Robert Kirkland of Anne Arundel Co., MD

Probable Brother of Richard, Sr.


Robert KIRKLAND was born circa 1670 at MD? He married Mary _____ circa 1691? at MD.

He was an appraiser of the estate of William Walter: ROBERT KIRKLAND, William Goodman. Debtors were Edward Batson, JOHN CAMPBELL, Gabrill Parrott, William Roper, LARKIN CHEW on 28 Dec 1693 at Anne Arundel Co., MD.

He was an appraiser of Thomas Plummer's estate on 12 Mar 1694 at Anne Arundel Co., MD, well as a debtor to the estate on 28 Apr 1699.

He applied for a 969-acre survey for Robert Kirkland (card index to patents) in Dec 1701 at Baltimore Co., MD.,

He was listed on an appraisal list of debtor to the estate of Abell Brown (Gentleman) on 7 Sep 1702 at Anne Arundel Co., MD. He, ROBERT KIRKLAND, planter of Anne Arundel Co., sold to AARON RAWLINGS, planter of same, for 170 lbs., that land being the southernmost part of tract called JONES' LOTT, beginning at Stockett's tree; MARY KIRKLAND signed a release of her dower rights to the property. Recorded 10 Nov 1703 on 2 Nov 1703 at Anne Arundel Co., MD.

The administration of Thomas Plumer listed payments to Robert KIRKLAND et al on 25 Jul 1706 at Anne Arundel Co., MD.

Before 17 Sep 1707 Robert had moved to Baltimore Co., MD (was "late of Anne Arundel Co.," as mentioned in a deed).

He was mentioned in the deed when Aron Rawlings, Anne Arundel Co. planter, sold to Charles Carroll, port of Annapolis, Gent., that moyety of land being the southernmost part of a tract called Jones's Lot, "lately occupied by ROBT. KIRKLAND, late of Anne Arundel Co.," containing 175 acres, for 119.05.02 lbs. Wit: Edwd. Carroll, W. FitzReadmond. Recorded 10 Mar 1707/8 on 17 Sep 1707 at Anne Arundel Co.

Robert patented the 969 acre tract named Chance in 1713 at Baltimore Co., MD.

He was one of numerous debtors (approximately 250) of Amos Garrett on 15 Aug 1729 at Anne Arundel Co.

He died after 15 Aug 1729.


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