Bodkin-Smith Family

Tarleton Jones Taylor md. Catharine Bodkin (1831-1920), Daughter of

William Bodkin, Sr. (ca1770-bef 1848), & 2nd wife Mrs. Catharine Smith Zeumwalt (1795-1867)

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Catharine Smith, daughter of Michael Smith and Regina Fruit, his wife, was born 3 Feb 1795, according to her granddaughter Twila Calvert's family record; in Kentucky; birthplace according to her daughter Catharine Botkin Taylor's 1880 and 1910 censuses.

She died 1867 in Missouri, probably in Clarke Co. where two of her daughters lived.

She was on the 1827 tax list of Harrison Co., KY, as Catherine Zumwalt.

Her father, Michael Smith, was born 1752 in Washington Co., MD. Her mother, Regina Fruit's date of birth is unknown.

Catharine first married Christian Zumwalt (born 1778 in Bourbon Co., KY), on 8 JAN 1817 in Harrison Co. (date of marriage bond). He was the son of George Zumwalt born 10 OCT 1741 in York, York Co., PA, and Mary Kale born abt 1746 in Augusta Co., VA.

Catharine and Christian Zumwalt had four children that we know of. He died 1832 in Harrison Co., suddenly of sunstroke, intestate, and was a well-to-do slave owner. Inventory and Appraisement; buyers on sale included Catherine Zumwalt, James Houston, James Brock, John Zumwalt, N. Smith, John Snodgrass. Total amount $826.22 3/4 by John Zumwalt, 30 Oct 1833, Administrator of brother Christian's estate.

Catharine remarried to a widower older than herself, William Bodkin Sr. (also born abt 1770 in Augusta Co., VA), on 1 Nov 1827 in Harrison Co., by D. D. Dyche, Minister; securities on the marriage bond were William Botkin and Henry C. Moore.

She sold her land, except 40 acres for herself, when she remarried and gave the money to her children when they married. William was appointed guardian by the Court of Catherine's daughters Mahala and Zerelda Zumwalt, minor heirs of Christian.

Catharine Smith Zumwalt Bodkin had the following children (note that three daughters married sons of Isaac Calvert and moved to Missouri):

1. Mary Ann Zumwalt b: ABT 1818 in Harrison Co., KY. She married John Hamilton 04 SEP 1833 in Harrison Co., KY. He was born ABT 1815?.

2. Mahulda Jane Zumwalt b: 06 MAR 1820 in Harrison Co., KY, and died 17 JUL 1885 in Clark Co., MO. She married Thomas Jefferson Calvert 04 OCT 1838 in Harrison Co., KY, son of Isaac Calvert. He was born 18 MAR 1816 in Stamping Ground, Scott Co., KY, and died 09 SEP 1880 in Clark Co., MO.

3. Nathaniel Zumwalt b: ABT 1821 in Harrison Co., KY.

4. Zerelda Zumwalt b: 07 FEB 1823 in Stamping Ground, Harrison Co., KY, and died 09 MAY 1855 in Alexandria, Clark Co., MO. She married Isaac Hampton Calvert 24 NOV 1840 in Harrison Co., KY, son of Isaac Calvert and Ann Hampton. He was born 07 JUN 1819 in Scott Co., KY, and died 10 DEC 1885 in Alexandria, Clark Co., MO.

5. Catharine Bodkin b: 01 JUN 1831 in Harrison Co., KY, and died 17 NOV 1920 in Stephens Co., OK. She married Tarleton Jones Taylor 25 DEC 1849 in Harrison Co., KY, son of Benjamin F. Taylor and Mary Charlotte "Polly" Mings. He was born 01 MAY 1828 in Grant Co., KY, and was murdered 30 JUL 1867 day's ride from, Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., KS.

6. Amanda Ellen Bodkin b: 18 OCT 1837 in Harrison Co., KY, and died 31 MAR 1868 in Henry Co., MO. She married Samuel Calvert 19 DEC 1854 in Harrison Co., KY, son of Isaac Calvert and Mildred Chambers. He was born 15 MAR 1831 in Franklin Co., KY, and died 15 DEC 1895 in Henry Co., MO.


Amanda Ellen and husband Samuel Calvert moved from Clark Co., MO, to Henry Co., in 1858, and had four children. Because she died in 1868 the year after her mother, Catharine Smith Zumwalt Bodkin, it may be that no tombstone was ever made for the mother. So far, none has been found.

