Descendants of Jesse Wilks

(son of Sarah Burcham?& Name-Unknown Son of John Wilks Sr.)


1.2.1 Jesse Wilks4 was born circa 1780? at Bedford Co., VA. He and Anna (must've been his sister), were bound to Joseph Rhodes ca 1780. He married . Because of his continued association with the family of John Wilks Sr. and Elizabeth Mead, they must have been his grandparents. He followed them to Oglethorpe Co., GA, between his marriage to Faney Guldin on 8 Jan 1799 at Bedford Co., VA, and the census of 1800 in Georgia, where he was enumerated in the 1800 Oglethorpe Co., Capt. Thomas's Dist.

Jesse drew lots in the Land Lottery, when lands ceded by the Indians were distributed; the 1805 lottery is unique in that names of all participants were preserved, not just the successful draws. John and Benjamin Wilks also drew in 1805 at GA. He lived in 1807 at Oglethorpe Co., GA. He bought some of his cousin Benjamin Wilks's land for $400 and immediately sold it to Benjamin's son Aaron for $10 in 1809 at Oglethorpe Co., GA. He lived in 1810 at Oglethorpe Co., GA, and served in the War of 1812.

He began military service on 30 Dec 1812 at Oglethorpe Co., GA, was present for muster as Lt. in Volunteer Rifle Co., 45th Bn., 22nd Regt., Gen. John Stewart's Brigade, and again in Maj. Gen. John Clark's Div. on 31 Jul 1813. For service, he received a grant of 68 acres in Oglethorpe Co. in 1812., He on taxlists beside Amos Wilks's name, 1 free poll each, no land between 1813 and 1816 at Maury Co., TN.

He married 2nd, Judith Pratt, daughter of Joshua Pratt, before 1822 at Bedford Co., VA, when her father died there. Jesse was mentioned in a deed for 770 acres from commissioners of his father-in-law Joshua Pratt's estate to Plaintiffs James and Lucy Woodford, on behalf of heirs Joshua Pratt, Jessee Wilks and Judith his wife, Drury Foster and Mary his wife, and Hugh, Joshua, Jane, and Polly Pratt minor heirs, signed J. R. C. Brown, commissioner; recorded 22 Jul 1822 in 1822 at Bedford Co., VA. Jesse then joined Wilks kinfolks, including his uncles Amos and John, in Lauderdale Co., AL. He left a will written on 26 Aug 1830 at Lauderdale Co., AL:

Jesse Wilks left bequests to beloved son Benjamin the W. 1/2 of the 1/4 land I now live on, beloved wife Judah all remainder of land, to be equally divided among children at her death; two dear daughters Malinda and Adaline bed, furniture, cow, calf, $55; daughters Lucy Morrison and Elizabeth . . . appoint my Worthy friends Amos Wilks son William Morrison and Benjamin Wilkes my Executors. Not named was son Jesse Wilkes Jr., as proven in estate record, nor Samuel Wilkes who were both in DeSoto Co., MS in 1850 census, so probably they had already been provided for.


Jesse Wilks's Children and Grandchildren Samuel5 Wilks was born in 1800 at VA. He married Molly Perryman on 9 Sep 1835 at Lauderdale Co., AL. John6 Wilks was born in 1823 at AL. William6 Wilks was born in 1826 at TN. He married Margaret E. Strayhorn on 4 Apr 1846 at DeSoto Co., MS. Frances E.6 Wilks was born in 1829 at TN. Adoline E.6 Wilks was born in 1833 at TN. Samuel6 Wilks Jr. was born in 1835 at TN. Lucy5 Wilks was born circa 1801? She married William A. Morrison on 12 Oct 1818 at Lauderdale Co., AL. Elizabeth5 Wilks was born circa 1804? She married Harvey A. Wamble on 18 Aug 1822 at Lauderdale Co., AL. Jesse5 Wilks Jr. was born in 1807 at VA. He married Nancy Robinson, daughter of Lucy Robinson, on 3 Feb 1828 at Lauderdale Co., AL. Albert6 Wilks was born in 1830 at AL. Lucy6 Wilks was born in 1833 at AL. Esther6 Wilks was born in 1838 at AL. Rebecca6 Wilks was born in 1839 at MS. Thomas6 Wilks was born in 1842 at MS. Nancy6 Wilks was born in 1846 at MS. Malinda5 Wilks was born circa 1810? Benjamin M.5 Wilks was born in 1811 at TN. He married Temperance "Tempy" Hand, daughter of Elkin M. Hand and Rachel Kelley, on 5 Mar 1832 at Lauderdale Co., AL. He died on 13 Jul 1890 at CA.


 Josephine & Roy Attlee Wilkes (grandson of Benjamin & Tempy) -- whose descendants had a Reunion in Park City, UT, in June 2006 Sarah Jane6 Wilks was born on 19 Oct 1832 at AL. Mary M.6 Wilks was born on 15 Nov 1835 at AL. Samuel L.6 Wilks was born circa 1837 at TN. He married Elizabeth Temperance Baker circa 1863 at Tonganoxie, Leavenworth Co., KS. Harriet M.6 Wilks married Mr. Dixon. She was born on 6 Jul 1840 at TN. She died in Feb 1915 at age 74. Lucretia6 Wilks was born on 14 Nov 1842 at MO or TN. William Elkins6 Wilks married Nancy Angeline Scott. He was born on 25 Jan 1845 at MO. Margaret L.6 Wilks was born in Nov 1845 at MO. Rachel E.6 Wilks was born on 20 Jan 1849 at MO. Martha A.6 Wilks was born circa 1853 at MO. James Douglas6 Wilks died at Orange Co., CA. He was born on 16 May 1854 at MO. He married Jessie Fremont Hunt circa 1888? Adaline5 Wilks was born circa 1812?


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