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Motto Translation: Deeds not Words

The ancient Scottish name Kirkland was first used by the Strathclyde-Briton people of the English-Scottish Borderlands. The original bearer of the name lived in Cumberland, where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 AD. . . John Kirkland settled in New Jersey in 1685 (relationship if any unknown).

 My paternal great-grandfather, John Alfred Ross (1841-1917), descended from five early families of Old Camden District, SC, now encompassing Fairfield & Kershaw Cos.:

Ross, Rochelle, Harrison, Kirkland, Whitaker

A large contingent of these families came from South Carolina to the Texarkana area of Texas in the 1830's.

John Alfred Ross's parents and Harrison/Rochelle grandparents instead moved from Fairfield Co., South Carolina, to Perry Co., Alabama. There his father James Whitaker Ross and grandparents Anderson Rochelle & Nancy Harrison died. His mother, Sarah E. J. Rochelle Ross & her widowed sister Mary Rochelle Bryant moved from Perry Co. to Union Parish, Louisiana. John Alfred Ross & his brother William E. Ross served the Confederacy and moved to Burnet Co., Texas abt 1870. Generations of our family have been there ever since ~ my Father, Grandfather, cousins & I were born in Burnet, TX (the "Bluebonnet Capitol of Texas").

Nancy Ann Harrison was the daughter of Reuben Harrison & Sarah Burge.

Reuben Harrison's parents were William Harrison & Nancy Kirkland (daughter of Richard Snowden Kirkland), who moved from Fairfax Co., VA, to Old Craven (Fairfield) Co., SC.


Kirkland Generation One

Unknown Mr. KIRKLAND & Unknown Spouse, probably born in Scotland

Probably had these children:

1. Robert KIRKLAND born ABT 1670 in MD?

2. Richard KIRKLAND Sr. b: ABT 1675? in Anne Arundel Co.?, MD

3. Thomas KIRKLAND b: ABT 1680? in Anne Arundel Co.?, MD?


Kirkland Generation Two

Our earliest-proven Kirkland ancestor was RICHARD KIRKLAND of Anne Arundel Co., MD, who received patents in Maryland and Virginia. Kirkland is the Scottish word for "church land."

Richard Kirkland (Sr.) was born abt 1675, probably in Maryland, his parents' names unknown, but believed to be Scottish; and our earliest record of him was in Anne Arundel Co., MD. In the same county were two other Kirklands, ROBERT and THOMAS, who may have been his brothers.

Land patents in Maryland all bore names that stayed with the property permanently. On 4 Jun 1702 in Baltimore Co., Richard Kirkland patented 100 acres of land by virtue of a warrant for that quantity granted him the 4th day of Jun 1700 bearing date the 6th day of April 1684 and remaining upon record in our Province together with such alterations as in our further conditions bearing date the 4th day of Dec 1696 and required in our Land Office of our said Province. We do therefore hereby grant unto him the said RICHARD all that parcel or tract of land called Girles Portion lying between the branches of Petuocan River, Beginning at the first tree of Mr. Charles Carroll's plantation called Dohereg . . . 11

On 2 Dec 1699, the administrator of William Brown's estate in Anne Arundel Co. made a payment to Richard Kirkland. On 25 May 1704, Richard Kirkland conveyed 200 acres known as BROWNE's SURVEY to ALEXANDER DELEMYROSA, innkeeper of Anne Arundel Co. (another source gives year as 1714). This is interesting, because Richard and Mary's son Richard Snowden Kirkland married Mary Brown, whose parents were Bartilot Brown and wife Catherine Holcomb. 2, 3, 10

In Maryland, on 11 Jul 1708, Richard Kirkland, late of Baltimore Co., sold land to GEORGE VALENTINE, 200 acres called BOLD VENTURE, bounded by a white oak standing by the main road to Elke Ridge; also another tract of 100 acres called GIRLES PORTION in Baltimore Co. between branches of Puttuxent River beginning at first tree of CHARLES CARROLL's land. Signed Sealed and delivered the deed in behalf of RICHARD KIRKLAND and MARY his wife by virtue of a letter of attorney to him the said JONES directed by RICHARD and MARY KIRKLAND to that intent and purpose. 9

