Children of John Wilks (Sr.) and wife Elizabeth Mead, continued

Samuel Wilks (1864-1837) md. Elizabeth Newman

1.4 Samuel Wilks (a Revolutionary soldier and pensioner) was born on 24 Oct 1764 at Loudoun Co., VA. He married 1st Elizabeth Newman, daughter of Conrad Newman and Anna Brubeck, who moved to Bedford Co. from Dunmore Co. (now Shenandoah), VA. Samuel's brother John (Jr.) married Elizabeth's sister Barbary Newman. We don't know when Elizbeth died, but she was the mother of all his children, born 1784-1803, and deceased before he remarried 6 Oct 1826 to a maiden lady, Margaret "Peggy" Witt in Bedford Co. He died in 1837 and his estate was appraised 1 Jul 1837 by administrators Henry Wilks (his son) and Thomas Rider in Bedford Co.

Samuel began military service in the Revolution, 1780 at Bedford Co., VA, late in year, served three mos. as Pvt. in Capt. Newele's Co. of Col. Merriweather's Regt. of VA Militia for 9 mos., marched 150 mi. to Petersburg, thence to Cabin Point, thence to Portsmouth, thence to NC, back to Portsmouth and around the country watching for Gen. Benedict Arnold, then back to NC, and back across the Dismal Swamp to Prince George Courthouse. In his secondnd enlistment, he served six months beginning fall of 1781, was drafted and sent to Richmond and Williamsburg. He ended military service in Mar 1782 at VA. Samuel began receiving Revolutionary pension of $30 per annum on 4 Mar 1831 at Bedford Co., VA. After his death on 1 July 1837, his 2nd wife Margaret "Peggy" Witt (married 6 Oct 1826) drew a Widow's Pension.

Revolutionary Pension File No. R.11.553

Samuel bought 17 acres from his parents-in-law Conrad Newman and wife Anna, adjoining Woodford's property. He married Elizabeth Newman, daughter of Conrad Newman and Anna Margaretta Brubeck, on 9 Jul 1783 at Bedford Co., VA.

He was given a gift deed by his parents "for the love, good will, and affection we do bear their well beloved son," for 80 acres on S. side of Blackwater Rd in 1784 at Bedford Co., VA.

Samuel and his brother Benjamin Wilks petitioned to build a grist mill on Crab Orchard Creek in 1790 at Bedford Co., VA. He bought two 4-acre tracts on Crab Orchard Creek, the first from his brother-in-law Edmund Franklin, the second from his father-in-law Conrad Newman in 1792 at Bedford Co., VA. He sold four acres for 4 pounds current Virginia currency with Conrad Newman in 1792 at Bedford Co., VA. He was mentioned in a deed when his father-in-law Conrad Newman purchased 133 acres from son-in-law Edmond Franklin, adjoining son-in-law Samuel Wilks in 1794 at Bedford Co., VA. He bought 95 acres on Crab Orchard Creek from Richard Larrowe and wife. Apparently Samuel never sold any of his Bedford Co. land but left or gave it to his children, for he had no grantor deeds in 1796 at Bedford Co., VA. He bought 150 acres on Wolf Glade Creek from Nicholas and Rachel Stillwell.

Probably in lieu of past-due wages from Virginia for his military service, Samuel received two land grants in Grayson Co. The first dated was for 400 acres on the waters of Wolf Glade Creek a branch of Crooked Creek, "By virtue of Land Office Exchange Treasury Note No. 1756 issued 17 Jul 1805." The other was for 70 acres, Land Office Treasury Exchange No. 1528 dated 6 Jan 1804, situated on Wolf Blade Creek, a Branch of New River.

 The first is three pages, the second is two pages. Click on image for larger view. Land Office Grants Images, Library of Virginia, Richmond, website.


In the estate of his father-in-law Conrad Newman, in Grayson Co. Minute Books Samuel Wilks, his wife Elizabeth, his brother John and his wife Barbary were listed among heirs in Aug and Sep 1806, Feb and Oct 1807 in 1806 at Grayson Co., VA.