However, we still haven't ascertained the burial place of her sister Zerelda Zumwalt who died in 1855. She and her husband Isaac Hampton Calver to were keeping a hotel in the 1850 census of Clark Co.

Samuel Calvert soon remarried, his second wife soon died, and he got one shared tombstone for both of them, in Stone's Chapel Ceme., Henry Co., MO.

He married twice more.

Only Muhulda Jane Zumwalt Calvert and Thomas Jefferson Calvert had a large family, ten children, and she lived until 1885. Most of her family are buried in Peaksville Ceme., Clark Co., and others in Ashton Methodist Ceme., Clark Co.

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William Bodkin, Sr., was born in Augusta Co., VA, the son of James Bodkin (1842-1804) & wife Dinah Hicklin, who had twelve children.

James's parents were Richard Bodkin, Sr., & wife Elizabeth (last name unknown). Dinah was born abt 1736 in Chester Co., PA, the youngest of seven children of Thomas Hicklin, Sr. (born 1689 in PA, died abt 7 Sep 1771 at Bull Pasture, VA), and wife Diannah Donoghe. Thomas was the son of John Hicklin (nothing more known about him).

William Bodkin md. 17 Sep 1796 his 1st cousin, Euphemie Bodkin, in Augusta Co. 1st cousin. His father James and hers were brothers -- John Bodkin (1740-1791) md. wife Mary (last name unknown). John Bodkin died 1791 in Highland Co., VA.

Their father Richard Bodkin, Sr., was born abt 1710 and believed to be in Ireland, probably Co. Galway, where the family originated, although further research may prove him to be from Pennsylvania. One of them, Richard or his sons, was said to be a Captain in the Corn Stalk Militia. This Militia was raised to fight the Indians supporting the French in the French & Indian War, abt 1755.

I have researched this family in Ireland, both in Connemara (the western part of Co. Galway), and the National Archives and Library in Dublin, going over and copied many ancient Botkin wills and documents, but failing to identify the parents of Richard our immigrant ancestor.

The name Bodkin is unheard of anywhere in Ireland except Galway and the city of Dublin, as seen in telephone directories and word-of-mouth. There are some Bodkins in England, but our family tradition is passed down of coming from Ireland.

When I asked Irish doctors visiting Dallas about Bodkins, they appeared puzzled. One said, "Hmmm. That means a kind of needle." It turned out to be though a type of dagger that was needle-sharp.

However, when I visited friends in the City of Galway, the wife's father came to call, and his first question was, "And did you have ancestors in Ireland?" I replied Yes, and he asked, "What were their names?" When I mentioned Bodkin, what a delight when he exclaimed, "Ah, yes! One of the Tribes of Galway!"

He explained that when merchants from Normandy settled in Galway and established a thriving shipping industry, each had its own "Tower" house in Galway. A very old pub he took me to had the Bodkin Arms engraved above its big open smoke-darkened fireplace. My attempt to take its picture wasn't very successful, but it's included in the large poster I got about Dublin, "A Thousand Years a City" being celebrated that year, 1988.

 "The family of Bodkin is found in Ireland descending from Maurice Fitzgerald, from whom also sprang the Earls of Desmond and Kildare. Thomas Fitzgerald, gr. grandson of Maurice, is accredited with the origination of the name of Bodkin here. It is said that his use of the spear or "baudekin" in battle led him to victory, and hence the name came into being. This seems most likely, however several other possibilities have been forwarded over time.

"Some say the name arose from the type of garment he habitually wore, a costly material of silk and gold tissue, called "baudkin" much used at the end of the 13th century.

"For others of the name its origin has been given to mean 'little baud,' a form of Baldwin said to mean 'bold friend.'

"The family is given as prominent in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries in the town of Galway and in the town of Athenry. Four of the name are found as Mayors of Galway from 1485 and 1653.

"One of the renowned 14 tribes of Galway, they received large portions of land there in 1242. They are found prominent in the area, furnishing Bishops, army officers and doctors.

"According to Keatings Irish Genealogies the name is given as among the principal English and Welsh families settling in the town of Galway and other parts of the country in the 12th and 13th centuries. They are given to descend from the above Fitz-Gerald.

