Wilks Family Texas Pictures

Children of W. W. Wilks & Erie Catharine Taylor

1. Karl Glyn Wilks

b. 10 Jul 1906 Chalk Mtn., Somervell Co., TX -
d. 8 Sep 1991 McGregor, McClendon Co., TX)
md. Cora Mae Chandler, 14 Feb 1926, Loop, Gaines Co., TX



 Karl Glynn Wilks, May 1905

 1919 Reta, Dale, Vane, Myrl, and Karl Wilks at Sallie Rogers place



1925 Cora Mae Chandler, at Loop

1925 Karl's sister Reta Wilks, their uncle Chas. Jenkins "Buck" Taylor, and Cora Mae Chandler at Clear Lake near Loop, TX 

 In the 1930 census, Karl G. Wilks and Cora, son Glyn, and brother Vane were enumerated in the portion of his Grandfather F. S. Taylor's house which he rented out, in the town of Burnet, Burnet Co., TX


1926 Karl Wilks at Loop, Donley Co., TX


1930 Karl, Glyn, Cora

1933 Karl, Cora, and Glyn

 1934 Erie Catharine Taylor Wilks holding her granddaughter, Nell Catharine Wilks

 1935 Cora, son Glyn, Karl holding Nell


 1937, Cora holding Don, Karl, Nell, and Glyn Wilks

1940, Nell, David, Glyn, Don Wilks


 May 13, 1943 ~ Glyn, Karl, Nell, David, Cora holding Douglas, Don



  1951, Karl's family at Dublin ~ Don, Cora, David, Karl, Douglas, Nell

 January 1, 1952, at Kirby's ~ Karl, Nell, Cora, David, Don, with Douglas in front of Nell



 Jan. 1, 1961, Cora and Karl at Kirby's, and top right, with Don, Martha, and children

 July 4, 1963, at Wilks Reunion, Stephenville ~ The Karl Wilks Family (Children, Grandchildren)



1970 ~ Karl G. Wilks

 Feb 14, 1971 ~ Cora and Karl on their 45th anniversary



 1970 ~ Douglas, Allen, Karl, and Cora Wilks

 Jan. 1, 1971, at Kirby's ~ Vane, Dale, Reta, Myrl, Karl



 Karl and Cora's 50th Anniversary portrait, Feb 1976

 1978 Karl visits his sister Myrl in Houston



 Apr 1979, Wilks Siblings Get-together at Reta's

 1988, Cora and Karl Wilks



  July 4, 1988, Wilks Reunion ~ Karl and Cora in front ~ Oden Chapel

 July 4, 1991, Wilks Reunion ~ Reta and her brother Karl ~ Oden Chapel ~ his last reunion

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