Three Ways in Which Mary "Polly" WHITAKER ROSS


Mary "Polly" Whitaker
was the 28th, 29th, & 30th great-granddaughter of
Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, King of the Franks


--- 1st Generation ---
1. Mary "Polly" Whitaker was born on 8 Sep 1766. She married Abner Ross, son of David Ross and Hannah Scudder, on 20 Feb 1794. She died on 8 Apr 1846 Fairfield Co., SC, at age 79.

--- 2nd Generation ---
2. James Whitaker was born circa 1725? Warwick Co., VA. He married Catherine Wiggins, daughter of John Wiggins (Capt.) and Catherine "Catie" Baker, before 1760. He died on 22 Apr 1782 Fairfield Co., SC.

--- 3rd Generation ---
4. John Whitaker was born in 1694. He married Martha Gough circa 1720? He died in 1749 VA.

--- 4th Generation ---
8. Richard Whitaker Capt married Elizabeth Pyland. He was born before 1645 VA. He died in 1704.

--- 5th Generation ---
16. William Whitaker Col married Mary Elizabeth Camm. He was born in 1617 VA. He died in 1662 James City VA.

--- 6th Generation ---
33. Mary M. Bourchier was born in 1591. She married Jabez Whitaker, son of William Whitaker D.D. and Miss Culverwell, in 1616 VA.

--- 7th Generation ---
66. Sir John Bourchier married Elizabeth Verney, daughter of George Verney. He was born in 1561 Lambeth, Surrey, England.

--- 8th Generation ---
132. Sir Ralph Bourchier Knt married Elizabeth Hall, daughter of Francis Hall and Ursula Sherington. He was born in 1531 of Benningborough, Yorkshire, England. He died on 11 Jun 1598.

--- 9th Generation ---
264. James Bourchier married Mary Banister, daughter of Humphrey Banister Knt. He was born in 1506.

--- 10th Generation ---
528. John Bourgchier K.B married Katherine Howard. He married Elizabeth Bacon concubine. He was born in 1467. He died on 19 Mar 1532 Calais.

--- 11th Generation ---
1056. Humphrey Bourgchier married Duchess Elizabeth Tilney, daughter of Sir Frederick Tilney and Elizabeth Cheney. He was born in 1440. He died on 14 Apr 1471 slain on Yorkist side battle of Barnet.

--- 12th Generation ---
2112. Sir John Bourgchier K.G., M.B., 1st Lord of Berners married Margery Berners. He was born in 1407? He died in May 1474.

--- 13th Generation ---
4225. Countess Anne of Buckingham etc. & Stafford was born in Apr 1383 of Gloucester. She married Edmund 5th Earl Stafford K.B., K.G., son of 4th Earl of Stafford, circa 1398? She married Thomas 3rd Earl Stafford circa 1402? She married William Comte d'Eu Bourgchier, son of Sir William de Bourghchier and Eleanor de Louvaine, circa 1406? She died in Oct 1438 at age 55.

--- 14th Generation ---
8450. Earl Thomas of Buckingham Duke of Gloucester was born circa 1349 of Woodstock. He married Alianore de Bohun of Gloucester, daughter of Humphrey de Bohun Earl of Hereford and Joan Fitz Alan, circa 8 Feb 1374. He died in 1397 murdered.

--- 15th Generation ---
16900. King Edward III of England married Phillippa of Hainault, daughter of Count William V of Hainault and Holland and Joan de Valois. He was born on 13 Nov 1312. He died on 21 Jun 1377 at age 64.

--- 16th Generation ---
33800. King Edward II of England married Isabella of France, daughter of King Philip IV of France and Queen Joan of Navarre. He was born circa 1248. He died in 1327.

--- 17th Generation ---
67600. King Edward I of England Longshanks was born on 18 Jun 1239. He died in 1307.

--- 18th Generation ---
135200. King Henry III of England was born on 1 Oct 1207 Winchester, England. He died on 16 Nov 1271 St. Edmundsburg at age 64.

--- 19th Generation ---

 270401. Isabella de Tallifer of Angouleme married King John I of England, son of King Henry II of England and Queen Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine. She was born circa 1180. She died on 31 May 1246.

--- 20th Generation ---
540802. Aymer de Tallifer Count of Angouleme married Alice de Courtenay, daughter of Pierre de Courtenay and Elizabeth _____. He was born circa 1155?

--- 21st Generation ---
1081604. Guilllaume IV de Tallifer married Marguerite de Turrene, daughter of Raymond I, Viscount de Turrene and Maude du Perche. He was born circa 1130? He died in 1178.

--- 22nd Generation ---
2163209. Ponce de Montgomery married Count Vulgrin II d'Angouleme, son of Guillaume III, Count d'Angouleme and Vitapay de Benauges. She was born circa 1080?

--- 23rd Generation ---
4326419. Adelmode de la Marche married Pons, Count de Toulouse, son of Guillaume III, Count de Toulouse and Emma of Provence. She married Roger III de Montgomery. She was born circa 1033. She died in 1116.

--- 24th Generation ---
8652838. Alberic III, Count de la Marche married Ponce _____ de la Marche. He was born in 1015? He died in 1086.