"There was a street in Galway named 'Baudekyn's Lane' and they held lands in and about the town of Galway, including those of Newcastle (near the river), Athenry, Toberskehine, Ballynameatagh, Kilmarnon and D___. The original families of the name around the 1820s resided in Annagh, Carrowbeg, Castletown, Kilcloony & Thomastown.

"The Bodkins of Kilclooney are given in the book entitled 'Milltown Sketches' as descending from the line of Major Thomas Bodkin of Kilclooney. They are given with extensive holdings in the parish of Milltown.

"The family motto remained the same as that of the Fitzgeralds according to Hardiman. Arms: Ermine, on a saltire, gules, a leopard's face, or. Crest: A leopard's face, or. Moto: Crom Aboo (Crom to Victory).

"The above arms are those illustrated in the introduction. At the beginning of the 20th century the arms in use were: Argent, a saltire gules. Crest: A wild boar proper. Motto: Crom Aboo.

"From the old seal of Christopher Bodkin found appended to a deed dated July 7, 1554 it would seem his arms were: 'ermine, a saltire, gules.'

"In King James Irish Army List is given one Major John Bodkin along with a Mathew and Augustus Bodkin. Dominick Bodkin of Galway was one of the Confederate Catholics who assembled in Kilkenny in 1646. At the siege of Galway in 1652, some six Bodkins are found refusing to sign the articles of surrender, and another 12 of the name were absent in order to avoid doing so.

"Several are found as Irish Catholic 'proprietors' in the town of Galway in 1640 who lost their lands by 1657.

"One Christopher Bodkin (d. 1572) served as Archbishop of Tuam.

"O'Hart gives Thomas Bodkin, M.D. of Tuam, Co. Galway."


Immigrating from Ireland to the area of then Orange Co., VA, which became Augusta Co., Richard Bodkin obtained the following "Lease & Release" 339-acre Virginia Patent for land on Clover Creek, a branch of the Cowpasture River. This type of patent required the payment of an annual payment on St. Michael's Day to the Governor, and if Richard died or abandoned it, title reverted to the Governor. Thus, Richard's patent had first been granted on 29 Oct 1743 to a John Robinson, Esq., James Wood, Henry Robinson and John Sims. The patent made to Bodkin was signed 3 Nov 1750, adjoining Lofty Pullin (Virginia Patent Book 3, p. 372-374, in Library of Virginia).

Migrating thence to what is now Highland Co., WV, Richard, "Bodkin arrived with sons nearly grown. In 1763 either he or Richard, Jr., sold the homestead and went higher up the valley. During the next forty years the connection largely drifted out, the present Botkins being with the exception of a single household the posterity of one only of the pioneer grandsons." Highland Co. was formerly part of Augusta Co. (History of Highland Co., VA).

Richard was mentioned in the 1756 Augusta Parish Registry. The official religion of Virginia was Anglican, and attendance and tithes were mandatory, whether residents were Anglican or not.

The earliest record we have Richard's sons names is the Augusta Co., VA, Militia List of 11 Aug 1756. The "List of Capt. Willson's Co." included James BODKIN, John HICKLIN, Thomas HICKLIN, Richard BODKIN, John BODKIN (Lloyd Bockstruck, Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, p. 324).

Augusta Co. was cut from Orange Co., VA, in 1738 but a government was not allowed by the VA House of Burgesses to form until the population grew enough to justify it. Both at the time were huge counties, taking in parts of what became Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and all of today's West Virginia.


Virginia County Map as of 31 Dec 1735


 Virginia County Map as of 31 Dec 1750

In 1751 Richard was one of the signers when inhabitants petitioned for a road from Walles Astern's mill to road on the head of Cowpasture. On 28 May 1751 he was ordered to help clear and keep in repair a road on the Cowpasture. Today, Cowpasture Road is State Route 131.

From 11 Aug 1756 to 1758, "Robert Hall, John Graham dec'd, and James BODKIN were in Capt. Preston's Co. of Rangers in 1758; eligible for what? 21 Mar 1780. This was the Cornstalk Militia, to fight Chief Cornstalk in the French & Indian War. On 6 Oct 1770, James was granted 50 acres for his service in 1758 in Capt. Preston's Rangers, on Bullpasture Creek, Augusta Co.

On 26 Sep 1760 Richard Bodkin was mentioned in the Virginia Patent to James Burnside as "adj. the Land in Possession of Richard Bodkin on the E. side the River."