Samuel and Archibald Wilks appeared on the census of 1810 at Bedford Co., VA. He deed from Martin Wedle and Patsy his wife to Samuel Wilks, certified and certified to court in Montgomery Co. to be recorded on 31 May 1810 at Patrick Co., VA. He bought land from Martin and Patsy Wedle, though curiously the deed was certified in Montgomery Co. to be recorded Jun 1810 at Patrick Co., VA.

Samuel and Peyton G. Wilks appeared on the census of 1820 at Southern Dist., Bedford Co., VA.

Samuel "of the State of VA" deeded 400 acres to his sons Benjamin and Henry, for the sum of $1, on the waters of Wolf Glade Creek, a branch of Crooked Creek in Grayson Co. Recorded 13 Dec 1832. This amounted to a gift deed; Samuel both purchased and inherited with his wife land in Grayson Co on 22 Sep 1832 at Grayson Co., VA.

He married 2nd wife Margaret "Peggy" Witt on 6 Oct 1826 at Bedford Co., VA. After his death, she was allotted a "widow's dower" of his estate, 48 acres on Crab Orchard Creek in 1838 at Bedford Co., VA.

He received a letter from his son Ben in Lauderdale Co., AL, telling him about the death of his brother John Wilks Jr. in Jan 1836 at Yalobusha Co., MS. Samuel died 1837 at Bedford Co., VA, age 72.


Children of Samuel Wilks and Elizabeth Newman:

1.4.1 Israel Wilks was born on 30 Aug 1784 at Bedford Co., VA. He married Mary "Polly" Coombes on 28 Dec 1805 at Patrick Co., VA. Bet 1805 AND 1810 he resided in Patrick Co., VA, as did Francis and Benjamin Wilks, his uncle and brother. Israel was on the 1810 Patrick Co. tax list for one white male, 0 horses, 2 slaves; on 29 Mar he and Ben Wilks were deeded land by Francis Wilks; and on 31 May, Israel was on a commission to view a road from Mabry's path to the Montgomery Co. line. On may 1810 in Patrick Co., he was on a commission with John Tuggle, Henry Tuggle, William Brannon to view a road from Mabry's path to Montgomery Co. line. Israel was among the buyers on a Sale and Vendue of the estate of Philip Jenkins, he bought 1 steel and cutting knife for 25c and 1 whitstone for 25c.

He immigrated bef 17 Jun 1817 to Hardin Co., KY, when he appeared as witness to the administrator's account on estate of Samuel Coombes. Israel died Mar 1825 and was buried in Red Mills Ceme., Hardin Co. In May 1845 his heirs in Andrew Co., MO filed a power of attorney recorded in Bedford Co., VA to obtain any funds due them as heirs of Israel and Samuel Wilks. The document appears to have been carried from MO by 1st cousin Abner Wilks, John's son. The heirs listed. Amos C. Wilks, Samuel C. Wilks, Thomas F. Wilks, Loamie Wilks, William Oscar Goodloe husband of Eulian Goodloe formerly Eulian Wilks, gave Power of Attorney to Burwell Wilks to "sue for all sums of money due them in the State of VA as heirs of Israel Wilks and Samuel Wilks deceased. Recorded in Bedford Co., VA Nov 1845, but no litigation was recorded over Samuel's estate.


1.4.2 Benjamin Wilks was born on 16 Dec 1787 at Bedford Co., VA. He married Mary "Polly" Foster on 23 Feb 1806 at Bedford Co., VA. He and Israel Wilks bought land from their uncle Francis Wilks on 29 Mar 1810 at Patrick Co., VA.


1.4.3 Elizabeth "Betsy" Wilks was born on 28 Apr 1790 at Bedford Co., VA. She married Abner Dobyns, son of Griffin Dobyns and Mary Ann Smith, on 25 Dec 1809 at Bedford Co., VA. She and Abner appeared on the census of 1850 at Bedford Co., VA.


