Ross Family Photographs 

John Alfred Ross, wife Fannie Daughterty, & son William Alfred Ross


 My great-grandfather, John Alfred Ross (1842-1916) at about age 16 (pre-1860). He was born in Perry Co., AL, moved at age 13 to Union Par., LA after death of his father James Whitaker Ross and remarriage of his mother Sarah E. J. Rochelle Ross to Elias George. John Alfred served the Confederate States Army in the Texas Cavalry


My great-grandparents John Alfred Ross (1842-1916) and 3rd wife, Martha Frances "Fannie" Daugherty Lashbrooks Ross



 My paternal grandparents, Wm. Alfred Ross (1878-1960) and wife Mary Ann "Candy" Green (1881-1968)




 William Alfred Ross, U.S. Cavalry, Ft. Brown, Texas, Spanish-American War

 William A. Ross's Spanish American War medal

 William A. Ross (2nd from Right), Delbert Davidson leaning on molasses wagon, "Leaving Lampasas"



 John Alfred Ross (1842-1916) and son William Alfred Ross (1878-1960) constructing a building on the Burnet Court House Square about 1900

 William Alfred Ross, standing in center, back row, helps to lay track in extending railroad from Burnet to Lampasas. The narrow guage railroad from Austin to Burnet opened January 1, 1882, an extension was built in 1885 from Burnet to Granite Mountain at Marble Falls to haul granite for Capitol


 My Grandparents John Alfred Ross & Mary Ann Green & children, 1919: L to R: Ruby Lee, Flossie Mae, Los Charlie, John William "Jay," and Nellie LeNora


   My dad, Los Charlie Ross (1907-1977) and sister Nellie LeNora Ross (1904-1994)

   Charlie Ross & sisters, twins Ruby Lee and Flossie Mae Ross (both 1911-1998)



 John William "Jay" Ross (1918-1982), youngest child of Will and Mary

 Albert Irvin and Nellie LeNora Ross on their wedding day in 1920. She was 16. Gassed in the trenches in World War I, he died in 1950s and she lived to age 90, Nov 1994, and "never looked at another man"

Their Golden Wedding Anniversary, 10 Oct 1952


 Will and Mary Ross by century plant in their yard in Burnet, TX, about 1948; he was so proud when it bloomed -- and three bloom stalks is rare


 Flossie Mae Ross Ellett

 Franklin & Flossie Ellett, abt 1943

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