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Francis Wilks (ca 1700-1783) ~ Some Highlights of his Life and Family

 Arms and Crest of Wilks-Wilkes

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Doris Ross Brock Johnston

Author of:
Wilks & Young Families: Texas Pioneers (Irving, TX, 714 pp., 1984). Out of print but available on CD (contact author)

Includes 100+ pages about another large Wilks/Wilkes family of Virginia

Erie Catharine Taylor - William Wesley Wilks Family (Cleveland, OH, 148 pp., 1971)
(out of print)


 Revolutionary Patriots
Samuel Wilks
Conrad Newman
Nimrod Newman
John Stone
Joseph Mings
Michael Smith



2. Introduction
3. Gen. 1: Francis Wilks, born London 1699
4. Wilks/Wilkes Family of Yorkshire
5. Colonist Francis Wilks, Bucks Co., PA & Loudoun Co., VA
6. Gen. 2: Francis's son John Wilks, Sr., Loudoun Co., VA
7. John Wilks., Sr., & Elizabeth Mead, Bedford Co., VA
8. Gen. 3: John's Son Uncle Francis Wilks to Lawrence Co., OH
9. John's Name-Unknown Son & Sarah Wilks, Bedford Co.
10. John's Son Benjamin Wilks, Bedford Co., VA, to Oglethorpe Co., GA, with John & Elizabeth
11. John's son Samuel Wilks, Revolutionary Vet & Elizabeth Newman, Bedford & Grayson Cos., VA
12. Gen. 4: John's son John Wilks, Jr., & Barbary Newman of Bedford Co. & Grayson Co., VA, Lauderdale Co., AL, & Yalobusha Co., MS
13. John Sr's son Amos Wilks, Sr. & Betsy Killough, VA to GA to AL to Lawrence Co., MO
14. Gen. 5: Children of John Wilks, Jr. & Barbary Newman: incl. Philip Wilks, murdered in AL 1831
15. Jesse Wilks grandson of John Wilks, Sr.
16. Gen. 6: Philip Wilks & Alcie Marrs' Desc., sons Benjamin C. & John Washington Wilks
17. Wilks-Hand Family, connects Wilks & Young Families


18. Texas Wilks Pictures - B. C. & Harriet Wilks Family
19. Gen. 7: B. C. Wilks Family Reunions - 1947-1951, 1952, 1966-1973, 1985-1991, 1994, 1995-1998, 2004-2010
20. Gen. 8: Pictures - Geo. Clinton Wilks & Sudie Kite
21. Wilks Pictures - Claude Rivers Wilks & Ada Siegfried
22. Wilks Pictures - W. W. & Erie Wilks Family
22.1 Some W. W. Wilks Family Homes
23. More W. W. & Erie Wilks Family Pictures
24. W. W. Wilks-Erie Taylor Family Reunions in Texas
25. Some W. W. Wilks-Erie Taylor Family Grandchildren Today

26. Gen. 9: W. W. Wilks Children: Karl G. Wilks
27. M. Vane Wilks
28. Reta Vird Wilks Ross
29. Dale T. Wilks
30. Myrl J. Wilks McLean
31. G. Voy Wilks
32. Kirby K. Wilks

Elizabeth Mead Family (Samuel Mead & Mary Downey)
36. Newman Family from Germany
37. Son Conrad Newman & Anna Brubeck
38. Nimrod Newman, brother of Conrad
39. Anna Brubeck's Family from Switzerland
40. Alcie Marrs Family, wife of Philip Wilks
41. B. C. Wilks' wife Harriet Young Family - Dr. Henry Young, Jr., & Mary Whitesides, NC to IL to Peters Colony, Texas, 1843
42. Young-Pfeiffer Family, Henry Young, Sr. & Salome Pfeiffer in NC

W. W. Wilks' wife Erie Catharine TAYLOR MATERNAL LINES
Taylor-Bartleson Family ~ The Colony of New Sweden 1638, DE to NJ to NC to KY ~ Richard Bartleson
44. Knortzer-Mings Family
45. Joseph Mings Revolutionary soldier (daughters md. Thomas "Little Tom" Taylor)
46. F. S. Taylor, father of Erie
47. F. S. Taylor's parents, Tarleton J. Taylor & Catharine Bodkin
48. Tarleton J. Taylor's parents, Benjamin Taylor & Charlotte Mings
49. F. S. Taylor's children by 1st wife, Elizabeth Goen
50. F. S. Taylor's children by 2nd wife Rosa Anna McLaughlin
51. Taylor Descendants
52. Taylor Ancestry
53. Elizabeth Goen's Father, Stephen P. Goen
54. Elizabeth Goen's Mother, Arrena Stephens
55. Catharine Bodkin's parents, William Bodkin Sr. & Catharine Smith
56. Michael Smith, Revolutionary soldier
57. Descendants of Catharine Smith Zumwalt Bodkin

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