My Family in Pictures ~ Doris Ross Brock Johnston



 Doris at 75 in 2010

My Parents, Charlie Ross & wife Reta (Wilks) in 1947 

 Reta abt 1987, age 75

Charlie & Reta Ross in 1949

 Oral History by Reta on the Burnet Co., TX website

Charlie & Reta on their 45th Wedding Anniversary with Charlie's sisters (Flossie, Ruby, Nellie) and brother (John William "Jay" Ross), Oct 1976

My Grandparents






 William Alfred "Will" Ross

Mary Ann "Candy" Green

William Wesley Whiteside Wilks

Erie Catherine Taylor

My Great-Grandparents






Martha Frances "Fannie" Daughtery & John Alfred Ross


   John Marion Green

Mary Jane Alford





 Benjamin C. Wilks

Martha Harriet Young

Ferdinando San Francisco "F.S." Taylor

Elizabeth Goen

Children of Charlie & Reta Wilks Ross, 1949


 Jerry Van Ross (16)

 Doris Nan Ross (14)

Monte Ken Ross (10)

 Our Home at Rt. 3, Burnet, TX (now CR 335)




Jerry 1985

Monte 1993


 Doris and children: Steve, Becky, Danny, Glen, 1974



 Becky Brock, Nov 1973, Lincoln-West High School, Cleveland, Ohio

Glen Brock, 1998


 Danny "Moose" Brock 2008

 Steve Brock 2008



 Brian (3), Glen, Tony, Becky, Steve, Danny ~ Christmas 1980

 Texas Governor Rick Perry & Tony Hilton, my son-in-law



 Glen ~ Halloween 1977

 Glen when daughter Andrea was born, Feb 2001, Melbourne, Vic., Australia



Steve & Jazz, 1985


Danny, Glen, Steve, 1985


 Doris at Daughters of the Republic of Texas chapter meeting, Apr 2011

My Grandchildren


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