In 1763, Richard and his sons James, Hugh, and John moved higher up the valley and wound up on Black Thorne River in present-day Pendleton Co., WV. They had land on and around Bullpasture Mountain in Highland Co., VA. Bullpasture River is one fork of the much longer Cowpasture River, which flows S.W. and into the Shenandoah? River. Bullpasture Mountain is abt 30 mi. NW of Staunton, still the seat of Augusta Co., VA.

John Bodkin was later listed on Pendleton Co's delinquent tax list, Order Book 3.

On 17 Mar 1768, John Bodkin was appointed surveyor of a highway, vice John Estill, from James Given's to head of Cow Pasture River in Augusta Co., VA (Lyman Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, Vol. I, p. 146).

On 8 Dec 1769, the family still owned land on the Cowpasture River in Augusta Co., VA, adjoining John Poague and David Bell.


Virginia County Map, 1770


 Cowpasture Valley, Augusta Co., VA



 Sugar Grove, WV, view of Bullpasture Mountain, VA

 Blue Ridge Mountains



<==== Above, Terrain of Bullpasture Mountain on Map to Left, elevation 3940 ft.


 Notice the headwaters of Bullpasture River and Cowpasture River, upper Right, and meanders of Cowpasture goes off the map, lower Left

 Above, red pin marks Bullpasture Mountain, near Monterey in Highland Co., VA, abt 30 mi. NW of Staunton, seat of Augusta Co. The plain background is the State of West Virginia. Note Shenandoah National Park.

On 27 Aug 1770 Richard was granted 6 acres in the Bull Pasture, including his Mill.

On 10 Aug 1810, in Harrison Co., KY, William & Euphemie Bodkin sold 100 acres on Silas Creek to Edward Tucker, her name spelled Uphame (Harrison Co. Deed Book 2, p. 256).

Harrison Co. was established in 1793. Its seat, Cynthiana, is located along the banks of the South Fork of the Licking River, 28 miles northeast of Lexington, the heart of the Blue Grass region horse country -- 90 mi. from Louisville, 60 mi. south of Cincinnati. Cynthiana was established in 1793 on the lands of Robert Harrison. According to tradition, the town was named in honor of his daughters, Cynthia and Anna.

An 800-acre Virginia grant to William Bodkin, assignee of Jonathan Smith on 27 Jun 1788, in Randolph Co., VA (created 1786 out of Harrison Co., it is now in WV), was signed and sealed by James Monroe on 13 Nov 1801 when Governor (later elected President):

I. William1 Bodkin Sr. was also known as William Botkin; the spelling varied in his will and deeds. He was born circa 1770 at Augusta Co.,
VA, son of James Bodkin and Dinah Hicklin. He married his 1st Euphemie Bodkin, daughter of John Bodkin and wife Mary _____, on 29 Sep 1786 at Augusta Co., VA. He was granted 800 acres nearly adjoining lands of Sethman Homan upon the waters of said Homans Run. He was grantor on eleven deeds, six on Silas Creek and four on Woods Run, between 1805 and 1834 in Harrison Co., KY.

He purchased 153 acres on Silas Creek from Thomas Holt and wife Paulina for $1880, bounded by George Zumalt and John Hamilton on 2
Sep 1805 at Harrison Co., KY. He was appointed by the Harrison Co.Court as overseer for road work in the county in Oct 1805. He and wife Euphemie Bodkin sold 100 acres on Silas Creek to Edward Tucker, her name spelled Uphame on 10 Aug 1810, Harrison Co., KY. He bought 100 acres on Silas Creek from Thomas Holt and 100 acres from McMullins, Execr in 1819, Harrison Co.

He married Catharine Smith Zeumalt, daughter of Michael Smith and Regina Fruit, on 1 Nov 1827 at Harrison Co., KY.

He sold 166 acres on Silas Creek to Paschal Kirtly in 1829 at Harrison Co., KY. He was chosen as guardian by Andrew J. Jordan, infant orphan of John Jordan who died, Thomas Snodgrass, security in Mar 1830 at Harrison Co. He bought 79 1/2 acres on Silas Creek from J. P. Shropshire in 1831 at Harrison Co.

