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1.3 Benjamin Wilks was born in 1762 at Loudoun Co., VA. He married Sarah Osborn circa 1784 at VA. He and his brother Samuel Wilks petitioned to build a grist mill on Crab Orchard Creek in 1790 at Bedford Co., VA. He lived on 24 Oct 1791 at Bedford Co., VA.

He went with his father, John Wilks Sr., and their wives to Oglethorpe Co., GA, by 21 Feb 1793. He sold 156 acres of the land he bought from his father in 1796 in 1798 at Oglethorpe Co., GA. He and John Wilks Sr. appeared on the census of 1800 at Capt. Thomas's Dist., Oglethorpe Co., GA.

Benjamin and his father drew lots in the Land Lottery of 1805, when lands ceded by the Indians were distributed; the 1805 lottery is unique in that names of all participants were preserved, not just the successful draws. Jesse Wilks also drew. John drew once, indicating he was a free white single male at least 21; Benjamin drew twice, both blanks; and Jesse drew twice, one was blank and one was a prize of 202 1/2 acres in Richmond Co., for which he would've paid a grant fee of $12.15. Benjamin's son John was probably not yet 21 to draw in 1805 at GA. Benjamin died intestate in 1808 at Oglethorpe Co., GA. The administration of his estate was recorded in a ledger entitled Oglethorpe Co. Inventories & Appraisements Returns & Sales 1808-1829, pp. 46-56. His heirs were: the widow Sarah Wilkes, Moses, Aron, Osburn, John, Joel, Polly, Benajah, and Sally. His estate divided 12 negroes valued at $4,425 and was recorded 11 Apr 1816. The widow, Moses, and Aron were administrators.

A deed from Francis Wilks to Benjamin Wilks was proven and ordered recorded on 14 Sep 1815 at Patrick Co., VA.

Children of Benjamin Wilks and wife Sarah Osborn:

1.3.1 Moses Wilks was born circa 1785? at VA. He and Aaron Wilks appeared on the census of 1820 at Lexington, Oglethorpe Co., GA.

1.3.2 Aaron Wilks married Susan Bradley. He was born circa 1787? at VA. He was born circa 1798? He and Moses Wilks appeared on the census of 1820 at Lexington, Oglethorpe Co., GA.

1.3.3 Osborn Wilks was born in 1793 at VA. He married Matilda (Melinda) Maxey on 25 Oct 1825 at Oglethorpe Co., GA. He served in the War of 1812 and drew a pension. He and Melinda were in Shoal Creek, Beat 5, Cleburne Co., AL, in the 5 Jun 1880 census, enumerated as:

hh 16-16 as Ausburn Wilks 92 at home VA-VA-VA, Melinda wife 74 keeping house GA-SC-SC.
In hh 17-17 was James Wilks 37 farmer GA-VA-GA, Rutha wife 37 GA-SC-SC, Henry 17 son farm labor GA-GA-GA, Martha daughter 12, John son 10, Charles son 7, Lula daughter 2, Robert son 9/12 b. Nov.; p. 156.

According to his pension file, he died in Cleburne Co. on 9 Dec 1880, and Melinda died there 3 Aug 1881.

1.3.4 John Wilks was born on 8 Oct 1793 at GA. He married Lydia D. Strong, daughter of William Strong and Susannah Hardeman, on 26 Oct 1815 at Oglethorpe Co., GA. He died on 30 Aug 1871 at Lafayette, Upshur Co., TX, at age 77.

1.3.5 Benajah Wilks married Rachel ____. He was born circa 1795?

1.3.6 Sally Wilks married Thomas Cummings. She was born circa 1797?

1.3.7 William Wilks married Edney Ballard. He married Rebecca H. Strong. He was born circa 1799?

1.3.8 Polly Wilks married John B. Strong. She was born circa 1803?

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