Wilks-Wilkes Reunions of

Wm. Wesley Whiteside Wilks & wife Erie Catharine Taylor Family

(son of B. C. Wilks & wife Harriet Young)




 1941 at the farmhouse near Dublin


 May 13, 1943, Wilks Family gathers at Reta's in Burnet to see Dale on 2-wk. furlough after 14 mos. in the Navy

Vane and Loma Wilks were divorced in Aug 1946, and Dale and Loma married in Sep 1946.

Vane married Yasuko Akatsuka in Yokohama, Japan, in Nov 1953.

 30 Dec 1951 at old Wilks farmhouse 4 mi. from Dublin, the family gathered to see Aunt Levia Taylor Moore, visiting from Bandon, Oregon, before the old house was torn down


Back row standing: Nell's date, Jerry Ross, Editha Wilks, Cora wife of Karl Wilks, Doris Ross dau of Reta Wilks Ross, behind her Don Wilks son of Karl, Ronald Wilks son of Vane, Koleta Wilks dau of Vane, in front of her Loma Wilks her mother, Myrl Wilks McLean, behind her Barbara McLean her dau, Blake McLean, Zack Burns and wife Laquita Wilks Burns, Aunt Levia Taylor Moore visiting from Oregon, Rita Merle Stroud Wilks wife of Kirby, Kirby Wilks, Karl G. Wilks.

Middle row: Sheron and Joy McLean

Front row: Nell Wilks dau of Karl, Monte Ross son of Reta, Douglas Wilks son of Karl, Voy Wilks, Charles Wilks and his dad Dale Wilks, David Wilks son of Karl


 4 July 1957 at Chalk Mtn. Ceme., Kirby Wilks holding Leland, Rita Merle his wife, Joy McLean, Karl Wilks, Myrl Wilks McLean, Barbara McLean, Nell Wilks, Douglas Wilks, Blake McLean, Sheron McLean, newlyweds JoAnn and David Wilks

Rita Merle died 11 Dec 1960. Kirby and Joyce Stroud Ward were married 10 Jun 1962.


 New Year's Day 1966 Wilks Get-together at Kirby and Joyce's house near Buda

  New Year, 1974 ~ Descendants of B. C. Wilks's youngest son William Wesley Whiteside Wilks & wife Erie Catharine Taylor met on New Year's Day for years. This one was at the Highlander Inn, Burnet, TX


 Karl, Myrl, Vane, Reta, Kirby, Voy



 Sisters, Myrl and Reta

Day after Thanksgiving, 1977, at Lake Victor Community Center ~ Reta, Dale, Myrtle, Voy, Joyce, Kirby 




Voy, Dale, Nell

 Kirby, Rhonda, Doris

 April 1979, W. W. Wilks Children Get-together at Reta's (Burnet)


 Vane, Voy, Kirby, and Dale Wilks; Myrl Wilks McLean; Reta Wilks Ross Howell


Editha Wilks Thomason (dau. of Vane), Kirby & Vane Wilks, Reta Wilks Ross Howell, Dale Wilks, Blake McLean, Voy Wilks


  Jerry Wayne Ross (Reta's grandson), Reta, Myrl; Karl, Dale, and Cora Wilks (wife of Karl)


 Jan 1, 1980, Karl, Vane, Myrl, Reta, Kirby, and Barbara

2010 Wilks Reunion, May 31, Memorial Day Pictures at Lake Victor

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