Charity Nation (ca 1788-1842) md. Aaron Williams, Sr., son of Amos Williams & Phebe Allen

Charity's parents, Joseph Nation Sr. & Jerretta Vickery, were 1st cousins, whose parents Christopher Nation & Elizabeth Nation were siblings, the son and daughter of Capt. John Nation Sr. & Bethia Robins

Charity Nation was born ABT 1788 in Jefferson Co., TN, and died ABT 1842 in Perry Co., AR. She was the daughter of 2. Joseph Nation Sr. and 3. Jerretta Vickery. She married Aaron Williams Sr. 21 FEB 1803 in Jefferson Co., TN, son of Amos Williams and Phebe Allen. He was born ABT 1775 in PA, VA or NC, and died ABT 1843 in Perry Co., AR.

Her earliest known Nation ancestor was Henry Nation, born 10 Jun 1593 in N. Petherton, Somersetshire, England. The surname probably began as Nacion, for "Nationals," i.e., from another country, France, for landlords brought by Queen Isabella de Tallifer of Angouleme when she married King John of England abt 1205, nobles given tracts of land in North Somerset (the only place the Nation/Nations family is found in England) at N. Somersets., England. He was also known as Nacion (1456). His birth was recorded in the Registry of Anglican Church of St Mary, N. Petherton, Somersets., England. The name of his wife is unknown. The known (to me) descendants of Henry Nation are listed separately at Nation Descendants.

Charity's lineage from ancestor Henry Nation was:

Charity's father Joseph Nation Sr lived in Surry Co., NC, in 1775. He was a volunteer NC soldier in the American Revolution, 1779-1781, under Capt. Gray and Capt. Gillespie in Col. Dugan's regiment. He received an honorable discharge for both periods of service. He appeared on tax rolls in 1779 at Randolph Co., NC, and on the census of 1790 at Morgan Dist., Burke Co., NC. His widow Jerretta went to Preble Co., OH with some of her children and there she applied for Joseph's Revolutionary War pension, when she was 86 on 22 Apr 1840, stating that she was 16 yrs. when she married. She died at Eaton, Preble Co., at age 95. They had 12 children.

Charity's grandfather, Christopher Nation was a colorful character, and moved several times. Born in 1721 at Monmouth Co., NJ, he married Elizabeth Sharp, daughter of Thomas Sharp, circa 1738 at Frederick Co., VA; stayed there through 1745; and in 1751 he and brother John attended a Quaker wedding in Guilford Co., NC, and again in the same place ten years later attended two more wedings in the same family. He and wife Elizabeth had 9 children.

 "Know all men by these presents that I William Grant have sold, bargained, delivered unto Cristyfor Nation three head of cattle, one black cow marked with a crop in the near ear and a slit in the off ear, one black heifer marked with a slit in each ear, and one calfe with a crop in the near ear and one stack of hay; and the said Grant doe warrant and defend the said catle to the said Nation his heirs or assigns as witnesses my hand and seal this 24 day of September 1745.
Sig: William (his mark) Grant
Teste: William Roberts, Thomas Waters
At a court held for Frederick Co. on Tuesday the 1st day of October 1745, William Grant in open court acknowledged this his bill of sale to Chris Nation which, on his motion, is admitted to record.
Test: T. Wood, Clark, Court N.C on 24 Sep 1745 at Frederick Co., VA.

As far as we know, Christopher was not a Quaker, but he and his brother John Nation III witnessed the Quaker wedding of Joseph Lamb and Frances Beeson in 1751 at New Garden Monthly Mtg., Guilford Co., NC. He immigrated there from VA before 1755.


 New Garden Meeting House, Guilford Co., NC, 1751-61, site of North Carolina Yearly Meeting. Picture was drawn at yearly meeting time, about 1867, by New Jersey Quaker Artist John Collins.

He was a Justice of Peace for Rowan Co., NC, in 1755: "Carter & Forster, trustees, to Alexr Osburn, John Brandon, John Brevard, Walter Carruth, Andrew Allison, Joseph Tate, George Smith, Jonathon Hunt, Alexr Cathey, Squire Boone, John Hanby, Edwd Hughes, Robt Simonton, Thos Potts, Wm Morrison, Wm Buis, Christopher NATION ­ Justices of the Peace for Rowan ­ for 20 sh proc, part of lot #4 in Salisbury adj Corbin & Water St. whereon the Prison is erected together with the Diamond where the Court House offices & stocks are erected. John Dunn, George Carter, Wm. Sheppard on 15 Apr 1755 at Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC.

DEED: Christopher and wife Elizabeth sold Benjamin Cox the 216 acres for 23 pounds, 11 May 1757. Christopher was first listed in the Rowan County tax rolls in 1759 on 11 May 1757 at Rowan Co., NC. He lived in 1759 at Rowan Co., NC.

