William T. PATTERSON (1814 TN - 1891, Austin, Travis Co., TX)

Cousin of Wm. Preston "Wild Bill" Longley


In the 1870s William Preston "Wild Bill" Longley was defended in some of his legal problems by his cousin, William T. Patterson. Bill's grandmother Priscilla Patterson and Wm. T's father Charles Patterson were brother and sister. Priscilla married Joseph Longley, and her brother William Tryon Patterson who went to GA married Joseph's sister Abigail Longley.

The Estate of William T. Patterson reveals the names of his brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews. More is learned from census and city directories.


 Chelnessa Patterson Edmonds (1812-1889), said by descendants to be part Cherokee, sister of William T. Patterson; made in the 1860s

Photo Courtesy of Cricket Bell, from book BRIDGES AND EDMONDS


 Sarah Patterson Williams with Henry and the younger members of their family

 Chelnessa Patterson & Brice Edmonds' sons. Photos courtesy of Linda Kay Davis



 William T. Patterson's sister Nancy and her husband John Russell.

Photo courtesy of Linda Kay Davis

  Wm. T. Patterson's niece Sarah Lafarlett (daughter of Jeremiah Lafarlett and Pricillia Patterson), her husband Henry Williams, and their youngest children. Pricillia's father Charles Patterson was a brother of our Priscilla Patterson Longley who came to Texas.
Photo courtesy of Linda Kay Davis



 His tombstone in Oakwood Ceme., Austin, Texas, inscribed:
"W. T. Patterson, born in Tennessee
August 12, 1814
Died Austin, Texas
June 23, 1891"

 His nephew, Joseph Naugher's tombstone, inscribed: "J. T. Naugher, born in Tennessee Nov. 5, 1862, Died Austin, Tex. Apr 21, 1894." Photos courtesy of Jean Shroyer

He wrote his will 20 Oct 1887, Austin, in which he named his sisters and two brothers, leaving each $3000 but advanced money to them at the same time, stating, ". . . if they should die before this is payed it is to be equally divided among their children by J. L. NAUGHER. All to be payed out of my estate after my death." Heirs named:

 CHELNESSA EDMONDS - $3000, payed $500 bye draft on New York, 20 Oct 1887.
NANCY RUSSEL - $3000, 29 Oct 1887 payed $500 by draft on New York.
ELISABETH NAUGHER - $3000, 29 Oct 1887 payed $500 by draft on New York, 10 Mar 1888 payed $250 by draft on New York, 3 Sep 1891 payed $100 by draft on New York.
PRISSILLAR FARLET - $3000 (no advance shown), name later shown as LAFARLETT.
MATILDA BLAIR - $3000, 29 Jul 1886, payed to E. M. BLAIR $500 bye draft on New York.
JAMES A. PATTERSON - $3000 - CHARLES PATTERSON's son, 10 Mar 1888 payed to JAMES A. PATTERSON $250 by draft on New York.
MARYAN SHARPE - $1000; no indication as to who she was nor is her name shown in the suit later.

"This is to notify my airs that J. L. NAUGHER has charge of my property at my death and he has three years to settle up my estate and pay off the claims on this book he is to pay them off as soon as he can make the money out of the property after debts is payed he is to have the balance of what the estate comes to. W. T. PATTERSON"

His siblings, heirs to the estate shown deed settlement 10 Jun 1893 in Travis Co., TX were:

1. John Patterson (decd.) brother of W. T. Patterson, heirs:
Geo. M. Patterson
John W. Patterson, Marshall Co., AL
Martha Jane Rodgers (husb. W. R. Rodgers)
Lottie Pritchett (husb. Philip Pritchett), Jackson Co., AL

2. Pressie Loforlet (decd.) sister of W. T. Patterson, heirs:
J. H. Loforlet
Mary A. (Polly) Loforlet
Eliza Segler (husb. John Segler)
Martha J. Pachrus (husb. James Packrus/Packrous)
Elizabeth Burkett (husb. F. A. Burket)
Sarah A. Williams (husb. H. R. Williams), Marshall Co., AL
Almerdia Perpoli (husb. G. L. Perpoli), Shelby Co., TN

3. Chelnessa Edmonds, sister of W. T. Patterson
C. A. Edmonds, Hardeman Co., TN
M. K. Edmonds
Elizabeth Stover (husb. J. M. Stover), Marshall Co., TN
H. H. Edmonds
F. E. Edmonds
Mary C. Clark (husb. R. C. Clark), Marshall Co., AL 

4. Nancy Russell (decd.) sister of W. T. Patterson, heirs:
George Russell
Sarah Naugher (husb. Joseph Naugher, an uncle of proponent), Madison Co., AL
J. H. Russell
T. J. Russell
Chelnessa Sims (husb. R. C. Sims)
Martha Allen (husb. Sanford Allen), Sevier Co., TN

5. Matilda Blair (decd.) a sister of W. T. Patterson
E. M. Blair, Madison Co., AL
Mary Jane Shroder (husb. Henry Shroder), Lincoln Co., TN

Additional names:
John Pinkney Thomas
Martha Lily Thomas
Amanda C. Thomas
Stewart DeKatur Thomas
Verna Lewelling (husb. B. F. Lewelling)
Caswell L. Caughron
Margaret C. Caughron
Julia Frances Caughron

6. Elizabeth Naugher (nee Patterson), widow of William Naugher, 1/8 interest, sister of W. T. Patterson, living in Madison Co., AL

7. Charles Patterson's son
James A. Patterson

8. Polly Russell

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