B. C. Wilks Family Reunions, 1947-present

Continued, 1966-1973, Stephenville

Reunion, Descendants of Benjamin Carroll Wilks, July 4th, 1966, Stephenville, Texas, City Park (download .pdf file)  (See larger picture)


 Back row (standing), (1) Vera Jones Anderson, 2nd wife of Donald, (2) Donald Wilks Anderson (son of Florence and Dink Anderson, grandson of Uncle George Wilks); (3) Ronald D. Wilks son of Vane and Loma, (4) Kirby K. Wilks, (5) Blake McLean, (6) Prentis Lee "P L" Wilks? son of Uncle Sam*, (7) Voy Wilks, (8) Doris Ross Brock, (9) JoAnn wife of David Wilks, (10) David Wilks holding son (11) David Jr. "Davey" Wilks, (12) ____________? (13) _____________, (14) Willie Wilks wife of Roy, (15) Roy Wilks son of Uncle Frank – lived in OK, (16) Karl Glyn Wilks standing behind (17) Dick Carter, (18) his wife Joy McLean Carter, (19) Billie DuVall husband of Nell Wilks, (20) Douglas Wilks son of Karl, (21) Dink Anderson, (22) Bobby Joe Anderson.
Middle row (sitting), (23) Mary Ward daughter of Joyce Wilks wife of Kirby, (24) Beth Wilks, (25) Alva Wilks, (26) Ruth Wilks, (27) Joyce Schoen Ward Wilks wife of Kirby (with children Diane Ward and Curtis Wilks (28-29) on her lap), (30) Sherry Wilks (wife of Ron), with (31-32) daughters Georgianna and Lori Wilks, (33) Laura Velma Wilks Bullock daughter of Uncle Frank, from OK), (34) Myrtle Fenter Wilks, (35) Reta Wilks Ross holding (36) her daughter Doris's son Glen Brock, (37) Myrl Wilks McLean), (38) Nell Wilks DuVall, (39) Cora Chandler Wilks wife of Karl, (40) Florence Wilks Anderson daughter of Uncle George, (41) Bobby Joe Anderson's wife Johnny Jo , (42) Dusty Wilks (wife of Douglas), holding (43) their son Allen, (44) Kate's blonde friend Clydena Bordner, (45) Julia Kate Anderson Hawthorne, holding (46) Bobby Joe's dau Vickie Jo, (47) Kate's husband Lee Hawthorne (in wheelchair).
Front row (children on ground): (48) Dan Wilks son of Voy, (49) Leland Wilks son of Kirby, (50) Mike Ward son of Joyce, (52) Randal Wilks son of Kirby, (52) Farris Wilks son of Voy, (53) Steve Brock, (54) Danny Brock, (55) Bobby DuVall, (56) Becky Brock, (57) Patty DuVall, (58) Eddy DuVall, (59) Bobby Joe's daughter Tammy Jo Anderson, (60) ____girl____, (61) ___Boy___ (62) Cathy DuVall, (63) Rhonda Wilks daughter of Kirby.

 * Before 1929 their mother told them about the field needing to be gotten in, and the boys ran off. P.L. took a load of wheat in to sell and he sold the wheat, trailer, horses and moved to Arizona. After a while P.L. was in a bar reading a paper and looked out the window just to see the top of a hat and knew it had to be a Wilks, no one else was that short. So he put the paper up so he couldn't be seen, and the guy, who was one of his brothers, wanted to know if there was any ranches to work or sell, I'm not sure which. P.L. lowered the paper and told his brother, "You can buy mine, Hell, I'm moving back to Texas."

1969 ~ Kirby, Myrl, Karl, Reta, Vane, Voy ~ six of seven children of W. W. Wilks & Erie Catharine Taylor



 July 4th, 1971, at Stephenville ~ W. W. Wilks Family at B. C. Wilks Reunion ~ Karl, Cora, Yasuko, Vane, Reta, Myrl (holding Lee Hawthorne's prize-winning photo of Joy's daughter Gayla), Myrtle, Voy, Ruth, Kirby; and the mother and sisters of Kirby's 1st wife Rita Merle Stroud


 Descendants of Frank of Oklahoma, and Samuel T. Wilks ~ on left is Roy Wilks behind his wife Willie ~ Please supply more names!



  July 4th, 1973, Wilks Reunion at Stephenville, TX, City Park: Siblings and Cousins, Children of George Wilks & W. W. Wilks Family: Myrl, Reta, Yasuko, Vane, Myrtle, Voy, Florence, Cressie, Karl, Clara, Cora (Florence, Cressie, and Clara are daughters of George Clinton Wilks; the others are children and daughters-in-law of W. W. Wilks & wife Erie Taylor)

  Editha, Ron, Joy, and Sheron at Reunion in Stephenville, July 4, 1973

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