequeath unto my sons PETER and ROBERT each of them an equal part of my land and clams in the province of Virginia.

I likewise give and bequeath unto my children all and every one of them is now single with my daughter's ELISEBETH and LYDIA each of them an equal part of the remainder of my movable affects by all and every one of them freely to be possesed and enjoyed: and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all and every other formal testaments wills legacies and bequeaths and Executors by me in any wise before named willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said ROBERT PATTERSON as his last will and testament.

In the presence of us the Subscribers
Recorded 11-03-1775, but the final settlement was recorded 4 Feb 1791, after death of the widow Sarah in mid-to-late 1790 and distribution among the heirs.

The widow Sarah had died before the estate was settled and distributed on 4 Feb 1791.

Robert and his sons and sons-in-law had numerous land transactions on Clark's Fork of Bullocks Creek. Surely kin but not named in Robert's will was James Patterson, possibly a son who'd already received an inheritance? James was a chain bearer when a plat for 150 acres was surveyed for Robert CRAVANS, a neighbor from Augusta Co., VA, on Clark's fork of Bullocks Creek, adjoining Robert Patterson's line … Zach Bullock, Sur.; James Petterson, Newberry Stockton, CB, issued 26 Oct 1767.

Remember, James was listed with Robert among Pattersons whose North Carolina land grants fell in South Carolina.

For a report on THOMAS's son JOHN PATTERSON, who md. Margaret "Peggy" Black, see Wes Patterson's page on the family in Buncumbe Co., NC:

James may have predeceased Robert, but a few months before the above will was written, James bought this 1767 survey from Robert and Esther Harrison Cravens; recorded in Charleston, SC, in Book O-005-072 on 23 Feb 1774:

 Robert Cravens of Augusta Co., Virginia, to James Patterson of Tryon Co., North Carolina, for 90 pounds Virginia currency, 150 acres in Tryon County on both sides of Clarks Fork of Bullocks Creek, adjacent to Robert Patterson."

Signed: Robert Cravens and wife Esther Cravens.
Witnesses: Robert Patterson, James Dictum, John Quin.
Proved: 4 June 1774 by Robert Patterson
Recorded: 15 March 1785

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