Magna Carta Baron Ancestors of Lady Mary Bourchier

Daughter of Sir John Bourchier

(member of the Virginia Company, on "List of Adventurers")

Mary Bourchier md. Jabez Whitaker ca 1619, London

They immigrated 1620 to Henrico Co., VA

Ancestors of Mary "Polly" Whitaker who married Abner Ross (parents of James Whitaker Ross, grandparents of John Alfred Ross)

Gilbert De Clare, The Earl of Hertford's Heir

John De Lacie, Lord of Halton Castle, Cheshire

Saire De Quincey, Earl of Winchester

Robert De Vere, Earl of Oxford

Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (and Suffolk)

Hugh Bigod, The Earl of Norfolk's Heir

Henry De Bohun, Earl of Hereford

Richard De Clare, Earl of Hertford


Descendant of: Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, & William the Conqueror


Jabez Whitaker was son of Dean William Whitaker, Dean of Divinity, Cambridge University

And brother of Alexander Whitaker "Apostle of Virginia," who converted, baptized, and performed the wedding of Pocohantas, Powhatan Princess, first native American convert

Magna Carta Immigrant


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