Wilks-Taylor Family

Children of

Ferdinando San Francisco "F. S." Taylor (1851-1936) & 2nd wife Rose Anna "Rosa" McLaughlin (1851-1913)

Rosa Jewel Taylor (14 Apr 1891-21 Nov 1969)

& Her Brother, Charles Jenkins "Buck" Taylor (28 May 1894-30 Oct 1971)

He md. 1st Leona Mills, abt 1928, McCamy, Upton Co., TX (ca 1895-1945). She was b. 26 Oct 1906 & d. 8 Aug 1945 in Dallas

He md. 2nd Alice Juanita Stedman, 12 Sep 1950, Lampasas, TX (1908-2000). She was b. 14 Feb 1908 & d. 21 Apr 2000 in Michigan


 Abt 1917 ~ sailor Charles Jenkins "Buck" Taylor and his sister Jewel

 Wedding portrait 1928 ~ Charles Jenkins Taylor & wife Leona Mills



1930 ~ Rosa Jewel Taylor, graduate of Sul Ross University in Alpine, TX

 F. S. Taylor wrote to all his children. The following letter was to his daughter Jewel in McCamey, TX.

Burnet, Tex.

Dear Daughter,

I will proceed to answer your letter that I received yesterday. I was rushed so yesterday that I cashed the check before I read all of the letter.

They fixed up a note and had me to sign it for you and had me to sign it as a surety. If there is anything behind I will deposit some for you. I have some saved up to pay on the note. I think that I can get considerable more together this week: will have about $40.00 come in the 2nd on new accounts but will be too late for the note. Expect that I will have to borrow some for a short time.

Business is some better than when you was here though I have had some awful dull days. I wrote to Jenkins jest before you came home, and the letter came back a few days ago. Had been opened through mistake. I wrote him again and sent the returned letter also.

I got a report from the manager of that oil corporation. He informs me that they have secured a number of royalties in the Crane County oil fields and urges me to hold onto shares, that we will begin to receive dividends soon. They have spread out over parts of La., Okla and Texas.

Reter [Reta] is getting along fine with the measles. Karl nor Vane hasn't tuck [took] them yet. I have been doping them on sulpher [sulphur] and cream of tartar. Erie came over once to see about Reter. Will was over yesterday, the first time in about 3 months. they gone into the goat and hog business considerable. Had bad luck with the kids. That cold spell yesterday was a cold rain day and snowed a little about dark, but got considerable warmer before day and is clearing off now.

Hern has put up a scating [skating] rink here and quite a number are going around with broken arms, and no money to pay their honest debts.

I noticed in the papers that they have sent a lot of Rangers to McCamey to assist in keeping order, and about a number of people getting bit by mad dogs, and that the sheriff and his posse is killing all of the dogs in Crane County.

Emer [Emma?] was sick last Sunday. They think that it is another attack of gall stones like she had about 20 years ago.

Write soon.
F. S. Taylor

P.S. Have rheumatism in both ankles yet to some extent but does not hinder me from getting around.

*Note: Emma was the wife of his nephew William Tarlton Taylor.



 1905 ~ Rosa Jewel Taylor

 ca 1915 ~ Jewel Taylor ~ Wink, TX

 ca 1940 ~ Jewel Taylor ~ Burnet

 1930s ~ Jewel Taylor ~ "Bravery Itself" on back

 Fall 1942 ~ Jewel Taylor ~ Pine Tree School

 Fall 1966 ~ Jewel Taylor ~ Barstow, TX



Charles Jenkins "Buck" Taylor



Alice & Buck Taylor



1951 ~ Proud Father ~ Uncle Buck & baby Ann 

 ca 1955 ~ Alice, C. J., Ann Taylor



 Jan. 1, 1964 ~ Ann, Jewel & Alice Taylor, Beth & Myrtle Wilks at Reta's

  Jan 1, 1967 ~ Cora & Karl Wilks, Alice Taylor, Yasuko Wilks at Reta's



Gravestones of F. S. Taylor, his daughter Rosa Jewel Taylor, and his son Charles Jenkins "Buck" Taylor and wife Alice ~ Post Mountain Ceme., Burnet, TX


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