B. C. Wilks Family Reunions, 1947-present

Continued, 1985-1991, Oden Chapel


 July 4th, 1985, at Odel Chapel ~ Standing: Roy Wilks (son of Uncle Frank), Editha Thomason (dau of Vane), Reta Wilks Ross and Kirby Wilks (children of W. W.). Seated: Karl Wilks (son of W. W.), Florence Wilks Anderson (dau of Uncle Geo. C.), Betty Jo Treguboff from AZ (dau. of Samuel T.), Cressie Wilks Pope and Clara Wilks Palmer (daughters of Uncle George C.)


  At a Wilks Reunion at Oden Chapel, July 4, 1988: Dorothy Palmer Like, Karl Wilks and wife Cora, Joyce and husband Kirby Wilks, Myrtle Fenter Wilks, Myrl Wilks McLean, Voy Wilks, Reta Wilks Ross Howell, Dink Anderson

July 4, 1989, Wilks Reunion at Oden Chapel




 Farris, Jo Ann holding Ladd, Kirby, Rod Corner, & Joyce Wilks

 Kirby Wilks, Jo Ann, & Rod Corner



 On right: Nina Mae Wilks & husband Ernest Russell, with his brother's family

 Myrtle Fenter Wilks, wife of Voy

 Myrl Wilks McLean & Yasuko Wilks wife of Vane




 Clara Wilks Palmer's girls, Nadine, Frances, and Dorothy. Reta & Billie in background

 Kate, her dad Dink Anderson, Nell Wilks DuVall

 Voy, Curtis & June Wilks




 Rhonda, Myrtle, Voy, & Leland Wilks

 Debbie & Rhonda Wilks

 Billie DuVall, Karl, Myrl, Roy Wilks seated in front


 July 4, 1991, at Oden Chapel: Voy, Myrtle, Blake, Reta, Doris, Myrl, Karl, Nell, Joan, Billie, David

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