 Know all men by these presents that I, RICHARD KIRKLAND late of Baltimore Co., planter, do appoint my friend JOHN JONES of Baltimore Co. planter my true and lawful attorney to make over the two tracts of land, to GEORGE VALENTINE, called the BOLD VENTURE 200 acres in Annard Coty, the other GIRLES PORTION 100 acres in Baltimore Co. adjoining land of above JONES . . . and likewise I MARY KIRKLAND give my right of dower . . . by virtue of my being the lawful wife of above said RICHARD - as if I and my wife were present and did ourselves . . . this 11 day of Oct 1708.

Richard and his family immigrated to Stafford Co. (now Prince William Co.), Virginia, 1712-1714.

On 23 Nov 1714, in Truro Parish, Stafford Co., Richard Kirkland received a Patent for 351 acres on S. side of Blackwater Swamp, "adjoining his Old land whereon he now lives." 4 5

 Patent No. 6: Catherine Lady Fairfax, Sole Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia, to Richard Kirkland, 1714 (two pages)


 After 24 Nov 1714, in Truro Parish, Prince William Co., a Gift Deed was given by RICHARD KIRKLAND planter of Truro Par. gives to EDWARD KIRKLAND his SON 100 acres situated on North side of Occaquan River, being part of a 268 acre tract granted to said RICHARD by patent 23 Nov 1714.

In 1730 a Patent was granted to Richard's son, Richard Snowden Kirkland, in Stafford Co., VA, by Thomas Lord Fairfax, Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia.

Richard, Sr., was granted other land patents in Virginia by King George the Second in 1734 and 1735.

 Patent from George the Second to Richard Kirkland in 1734 (two pages)



On 7 Jul 1735, in Prince Georges Co., VA, Richard Kirkland received a patent for 200 acres on the N. side of Jones Hole Swamp adjoining Titmashes land. 6 7

 Patent from George the Second to Richard Kirkland dated 7 Jul 1735 (three pages)



On 27 Feb 1740 in Pohick Church, Truro Parish, Fairfax Co., VA, Richard was mentioned in Truro Par. Vestry Book minutes recording an Indenture between JOHN COLVILLE Gentleman and EDWARD BARRY Church Warden of the one part and RICHARD KIRKLAND of the other . . . put and bind BETTY SHORTIN an apprentice or servant of said RICHARD KIRKLAND until she reaches 18 years. 8

On 24 Apr 1740, Pohick Church, Truro Parish, now in Fairfax Co., VA, Richard Kirkland and Cornelius Keeife were granted by Lord Fairfax a 268 acre tract on the north side of Occaquon River, adjoining Richard Ridgwell ~ recorded survey available ~ beginning at a hickory . . . down a branch to the North Run of Occaquan . . . down said run to first branch of Occaquan River below the mouth of the north run of said river . . . up the branch to a spanish oak . . . along a line marked trees to two poplars standing near the rolling rode. 12

Richard died bef 19 MAY 1743 in Fairfax Co., VA, when his will written 17 Nov 1742 was probated. He was survived by his wife MARY [Snowden? whose maiden name is unkproven; some believe she was the daughter of Richard SNOWDEN Sr. and Elizabeth GROSSE, but no proof can be found] and children. 1

Their son was our forebear, Capt. RICHARD SNOWDEN KIRKLAND, born about 29 July 1705 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (father of Nancy Ann Kirkland who md. William Harrison, the parents of Reuben Harrison).

RICHARD Sr's will was written in Fairfax Co., VA, 17 Nov 1742 and probated 19 May 1743:

Richard Kirkland's Will.