DEED: between John Nation of Rowan Co. NC, planter, and Christopher Nation, planter ... John Nation for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath and beareth unto the said Christopher Nation . . . grants 174 acres by indenture, 28 May 17853 by Earl Granville and registered in Rowan Co. NC Book IV, p. 38:
Sign: John Nation, Witnesses: Thomas Lamb, Jeremiah Reynolds. Recorded Apr 1761 on 18 Apr 1761 at Rowan Co., NC.

At New Garden Monthly Meeting (Quaker), witnessed the marriage of Samuel Osborn to Elizabeth Lamb; his brother John was also a witness on 7 Jun 1761 at Guilford Co., NC. He witnessed the wedding of Benjamin Beeson to Bertha Lamb; his brother John also witnessed on 9 Jul 1761 at New Garden Monthly Mtg., Guilford Co., NC.

Politically, Christopher was a controversial figure. He along with 21 other Regulars assembled, petitioned the Governor, his Excellence, William Tryon, in 1768, "Whereas through the exactions and extortions of several officers of Orange, we have involved ourselves in many difficulties and by means of reports, false spread, the condition has arose to a great extremity and being desirous to submit ourselves to the clemency of your excellence, and to lay aside all method of redress of our grievances, but by a due course of law, and beg that your excellence will forgive all our past offenses by your gracious proclamation, that peace and tranquility may be restored agin, to all the inhabitants of this province, and confiding in your assistance and favor to execute the laws against said exactions and extortions and conclude."

It was decided at a council to issue such Proclamation as the petitioners requested. Signed 3 Oct 1768 by Governor Tryon, it read in part, "I do, therefore, out of a compassion for the misguided multitude, being much more inclined to prevent than punish crimes of so high a nature by and with the unanimous advice and consent of his Majesty's Council issue this proclamation granting unto them His Majesty's most gracious pardon for the several outrageous acts by them committed at any time before the day of the date thereof, except Jame Hunter, Ninion Hamilton, Peter Craven, Isaac Jackson, Harmon Husband, Matthew Moffit, Christopher NATION, Solomon Cross and John O'Neal, of which all officers of Justice and others concerned therein are to take notice" on 1 Oct 1768 at Hillsboro, NC.

It is unknown how Christopher Nation avoided arrest and imprisonment, but he seems to have gone on with "business as usual." Within seven years the Revolution had begun and Governor Tryon fled to New York to take up the Royal Governorship there.

DEED: Christopher sold "174 acres on Polecat Creek adjoining Widow Lamb, part of 451 acres granted to John Nation, 18 April 1761" on 8 Jun 1769 at Rowan Co., NC.

He was elected to the "Colonial House of Representatives," which met at New Bern, NC. He was paid for eighteen days' attendance, and sixteen days' travel time from his home and back, a total of 12 pounds, 18 shillings, 4 pence on 5 Dec 1769.

He was described in a letter on 30 Mar 1770 from a Londoner Henry Eustace McCulloch to Col. John Harvey in NC: "I thank you for the journal of Political Proceedings . . . the madness of the people must be great indeed, to trust such wretches as Harmon Hubbard and Christopher Nation, as their representatives . . . But it is a comfort that violent mad fits seldom last long."

DEED: Christopher Nation is granted 100 acres by the State of North Carolina, by Richard Caswell. Made 18 Aug 1787, recorded 17 Mar 1788 in Jun 1769 at Rowan Co., NC.

He appeared on the census of 1790 at Stokes Co., NC.

"The State of North Carolina grants Christopher Nation grant #603 for 100 acres on Pole Cat and Deep Creek Rivers, by Gov. Alexander Martin" on 20 Dec 1791. He left a will recorded on 11 Jan 1799 at Randolph Co., NC

 Will of Christopher Nation ~ In the Name of God, Amen! I, Chrisopher Nation of Randolph Co. and the state of Noth Carolina, being in a weak state of health, but of sound mind and good memory, thanks be to God! Calling to mind the Immortality of the body, and knowing that it is appointed unto man, once to die, do make and ordain this, my Last Will and Testament, that is to say, principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul unto the Hands of God, that gave it; and my body I recommend to the earth, to be buried in a Christian manner, at the discretion of my executors, herein after named, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection, I shall receive again, by the mighty power that gave it, and as touching such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in This life. I give and devise and dispose of the same in the following manner:

Item, I give unto my son, ABRAHAM NATION, 240 acres of land, including the buildings and improvements, to him, his heirs, forever, provided he shall pay or cause to be paid unto my son CHRISTOPHER NATION, or his heirs or assigns, the just sum of $100; but he case he should fail to pay the said money, the said CHRISTOPHER NATION, or his heirs, is to have just right and title to 100 acres of land, south of said buildings.

Item, I give unto my five sons (Viz) JOHN, THOMAS, ____, WILLIAM and AMOS NATION, one shilling apiece.