1.4.4 Francis Wilks was born between 1794 and 1800 at Bedford Co., VA. He was deeded land by Peyton Welch and Jemima his wife for a half-interest in 159 1/2 acres for $425, bordering Embree and Meltons [his aunt married Allen Melton] in 1818 at Bedford Co., VA. He married Lucy Dobyns in 1819. He appeared on the census of 1820 at Bedford Co., VA. He sold land to Joseph Boyer in 1824 and sold land to his brother-in-law Jabez Beard in 1828, Bedford Co., VA.


1.4.5 Henry Wilks was born in 1795 at Bedford Co., VA. He appeared on the census of 1820 at Grayson Co., VA. He married Judah Dowdy, daughter of William Dowdy Jr. and Elizabeth Creasy, on 24 May 1824 at Bedford Co., VA. He was named administrator of his sister-in-law Susannah Rider Wilks's estate (John's widow) in 1830 at Bedford Co., VA. He appeared on the census of 1830 at Bedford Co., VA. He and brother Benjamin were deeded land by his father Samuel "of the State of VA," 400 acres for the sum of $1, on the waters of Wolf Glade Creek, a branch of Crooked Creek in Grayson Co., recorded 13 Dec 1832, which amounted to a gift deed.


1.4.6 John Wilks was born circa 1796? at Bedford Co., VA. He married Susannah Rider, daughter of John Rider Sr. and Elizabeth Swaine, on 22 Jan 1815 at Bedford Co., VA. He died in 15 Mar 1826 at Bedford Co., VA. His estate inventory included farm implements, furniture, 3 books, kitchen utensils, livestock, 500 ft. of plank, a weaving loomb, 250 lbs. good tobacco sold at Lynchburg on the 3 of Oct; buyers on sale included Francis, Ben, and Saml Wilks, sold by administrators Benjamin Wilks and John Rider (Susannah's father).

His widow Susannah was named guardian of children Abner and Elizabeth, but when she died 1830, John's brother Henry Wilks was made guardian. By 1833, brother Benjamin was guardian and took the children to Alabama, from whence they went with John's uncle Amos Wilks to Lawrence Co., MO on 15 Mar 1826 at Bedford Co., VA. Abner married twice and fathered 15 children. When his children by 2nd wife were born, he was a riverboat captain in Hannibal, MO. Some of his descendants moved to North Texas and then West Texas.



John Wilks & Susannah Rider's son Abner's grandson, Lowell Efton Wilks, Sr. (1883-1935) & son Lowell Efton Wilks, Jr. (1907-1948), abt 1910

Lowell Efton Wilks, Jr. (1907-1948) 


 Lowell Efton Wilks, Jr. (1907-1948), 2nd from Left, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), who died four months before the end of World War II, taken 18 Jan 1943 as President Roosevelt was inspecting American troops at Camp Anfa, near Casablanca, Morocco. FDR was in Morocco for the Casablanca Conference. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and French Generals Charles De Gaulle and Henri Giraud also attended the conference.

Courtesy of Lowell E. Wilks Jr's granddaughter Diane Tatum, member of DAR on lineage of Samuel Wilks


1.4.7 Thomas Wilks was born circa 1798? at Bedford Co., VA. He married Betsy Morris, daughter of John Morris, on 5 Jan 1811 at Bedford Co., VA.


 1.4.8 Sarah "Sally" Wilks was born on 30 Jun 1798 at Bedford Co., VA. She married Jabez Beard on 25 Dec 1809 at Bedford Co., VA., She and Jabez Beard sold land to Benjamin Wilks, before going to Alabama where they were mentioned in the old letters in 1832 at Bedford Co., VA., She and Jabez Beard immigrated circa 1833? to Lauderdale Co., AL. They appeared on the census of 1840 at Lauderdale Co., AL; the census of 30 Oct 1850 at Lauderdale Co., AL; she and Abner Hamilton Beard Sr. appeared on the census of 1860 at Lauderdale Co., AL. She appeared on the census of 1870 at Lauderdale Co., AL, and died on 24 Apr 1885 at Cloverdale, Lauderdale Co., AL, at age 86. Her husband died 17 Oct 1854. Both are buried burial in Beard Ceme. on L. R. Olive farm, Jim Olive Rd., bet. Florence and Cloverdale, AL.

