B. C. Wilks Family Reunions, 1947-present

Continued, 1952 at Reta Wilk-Charlie Ross Home

 Wilks Reunion July 4th, 1952, at the home of Charlie & Reta (Wilks) Ross, Burnet, TX


 L to R, standing: Charlie Ross, David Wilks, Jerry Ross, GC Wilks, wife Jewel, Cora Wilks, Dorothy Palmer, Dink Anderson, Nell Wilks, Myrl Wilks McLean, Nadine (Palmer) and Joe Espinoza, Doris Ross, who behind her?, Reta Wilks Ross, Rita Merle and Kirby Wilks behind Florence Wilks Anderson, Sudie Kite Wilks, Karl Wilks, Myrtle Wilks holding Farris, tall man, young man -- who?

Front row: Monte Ross, Barbara and Sharon McLean, Beth, Ruth, and father Voy Wilks, Joy McLean, Julia Kate Anderson, Bobby Joe Anderson, Douglas Wilks.


 Wilks Reunion at Home of Charlie & Reta Ross, 4 July 1952



 July 4, 1952, Burnet, TX, Home of Charlie & Reta Wilks Ross

  The W. W. Wilks children/grandchildren part of the family Reunion at Reta's stayed overnight: Karl, David, Don, Cora, Doris, Nell, Sheron, Myrl, Barbara, Monte, Charlie, Reta, Joy, Jerry, Rita Merle, Douglas, Kirby. The first day included a picnic and swimming at Mormon Mill. Some of the youngsters slept in the oat bin in the barn.







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