William was appointed guardian by the Court of Catherine's daughters Mahala and Zerelda Zumwalt, heirs of her late husband, Christian Zumwalt in 1833. He gave Account as guardian to the heirs of Christian Zumwalt, mentioned clothing and schooling of Maryan, Mahulda, and Zerelda Zumwalt, on 7 Nov 1833 at Harrison Co.

He bought 44 acres on Woods Run from Thomas Snodgrass and deeded 94 acres of Woods Run to Thomas Wornall in 1834 at Harrison Co. He deeded to his daughter Margaret Botkin (by his 1st wife Euphemie) 30 acres in 1834. The Settlement of William Bodkin Sr., former guardian of Mahulda and Zerelda Zumwalt; present guardian John Hamilton on 19 Aug 1837 at Harrison Co., KY.

He appeared on the Harrison Co. census of 1840. He deeded 50 acres to Pleasant Lilly in 1842. He left a will wrotten 26 Aug 1844 at Harrison Co. He was granted 89 acres on the East side of the Bullpasture Mountain on 31 Oct 1847 at Pendleton Co., VA (now WV). He died before 12 Jun 1848.


Children of William Bodkin, Sr., and 1st wife Euphemie Bodkin were:

A. Alexander2 Bodkin was born circa 1800? at Pendleton Co., VA (now WV). He married Lucinda Baxter on 1 Aug 1827 at Harrison
Co., KY. He appeared on the census of 1870 at Madison Co., IN.

B. Margaret2 Bodkin was born circa 1803? at Clark Co., KY. She and Tabitha Botkin were deeded land by William Botkin (Jr.) and wife Lucinda for
$600, adjoining Willson, Wood, and Galbreath, acreage not stated, on 4 Apr 1833 at Harrison Co., KY. She was deeded 30 acres by William Bodkin in 1834, Harrison Co., KY.

C. William2 Bodkin Jr. was born circa 1806 at Harrison Co., KY. He married Lucinda Snodgrass, daughter of Thomas Snodgrass and Catherine _____, on 3 Jan 1828 at Harrison Co., KY. He Account, Wm. Bodkin, guardian of Andrew J. and Paulina Jourdan; William Bodkin Jr. was appointed guardian to Paulina infant orphan of John B. Jourdan, dec'd. Securities John B. Righter and Thomas Snodgrass in Jun 1830 at Harrison Co., KY. He and Lucinda Snodgrass sold to Margaret and Tabitha BOTKIN for $600 adjoining Willson, Wood, and Galbreath, acreage not stated on 4 Apr 1833 at Harrison Co., KY. He died between 1848 and 1850 at Harrison Co., KY.

Children of William Bodkin Jr. and Lucinda Snodgrass were:

1. Louisa Jane3 Bodkin was born circa 1829 at KY. She married John M. Jett on 11 Aug 1846 at KY.

a) Lucinda4 Jett was born circa 1847 at OH.

2. James3 Bodkin was born circa 1833 at Harrison Co., KY.

3. John A.3 Bodkin was born circa 1836 at Harrison Co., KY.

4. Mary C.3 Bodkin married Mr. Wilson (10814). She was born circa 1838 at KY.

5. Harrison S.3 Bodkin was born circa 1841 at KY. He married Nancy A. Snodgrass on 22 Dec 1870 at Audrain Co., MO.

6. Amanda H.3 Bodkin married Richard Rose. She was born circa 1844 at KY.

7. Robert T.3 Bodkin was born circa 1846 at KY.

8. Zachary Taylor3 Bodkin married Louisa M. Douglass. He was born in Dec 1847 at KY. He appeared on the census of 1900 at Audrain Co., MO. He appeared on the census of 1910 at Audrain Co., MO.

a) Thomas Edward "Eddie"4 Bodkin married Emma Jane Tharp. He was born on 16 Jan 1874 at MO.

He died in 1926 at MO. He was buried in 1926 at Elmwood Ceme., Mexico, Audrain Co., MO.

Children of Thomad Edward & Emma Jane Tharp Bodkin: 

(1) Frances Myra5 Bodkin was born on 9 Oct 1901 at MO. She married Leland Thomas Breid on 7 Jul 1922 at Mexico, Audrain Co., MO. When her husband died, their children were named in his obituary in Jun 1970 at Fulton, MO. She died in Apr 1971 at Fulton, Callaway Co., MO, at age 69.

