Wilks Family Texas Pictures

George Clinton Wilks (1864-1951), son of Benjamin Carroll Wilks & Martha Harriet Young



George, wife Sudie, children G C and Clara Wilks ~ abt 1906, Walnut Springs 

Son G C Wilks, daughter Clara ~ abt 1906 

 ca 1922 ~ George Clinton Wilks & wife Sudie Kite visited by family of his brother James Edward "Ed" Wilks (1869-1944) & wife Dona Childress


 L to R: George Clinton Wilks, Carroll Wilks son of Ed, Ivadona Jones (standing, Ed's granddaughter), Cressie Wilks, Dona Childress Wilks (kneeling, wife of Ed), Sudie Kite Wilks (wife of George C.), Florence, Clara (with guitar), and GC Wilks; Jim Tyler; J. W. "Ponie" Childress; Mary Childress.

Picture taken by Ed's son Ernest Wilks, courtesy of Patricia Richey.


 Late 1935 ~ George C. Wilks, wife Sudie, and the children of their daughter Clara Wilks Palmer: Berl, Clara, Florence, and Nadine Palmer



 George C. Wilks & wife Sudie Kite Wilks ~ abt 1945

 George C. Wilks & granddaughter Julia Kate Anderson ~ abt 1949


ca 1940 ~ George C. Wilks, daughter Clara with her daughter Ellen Frances Palmer, Sudie Kite Wilks with Berl and Dorothy Palmer, Cressie Wilks Pope, Florence Wilks Anderson holding son Donald Ray



William Joseph "Dink" Anderson, son Donald Ray, wife Florence Wilks Anderson  

 Sudie, Clara, Cressie, Florence ~ ca 1945



 Margaret & Berl Palmer (son of G C), 4 July 1952 at Reta's, Burnet

Joe Espinoza & Nadine Espinoza's wed, 1953


1955 ~ Seated, front row: Otis Sterling, Russell Palmer, Florence Wilks Anderson, Cressie Wilks Pope, Howard Pope, and Roy Wilks (son of Uncle Frank). Standing, middle row: Frances Sterling, Clara Wilks Palmer, Sudie Kite Wilks, G C Wilks. Back row: Joe Espinoza, wife Nadine Palmer Espinoza, Margaret Palmer wife of Berl, Jewel Palmer wife of G. C., Dorothy Palmer Like.


ca 1954 ~ Cressie Wilks Pope, her son Ronny Pope, mother Sudie, Dink Anderson, wife Florence Wilks Anderson, and their children Julia Kate, Bobby Joe, and Donald Ray Anderson



 Sudie Kite Wilks, Dorothy Palmer, Nadine Palmer, Donald Anderson, Clara Wilks Palmer, Bobby Joe Anderson, 1945

Beth Wilks, Reta Wilks Ross, Ruth Wilks, Florence Wilks Anderson, Dorothy Palmer Like, Barbara McLean, 1961


Karl Wilks, Dink Anderson, Voy Wilks, Frances Palmer Sterling, Reta Wilks Ross, Kirby Wilks, Dorothy & Mark Like, Clara & Palmer, 1974 Wilks Reunion at Stephenville

Dorothy Like, Jeanie Sterling, & who? 1975 Reunion



 Sisters: Dorothy Like & Frances Sterling, Otis Sterling, 1980 Reunion

 Reta Wilks Ross Howell, Dorothy & Mark Like at Burnet, 1986



 Reta & Dorothy at the Burnet Ceme., 1986

 Dorothy Palmer Like, 1988


 Sisters: Nadine Espinoza, Frances Sterling, Dorothy Like, 1989 Reunion


 Otis, Frances, Dorothy & Mark, 1994 Reunion

 Patricia Like Richey, Donetta Espinoza, 1996 at Chalk Mtn. Ceme.


 Florence Wilks & William J. "Dink" Anderson's tombstone at Chalk Mtn. Ceme.

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