Item, I give, also, to my two daughters, ELIZABETH and BETHIAH NATION, the sum of one shilling apiece.

Item, I give unto my beloved wife ELIZABETH NATION all the rest of my moveable and personal estate, including the cash and cash notes, during her natural life, and at her disposal; and I also ordain and appoint my son ABRAHAM NATION and my friend CHRISTOPHER VICKERY to be my whole and sole executors, of this my Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof, I have set my hand and seal, this 11th day of January 1799.

Witness present: ABSOLAM VICKERY.


Jurst J. Harper (copy), Nov term

The foregoing will was proven in open court by ABSOLAM VICKERY

(abstract), land to sons Christopher Jr., John, Thomas, Joseph, William Amos (one shilling each); daughter Elizabeth and Bethiah; wife Elizabeth; Executors: son Abraham and a friend Christopher Vickery.

probated November term of 1799. Witnesses: Absolam Vickery and John Vickery

Capt. John Nation Sr., the father of Christopher above, was b. 28 MAR 1697 in N. Petherton, Somersets., England, and died ABT 1774 in Guilford Co., NC. The earliest record found of him in America was in a will dated 1711. He md. Bethia Robins, born 1702 in Crostwekes, Monmouth Co., NJ, and died MAY 1774 in Guilford Co., NC, the daughter of Joseph Robins Sr. and Hanna (Anna) Pack. John and Bethia had 7 children.

 John Nation was referred to as "servant boy," the will of Wm. Beeks who came from Burlington which bordered Somersetshire, dated 24 March 1710/11 ~ William BEAKS of Nottingham, Burlington Co., NJ, Yeoman. In the Inventory, John had 8 years service left, worth 17 pounds on 27 Apr 1711 at Burlington Co., NJ.

Servants rose quickly in the socioeconomic ranks in those days, and perhaps John bought out his remaining service.

He and Bethia Robins immigrated before 1733 to VA. He witnessed the death of Hezekiah Vickery circa 1736 at Orange Co., VA., He witnessed the will of Hezekiah Vickery on 13 Oct 1736 at Orange Co., VA.

He signed a petition for a wagon road from Just Hytes Mill to Asby's Bent Fork, on the Shenandoah in 1739 at Opekon, Orange Co., VA.

He was appointed overseer of the road from the run by his house to Kerseys Ferry and it is ordered that he keep the same road in good repair on 10 Sep 1749 at Frederick Co., VA. He was granted land on Opekon Run or Creek in the Northern Neck of Virginia by Thomas Lord Fairfax on 1 Oct 1749 at Frederick Co., VA. He lived on 1 Oct 1749 at Frederick Co., VA. He sold the land on Opekon Run back to Lord Fairfax for 85 pounds. He went from Frederick Co., VA to NC between 1750 and 1751 at Frederick Co., VA. He lived in 1754 at Rowan Co., NC. He was named Executor in his brother-in-law Joseph Robins' unprobated will. Also named were Robins's sons Joseph, William, and John; daughter Elenor; and witnesses were A. J. Smith, Ch. Nation, Richard Robins on 18 Nov 1754 at Rowan Co., NC.

He had two deeds in Rowan County on 11 May 1757 by Lord Granville, one for 401 acres on Polecat Creek adjoining Harmon Coxe, the other for 403 acres on Quaker Creek on both sides of the Orange and Rowan County line, each for 10 shillings sterling. Both were proved in court October 1758 on 11 May 1757 at Rowan Co., NC.

He was on tax rolls for 9 polls in 1758 at Rowan Co., NC.

Capt. John Nation and wife Bethia sold to Robert Fields for 20 pounds Virginia money, 403 acres on Quaker Creek. Witnesses: Christopher Nation, John (X) Nation Jr. Proved in April Court 1759 on 16 Mar 1759 at Rowan Co., NC. He was administrator of his father-in-law Joseph Robins' estate in 1760 at Rowan Co., NC.

He received a GIFT DEED from his father: between John Nation of Rowan Co. NC, planter, and Christopher Nation, planter ... John Nation for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath and beareth unto the said Christopher Nation . . . grants 174 acres by indenture, 28 May 17853 by Earl Granville and registered in Rowan Co. NC Book IV, p. 38:
Sign: John Nation, Witnesses: Thomas Lamb, Jeremiah Reynolds. Recorded Apr 1761 on 18 Apr 1761 at Rowan Co., NC. He left a will on 15 Dec 1772 at Guilford Co., NC. He died circa 1774 at Guilford Co., NC.

His father, John Nation 3rd, was born 23 JUN 1672 in N. Petherton, Somersets., England. He md. Frances Parsons, born BEF 21 MAY 1678 in Waxrall, Bristol, Somersets., England, on 16 MAY 1696 in Anglican Church of St Mary, N. Petherton, Somersets., England.


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