More Wilks Family Texas Pictures

Children of W. W. Wilks & Erie Catharine Taylor


  1915 Reta, Vane, and Karl Wilks



1921 Myrl, Dale, Reta in Donley Co.

1921 Reta, Voy, Vane in Donley Co.


 1925 Dale, Voy, Kirby, Myrl

1931 ~ Myrl and Reta Wilks ~ on way home to Pebble Mound from Burnet


 Vane and Reta stayed in Burnet with their Grandpa F. S. Taylor during the week, to attend high school, returned to the farm on weekends. Vane graduated in 1929, Reta in 1930.




 1930 ~ Reta Wilks

ca 1930 ~ Dale Wilks

 1930 ~ Voy Wilks at Grandpa Taylor's

Abt 1930, Erie Taylor Wilks, her son Vane, daughter Reta, and daughter-in-law Cora (Karl's wife) rode horseback to the old Copper Mine in western Burnet Co., probably from their home on Council Creek (the Bill Fry place) before they moved to Pebblemound. Erie was as an excellent horsewoman.






 1934, Myrl, Kirby, Dale, and Voy Wilks at Pebblemound 

Oct 1936 ~ Kirby and Voy Wilks with nieces and nephew, Editha, Laquita, Doris, Jerry ~ in Reta's yard at Burnet

1938 ~ Kirby, Voy, W. W., & Erie Wilks, after move to Dublin farm

 1935 ~ Karl Wilks

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