(a) James6 Breid was born circa 1923 at MO. He lived in 1970 at Fulton, MO.

(b) Billy Jean6 Breid married W. E. Gehrig. She was born circa 1925 at MO. She lived in 1970 at Sidney, NE.

(c) Thelma6 Breid was born circa 1927 at MO. She lived in 1970 at Fulton, MO.

(d) Helen6 Breid married Delbert Teel. She was born circa 1929? at MO. She lived in 1970 at Fulton, MO.

(e) Patty6 Breid married Bob Bentley. She was born circa 1931? at MO. She lived in 1970 at Fulton, MO.

(f) Mary6 Breid married Hubert McNamee. She was born circa 1934? at MO. She lived in 1970 at Wichita, KS.

(g) Gloria6 Breid married John Fitzpatrick. She was born circa 1937? at MO. She lived in 1970 at Columbia, MO.

(2) Thelma Marion5 Bodkin was born on 27 Jul 1903 at MO. She married Rudolph Worrell Green on 9 Feb 1924.

She died on 9 Mar 1985 at Audrain Co., MO, at age 81.

(a) Thomas William6 Green was born circa 1925 at MO.

b) Carrie C.4 Bodkin married Walter Ferguson. She was born on 13 Nov 1886 at MO.


D. Patsy2 Bodkin was born circa 1810? at Harrison Co., KY. She married Eli C. R. Bowie on 4 Sep 1828 at Harrison Co., KY.

E. Tabitha2 Bodkin was born circa 1815 at Harrison Co., KY. She and her sister Margaret were deeded land by William Botkin (Jr.) and wife Lucinda for $600, adjoining Willson, Wood, and Galbreath, acreage not stated on 4 Apr 1833 at Harrison Co., KY.


Children of William Bodkin, Sr., and 2nd wife Catharine Smith Zeumwalt:

F. Catharine2 Bodkin was born on 1 Jun 1831 at Harrison Co., KY. She married Tarleton Jones Taylor, son of Benjamin F. Taylor and Mary Charlotte "Polly" Mings, on 25 Dec 1849 at Harrison Co., KY. She and Tarleton Jones Taylor immigrated in 1856 to Grayson or Cooke Co., TX.

She received the following letter from her husband, Tarleton Jones Taylor

"My dear Catharine, I addressed you two letters which I hope you have received. My health is not as good as it was when it started, though I am harty. The people here complain of hard times and I can get but little money. Have sold part of my seed on credit, fear I shall not sell it all, it is too late.

Catharine I shall not get home in time for harvest. I think you better speke for a reaper in time and enge hands on the best terms for
wheat, or otherwise if you fail to enge a reaper, speke for cradles in time.

Endeavor to sell a yoke of my oxen for money. Money will be very scarce.

Try to collect money to pay harvest hands and to buy wool to make us clothing.

Endeavor to preserve the health of the family.

Take care of yourself and make all you can, we shall need it.
And I think if I shall live to get home again I shall stay with you and enjoy your sweet company and that of our children. Kiss them all
for me. The Lord bless them and you my affectionate wife.

Pray for me God heareth the prayer of the righteous.

Once more farewell.
Tarleton J. Taylor

on 11 Apr 1858 at Bushell, McDonough Co., IL.

Catharine and Tarleton Jones Taylor appeared on the census of 1860 at Sherman, Grayson Co., TX.

From a Grayson Co. newspaper at Sherman, TX, headed "Pleasant View, Cherokee Co., Kansas, August 1, 1867:

 Post master at Sherman, Grayson Co., TX:

"Dear Sir:

"There was a man murdered in this county on the night of July 30, 1867, by the name of Tarleton J. Taylor, and from the best information
he resided in Grayson County, Texas and if he has any friends or relatives living in your part of the county, you will please communicate
this fact to them at your earliest convenience, we have one of the supposed murders now in jail, (his name is James Mathews).

"For further information write to W. G. Seright, sheroff of Cherokee County, Kansas."

"The above was handed to us by the P.M. and we publish it for the benefit of the friends of the deceased" on 1 Aug 1867 at Pleasant View,
Cherokee Co., KS.

Catharine and her son, Tarleton Gano Taylor, appeared on the census of 3 Jun 1880 at Bell Co., TX.

Catherine died on 17 Nov 1920 at Stephens Co., OK, at age 89.


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