In the name of God Amen. I RICHARD KIRKLAND of the County of Fairfax being weak of body sound of mind ___ and remembrance praised be God for the same doth make ordaine & appoint this to be my Last will & Testament revoking and disolving all former wills & testaments formerly made by me & ordaining this to be my Last Will & Testament in manner & form following as first I giveth and bequeath my sole into the hands of Almighty God my heavenly father, hoping that through the martrus death and passion of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savor for our free pardon & forgiveness of all my Sins & to obtane a joyfull resurrection at the last day & as for my body to be buried at the discretion of my Exect hereafter nomanated.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son RICHARD Kirkland all my right title & claims which I have to a track of Land Containing two hundred acres of Land being known by the name of Browns Survey & lying & being in Baltimore County.

Item, I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife MARY the plantation on which I now live & all the Land belonging thereunto during the term of her natural life & after her deses to my Son Robert Kirkland & his heirs for Ever, my Son ROBERT Kirkland paying my Son JOHN Kirkland ten p;ounds current money of Virginia.
Then all my moveable estate I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Mary during the term of her natural life & after her decease to be Equally Divided amongst all my Sons & Daughters.

Item, I appoint my well beloved wife Mary and George Collbard to be my Execrs. of this my Last Will & Testament.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & seal this Seventeenth day of November 1742.

Richard (his mark) Kirkland

Signed Sealed & delivered
in presence of us:
Thomas Smith
Francis Stone
and my desire is that my Estate Should not be appraised.

At a Court held for Fairfax County May 19: 1743
The last Will & Testament of Richard Kirkland dec'd was prosented in Court by Mary Kirkland & George Colbert Executors therein, and who made oath according to law & being proved by the oaths of Thomas Smith and Francis Stone the witnesses thereto is admitted for record & on motion of said Executors & their performing what is usual in such Cases Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

. . . Contrary to the testator's express wish, his estate was inventoried, and mentioned a debt received from Edward Kirkland, who was not mentioned in the will. The final accounting was 20 Oct 1743.

Though he named only his wife MARY and sons RICHARD, ROBERT, JOHN, and "all my children" in his will, the children of RICHARD and MARY Snowdon? were:

i. Edward KIRKLAND was born ABT 1693? in Anne Arundel Co., MD.

ii. John KIRKLAND was born ABT 1698? in MD, and died BEF 10 SEP 1773 in Craven Co.?, SC. was born ABT 1698? in MD, and died BEF 10 SEP 1773 in Craven Co.?, SC. He married Jean _____ ABT 1725?. She was born ABT 1700?, and died AFT 10 SEP 1773.

iii. Esther KIRKLAND was born ABT 1704? in Baltimore Co.?, MD.

iv. Richard Snowden KIRKLAND was born 29 JUL 1705 in All Hallows Par., Anne Arundel Co., MD, and died 1772 in Edgefield Co., SC. He married Mary BROWN ABT 1721? in VA, daughter of Bartilot BROWN and Katherine HOLCOMB. She was born ABT 1705?, and died BEF 1772 in SC.

v. Robert KIRKLAND was born 1706? in Anne Arundel Co., MD? He married Honour ____.

vi. William KIRKLAND was born ABT 1712? in Anne Arundel Co.?, MD.


The Kirkland children began moving south from northern Virginia to North Carolina after his death, first JOHN went to Granville Co., NC. In 1746, his brother RICHARD SNOWDEN KIRKLAND followed him to Granville Co., obtained a land grant, and when the title was complete sold it to move south in 1752, accompanied by his brother EDWARD and nephew JOSEPH, and soon followed by the others. They settled in Camden Dist., SC (now Fairfield and Kershaw Cos.), about 1750 --

We do not know when or where their mother MARY died, nor what became of daughter Esther.



CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE, Richard Snowden Kirkland

No known relation to us was this hero:


 RICHARD ROWLAND KIRKLAND, "Angel of Marye's Heights," (CSA):


Statue at Fredericksburg, VA, Battlefield ==>



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