Wilks-Wilkes Reunions

Descendants of Benjamin C. Wilks & Harriet Young, 1947-present

1. 1947-1951 Fourth of July, Homes
2. 1952 Fourth of July, Burnet

3. 1966-1973 Fourth of July, Stephenville
4. 1985-1991 - Fourth of July, Oden Chapel
5. 1994 - Mother's Day weekend, Chalk Mtn. Ceme.

6. 1995-1998 Labor Day, Glen Rose, Burnet
7. 2004-2010- Memorial Day, Lampasas, Lake Victor

The first was July 4, 1947, near Hico, Chalk Mtn., TX, Home of William "Dink" and Florence Wilks Anderson

 July 4, 1948 or 1949, Walnut Springs, TX, Home of George C. & Sudie Wilks at Walnut Springs, TX ~ unknown woman, Dink Anderson, Reta Wilks Ross

 Chalk Mountain Cemetery 



 Chalk Mtn. Ceme. Chapel at the Annual Cemetery Working, 5 May 1948, Reta Wilks Ross on left.

 Wilks Reunion July 4th, 1951, at Waco, Texas, home of cousin Emily Mayfield Faubion


 The W. W. Wilks Family: Blake, Myrl, and Joy McLean; Monte Ross and David Wilks behind Myrl; Don Wilks? behind Doris Ross, Barbara McLean in front of her; Cora Chandler Wilks, Karl Wilks; Sheron McLean in front of Karl; Jerry Ross; Reta Wilks Ross; Rita Merle and Kirby Wilks; Douglas Wilks son of Karl


 The families of two daughters of Annie Wilks Mayfield: Neta Gillespie and Emily Faubion (partially hidden). Neta's daughter Joanna is in lower left portion of picture.

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