1.4.9 Samuel Newman4 Wilks was born in 1803 at Bedford Co., VA. He married 1st Emily Newman on 8 Oct 1824 at Bedford Co., VA. He began military service on 16 Jul 1828 at Bedford Co., VA, captain of patrol with the following gentlemen under his command, Gilbert Crumb, Paschael Brown, Daniel B. Stephens & Abner Dobyns who are from time to time to visit all negro quarters and other places suspected of entertaining unlawful assemblies of slaves, servants, or other disorderly persons and the afsd. Samuel N. Wilks is to make a return in writing to the next August Bedford Court at which time his office shall expire unless further ordered by Saml Mitchell, Justice of Peace Bedford Co. His itemized list began "Time of survis 16 July received commission," and gave seven dates of survis totalling 60 hours/ starting July 19 with 6 hours servis.

Samuel N. was unlucky in love, for his 1st wife Emily Newman (married 8 Oct 1824, Bedford Co.) bore one child, son Israel, and died young. His 2nd wife Matilda Woodford (married 20 Oct 1830, Bedford Co.) died young after bearing two children who died in infancy. Leaving his son Israel in care of relatives, S. N. immigrated in 1834 to Lauderdale Co., AL, and wrote wistfully to his brother Henry back in Bedford Co. inquiring about his son.

Samuel Newman Wilks wrote Henry about his trip to Alabama:

 " . . . I landed here the 4 day of December. I was 27 days on the road and had some very weather. My horse was most broke down and I swopt him away this side of with [Wythe] Courthouse for a Big Black horse 8 years old last spring and give $30.00 to Boot or I should not get here so soon. I have Bin to look at Bens and Jabes land and unkles John and Amus and it is good as I ever seed and it appears to be helthy . . ."

In 1836, he met and married his 3rd wife, Cynthia Killough, a niece of his uncle Amos Wilks's wife Elizabeth Killough from Oglethore Co.,GA. He and Cythia had five children. Her father was probably nextdoor neighbor John Killough's daughter.

Samuel Newman Wilks was a carpenter, or builder, and wrote his father Samuel in Virginia about building or adding onto his kinfolks' homes. In Jan 1836 he wrote to Samuel about the death of "Uncle John and Aunt Barby" Wilks within two months of telling him about their moving to the Chickasaw Purchase at Yalobusha Co., MS.

He and wife Cynthia moved to Texas by 1 Feb 1848, when he wrote a letter from Clarksville, Red River Co., TX. He was on its 1849 tax list as S. N. Wilks, 3 town lots in Clarksville, 1 horse, hogs, 1 poll; also listed was C. A. Wilks with 1 horse, 50 cattle, hogs, 1 white poll (for son Israel?), so perhaps she inherited some property of her own.

His son Israel finally came to Alabama with a cousin, Samuel Norman Wilks (son of Henry), who later returned to Bedford Co. Samuel Newman wrote about telling Israel the importance of an education. It must have made an impression, for Israel wrote the most polished letter of the collection, dated at Dover, Lafayette Co., MO, 29 Apr 1849, to his Uncle Henry Wilks in Bedford Co., VA. He said he could not get along with his stepmother so had left home, and was working as a carpenter; had not heard from his father in sometime; mentioned the cholera was raging; there was smallpox up the River, and he saw California wagons passing every day. After signing, "Your affectionate nephew, Israel Wilks," he added a P.S., "Uncle I am not married yet. There are no girls here but are rich & lazy or poor and saucy and I intend to be saucy enough to let all such girls alone. If any of the girls of your Country wishes to marry tell them I expect to be in Virginia before I am married man."

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