William C. Longley & Mary Ann "Polly" Bodine

Their Tennessee Home



 Home of Wm. & Mary Longley's home in Polk Co., TN, board siding over a square-log cabin, before it was torn down a few years ago. Courtesy of Kenneth Langley of Athens, TN

They settled in Sevier Co., TN, in 1800, along with some of Mary's Bodiine family. On 4 May 1803, William Longley, Blacksmith and gunsmith, received permission to go into the Cherokee Nation to set up his business of smithry and to tarry in the said Nation for the term of three months.

William Longley Bounty Land Grant, 3 Nov 1809, in Sevier Co., TN


The 1806 East Tennessee Districts . . . District south of the French Broad & Holston [now called Little Tennessee River] . . . Located in East Tennessee . . . District Office was located at Sevierville.
The 1819 East Tennessee District . . . the Hiwassee District located in southern East Tennessee . . . lands lately acquired by treaty from the Cherokee tribe of Indians, lying bet the Hiwassee, Big Tennessee and Little Tennessee Rivers, and north of Little Tennessee...” North of the Little Tennessee? This was the land in southeast Blount County that can found on various treaty boundary line maps . . .

LAND TO BE SOLD FOR INTEREST ~ The following was listed in the KNOXVILLE REGISTER, 3 Jul 1821, under the heading "Sale for interest. In pursuance of a law passed 19 Oct 1819, I will expose to sale on 7 Aug next, the following tracts of land . . ." To be sold at the court house in Newport to satisfy the interest due thereon were the following tracts in Cocke Co.:
A Tract of land granted to the heirs of Joseph Rutherford containing 456 3/4 acres situate in Cocke county and district south of French Broad and Holston.
A Tract of Land granted to George Adams containing 128 acres situate in Cocke county and district south of French Broad and Holston.
In Sevier Co., By virtue of the same law, the tracts listed below were to be offered for sale on 8 Aug and the following day if necessary, at the court house in Sevierville, listed as "situate in Sevier County and district south of French Broad and Holston."
Tract of land granted to # acres
Joshua Atchley 117
Samuel Aikin 35
James Anderson (assignee of Martin Shults) 11 1/4 . . .

The lengthy list included:
Andrew Kanatzer (assignee of Nicholas Kanatzer) 122
William Longly 166 3/4, and in-laws of some of his children:
Stephen Oldham 43 3/4
Moses Oldham 106
Joseph Pearson 170 1/2
Benjamin Pearson 52

On 4 May 1827 he received another land grant, this time in McMinn Co., TN, and on 26 Dec 1828 he turned it over to his son Joel "for value received":

No. 3145 William Langley this day enters as general enterer, the North West quarter of Section 35th of township 3, Range 2, West of the Meridian, in the County of McMinn, Hiwassee District, beginning on the North West corner of said quarter 4th, March 1827. . . 160 acres
William Langley
I do certify the above to be a true copy of the records of my office, 4 March 1827. Grant No. 1102 4th March 1829. Nat Smith, Entry Taker
Dec. 26th 1828. For value received, I give the within deed to Joel Langley, as witness my hand.
William Langley

In 1833, it became lawful ’to make entries...for any vacant and un-appropriated land lying in Blount County, within the Hiwassee District . . ."

In 1839, William and Mary Longley lived in the portion of McMinn Co. used to create Polk Co. That is where he died in 1841, according to his Revolutionary Pension file.

A year later his widow Mary "Polly" was given a land grant:

 Mary "Polly" Longley Widow's Land Grant 1842



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