Wilks Family Texas Pictures

Children of W. W. Wilks & Erie Catharine Taylor

3. Reta Vird Wilks

Reta md. Los Charlie "L. C." Ross (6 Oct 1931-2 Oct 1977), Burnet, TX. They had four children, the first dying in infancy

She md. 2nd, Asa W. Howell, a widower, 1 Jan 1979, at Burnet




 Reta in 1930, her senior class picture

Reta abt 1945

 Reta abt 1990



 1920 Reta Wilks in 4th grade at Oden School in the brown dress ~ the other girls made fun of her because she only had one school dress

1929, Reta, age 18


1930, Reta

Charlie Ross & Reta Wilks, married 6 Oct 1931





Sisters Myrl & Reta Wilks, 1930

Charlie Ross at his & Reta's first home and gas station, road to graphite mine, Burnet, Oct 1931




(1) Charlie & Reta (Wilks) Ross & their families explored Longhorn Cavern, 1932

(2) Charlie, unknown neighbor boy, Dale, Reta, Ruby, Frank, Flossie, Jay Ross

(3) Unknown, Jay, Dale, Reta, Charlie, Flossie, Vane, Frank, Flossie



Doris age 2 and Jerry Ross age 3 1/2, in 1937

When Jerry pulled Doris in the wagon, she cried and couldn't explain what hurt. It was the joint where the swiveling wagon tongue pinched her! 1938/39



 Reta, Jerry, Monte, Charlie, and Doris Ross at Dublin, abt 1941 when the family gathered at Dublin to see Kirby before he left for the Army

Jerry, Monte, Doris, 1942



 Charlie, Reta, with children Doris, Monte, Jerry, 13 May 1943

Jerry & Doris wearing Kirby's Army caps, 1943



1942 ~ W. W., Doris, Monte, Erie

1943 ~ Monte, Jerry, Barbara, Doris, Sheron

They moved to the country 3 Sep 1944 into a new frame house built on land bought from L. C. Chamberlain, 3 mi. East of Burnet. The builder was LaRue Tippie, Charlie's boyhood friend, whose father Frank Tippie was the widower of Reta's aunt, Generrah Taylor. The house and barn were built of prefabricated government granaries, as building materials were scarce. Metal was scarce too, because of WW II, and the doorknobs were made of celluloid. The house was rectangular with a half-porch on each end; as finances became available, a large full-length front porch was added, its roof added later. Sheathed in black tarpaper, asbestos siding was later added.




Charlie Ross & LaRue Tippie, 1930

Top: Erie Wilks & Myrl McLean at Charlie & Reta's house

 Jerry Van Ross, Jul 1946



 Ross home and cattle, after the front porch and roof were added

Charlie & Reta abt 1947



 1950 at Dublin ~ Reta, Jerry, Doris, Monte

1949 Monte Ross & Sheron McLean at Burnet






Dec 1954 ~ Reta went to San Antonio to help her daughter Doris and husband Ray Brock pack to move to Cleveland, OH, when he was discharged from the Army (stationed at Brooke Army Medical Center on grounds of Fort Sam Houston), here playing music with Jerry & Reta


 L. Charlie Ross & Reta Wilks Ross, Oct 1957

 Reta rode the train to Cleveland for the birth of Danny, Apr 1955 to daughter Doris, but she drove there when Becky was born Jan 1957

 Charlie and Reta welcomed each of their grandchildren (Jerry Wayne Ross shown here)


 Reta with Becky & Danny Brock, Oct 1957

 Four generations: Charlie, Monte, Kevin, Mary Ann (Green), & Kimberly Ross, 1964

Charlie's health was bad, so their children gave a 45th anniversary party for them, afraid he wouldn't live until their Golden wedding (50th). He died a year later, 2 Oct 1977 ~ 4 days before his 70th birthday.



6 Oct 1976 ~ Reta & Charlie with their children Doris, Monte, Jerry

Reta & Charlie, at Kirby's, Sep 1960


 Reta remarried 1 Jan 1979, to Asa W. Howell. He died 24 Dec 1982


Four generations: Reta, Monte's daughter Kimberly, her son Christopher Keith Williams, Monte Ross, 1980 

 Reta & her children Jerry, Doris, Monte, at her 80th birthday party, 2 July 1991, Burnet Church of Christ Fellowship Center


Reta and sister Myrl McLean




 Reta in 1960

Doris & Reta in Feb 1975

Reta in 1985



 Reta, Myrl, Doris, ca 1980

1st cousins, Alpha Moore Campbell & Reta Wilks Ross, Oct 1985, in Bandon, Oregon


 Reta at grand-niece Gayla Carter Cullers' wedding, 2 Jun 1990, in Wharton

Reta lived the last three years of her life with Doris. She died 2 Feb 1994, Grand Prairie, TX, and was buried beside Charlie in the Burnet Ceme.

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