--- 25th Generation ---
17305676. Bernard I, Count de la Marche married Amelie de Aulnay. He was born circa 985? He died in 1047.

--- 26th Generation ---

34611352. Adelbert, Count de la Marche married Almode de Limoges, daughter of Geraud, Viscount de Limoges and Rotelde de Brosse. He was born in 950. He died in 995.

 270400. King John I of England married Isabella de Tallifer of Angouleme, daughter of Aymer de Tallifer Count of Angouleme and Alice de Courtenay. He was born on 24 Dec 1166. He died on 19 Oct 1216 at age 49.

--- 20th Generation ---
540800. King Henry II of England was born on 5 Mar 1132. He died on 3 Jul 1189 at age 57.

--- 21st Generation ---
1081600. Geoffrey Plantaganet V Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy was born on 24 Aug 1113. He married Mathilda, Princess of England, daughter of King Henry I of England and Matilda, Princess of Scotland, in 1127. He died on 7 Sep 1151 at age 38.

--- 22nd Generation ---
2163200. Fulk V, 9th Count of Anjou married Countess Aremburga of Maine, daughter of Helias I, Count of Maine. He was born in 1092. He died on 11 Nov 1144.

--- 23rd Generation ---
4326400. Fulk VI, 7th Count of Anjou married Bertrada de Montford, daughter of Simon I de Montford and Princess Agnes of Evreux. He was born in 1043. He died in 1109.

--- 24th Generation ---
8652800. Geoffrey II, Count of Gatinois was born circa 995. He died in 1021.

--- 25th Generation ---
17305601. Beatrice de Macon married Geoffrey I, Count of Gatinois. She was born circa 970?

--- 26th Generation ---

34611203. Ermentrude de Roucy married Alberic II, Count de Macon, son of Letalde I, Count de Macon and (--?--) Richilde. She was born circa 955?

--- 27th Generation ---

69222705. Emme, Countess de Perigord married Boso I, Count de la Marche. She was born between 920 and 921.

--- 28th Generation ---
138445410. Guillaume I, Count de Perigord was born circa 860? He died in 920.

--- 29th Generation ---
276890821. Rosalinda de Toulouse married Vulgrin I, Count de Angouleme, son of William, Count de Toulouse and Auberge _____. She was born circa 830?

--- 30th Generation ---
553781643. Duodene of the West, daughter of Emperor Charlemagne of the West, King of the Franks, and Hildegarde Geroud of Swabia married Bernard de Toulouse. She was born circa 795?


69222406. Renaud, Count of Rheims & Roucy married Alberade of Lorraine, daughter of Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine and Gerberga of Saxony. He was born circa 935? He died on 15 May 973.
--- 28th Generation ---
138444812. Herbert II, Count de Vermandois & Troyes was born circa 890. He died in 943 St. Quentin.
--- 29th Generation ---
276889624. Herbert I, Count de Vermandois married Bertha de Morvais, daughter of Guarri, Count de Morvais and Eva de Rousillion. He married Bertha Morvois. He was born circa 840. He died circa 902 murdered by followers of Baldwin Lechauvelt of Flanders.
--- 30th Generation ---
553779248. Count Pepin of Senlis, Perronne & St. Quentin was born circa 815. He died after 840.
--- 31st Generation ---
1107558496. Bernard, King of Italy married (--?--) Cunigunde. He was born in 797 Milan, Italy. He died on 17 Apr 818 Milan, Italy.
--- 32nd Generation ---
2215116992. King Pepin of Italy & Lombardy was born in Apr 777 Italy. He died on 8 Jul 810 Milan, Italy, at age 33.

 69222407. Alberade of Lorraine married Renaud, Count of Rheims & Roucy, son of Herbert II, Count de Vermandois & Troyes and Hildebrand of France. She was born circa 931.

--- 28th Generation ---
138444814. Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine was born circa 910? He married Gerberga of Saxony, daughter of Emperor Henry I The Fowler of Germany and Matilda of Ringleheim, in 929.

--- 29th Generation ---
276889629. Princess Hersent of France married Count Giselbert of Massau, son of Count Gainfroi of Massau and Theodlindus of Blois. She was born before 877.

--- 30th Generation ---
553779258. Charles II, Emperor of Orleans, was born on 13 Jun 823 King of France 843; King of Lorraine 869. He married Ermentrude of Orleans, daughter of Odo of Orleans and Engeltrude _____, on 14 Dec 842. He died on 6 Oct 877 King of Italy 875-877 at age 54.

--- 31st Generation ---
1107558516. Louis I, Emperor of the West "The Fair" was born in Aug 778 at Garonne. He married Judith of Bavaria, daughter of Dwelf, Duke of Bavaria and Eigilwich of Saxony, in 819. He died on 20 Jun 840 Nr. Ingleheim, Hessia, at age 61.

--- 31st, 32nd, and 33rd Generation ---

1107563286. Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, King of the Franks was born on 2 Apr 742 Aix la Chapelle. He married Hildegarde Geroud of Swabia, daughter of Duke Gerold I of Swabia and Imma of Allemania, in 771. He died on 28 Jan 814 at age 71.

WHITAKER Descendants


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