Wilks Family Texas Pictures

Children of W. W. Wilks & Erie Catharine Taylor

2. Marl Vane Wilks

b. 19 Jun 1909, Chalk Mtn., TX, d. 17 Nov 1980, Arlington, TX, buried in Post Mtn. Ceme., Burnet, TX


 1927 Vane and his taxidermy, at Loop, Donley Co., TX

 Dec 1929 Vane Wilks and the Big Snow that came at Christmas, Burnet Co., TX



 Vane and his sister Reta Wilks in the heavy snow that came Dec 1929

Vane graduated in 1930 from Burnet High School, Burnet, TX, where he and his sister Reta lived on weekdays/nights with their grandfather, F. S. Taylor, who ran a store.

Vane md. (1) Loma Irene Smith, Jun 1931, Burnet Co., TX (she was 15).



Abt 1935 Vane Wilks

Abt 1935 Loma Smith Wilks




 Vane & Loma with baby Laquita

 Vane Wilks and daughter Laquita, 1934

Vane & Loma with daughters Koleta, Editha, Laquita


Vane and Loma lived several years at Galveston in this house on Ave. K. During World War II, Vane was a Blackout Warden. Loma worked at Sears-Roebuck. Their son Ronald attended kindergarten (the first I'd ever heard of one).





They were divorced in Aug 1946. Vane took a job in Nov 1946 to work in Japan for the U.S. Govt. in restoration of infrastructure after wartime damage. For thirty years he lived and traveled in the Far East and Middle East.



  Vane at a home in Japan

 Vane at Mount Fuji, 1952

He returned home in Aug 1951 when notified his mother, Erie Taylor Wilks, had a stroke and was in a coma. She died Aug 30, was buried Aug 31. He visited with his children and siblings, and returned to Japan abt 7 Oct 1951 via Portland, OR, from Seattle, WA.


 Vane & Loma Wilks's children: Laquita, Koleta, Ronald, Editha, Sep 1951

Vane md. (2) Yasuko Akatsuka, 25 Nov 1953, Yokohama, Japan.

In 1979 he wrote "My Brief Story," about that part of his life, and it was published by his cousin Gorden Gatewood. To read, download, or print this story as a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file, click here.

If you don't have Acrobat, click here to download the free file from the adobe.com website.


 Charlie & Reta Ross, Joy McLean, Ronald D. Wilks before he left to join his father in Japan late 1954


 Jan 1955, Yori Endo, Ronald, Yasuko, Diane, & Vane Wilks

 Ronald & Yasuko Wilks, Jun 1955



Vane & Diana, 13 May 1956

Diana and Yasuko



Vane in Korea

Diana & Jean Wilks, 1959



 1966 Yasuko, Jean, Diana Wilks; Myrl McLean, Cora Wilks

  Diana, Jean, Yasuko, & Vane, July 4, 1969 ~ Wilks Reunion at Stephenville



 1969, Vane at Myrl & Blake's house, Houston

July 4, 1976 ~ Yasuko & Vane At Wilks Reunion


 Apr 1979 at Reta's ~ brothers Vane & Voy

July 4, 1978 ~ Vane & his niece Doris sometimes rode to Wilks reunions together (from Arlington and Irving)


 Vane's daughter Editha, Wilks siblings Kirby, Vane, Reta (Ross), Dale, brother-in-law Blake McLean, brother Voy Wilks, Apr 1979

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